Evil Devourer: Chaos Bringer in Futuristic World

[Hello~ It’s nice to meet you, Rai. Ossa is here to give you an offer.]. An extraterrestrial spirit suddenly appeared before Rai with a contract to play with the Magical Girls in his new favorite novel. He nodded firmly to the sweet offer. In response to helping the Spirit’s evil organization by playing and corrupting Magical Girls, he gained Devour ability to extract Magicule from them. —on that day, an『Evil Devourer』was born in a place that no one knew. Beware, Magical Girls, as that monster was unleashed into the alternate world. A new life full of fun was waiting for him. But who would’ve thought playing with them would be really hard? --- Word Counts = 1800-2000

MarudameOssan · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
48 Chs

Chapter 3 – The Initiation

Rai walked down the long corridor lit by artificial light with Ossa floating beside him.

[Why don't you activate your System Watch while we are walking to the initiation? It should show your Aspect, Statistic, and your Ability. All explained in detail. Your transformation is also installed in that watch.]

"How do I activate it?" Rai asked curiously as he raised his hand, looking at the so-called System Watch.

[Just touch the bulky part of the watch. Everyone only has one ability, and yours is to create magic weapons out of anything with your Magicule. It's a really good ability.]

Its appearance was like a smartwatch on Earth, but it showed a hologram screen when he pressed it with his finger. "I think I got it."



Name: Rai

Alias: Devourer

Gender: Male

Magicule: 15000/15000

Aspect: Darkness, Weapon


STR: 55

VIT: 50

AGI: 60


- Weapon Creator

Turn everything and anything into a magic weapon. Magicule used will depend on the weapon's quality and effect. (Limitation applies.)

- Devour

Devour the extracted liquid Magicule from a human's body to recover your Magicule and slightly increase your maximum Magicule. (Due to your preference, this ability can only be used on girls.)


The average statistic of a normal person was 10, and for athletes who participated in the Olympics, their statistics ranged from 13 to 20.

So having average statistics of over 50 meant Rai was 5 times or even 6 times stronger than normal humans.

But that wasn't what caught his attention. His gaze stopped when he read about his abilities. There were two of them.

"It says I have two abilities."

[What?!] Ossa raised his voice in surprise, turning his rat head to the hologram that showed Rai's status. [Y-You were not lying. And you already have an alias? Maybe this Devour is stronger than it seems. And your Magicule's amount… It's freaking large.]

"Hmm, it seems so."

The ability to turn a Magicule into a liquid. Rai knew how it would end up later, seeing he could only turn Magicule into a liquid if he extracted it from a human's body. He would need to bind them to stop their movement before using this ability.

'The fact it is an ability to recover my Magicule will come in handy. It can even make me stronger by slightly increasing the maximum limit of my Magicule.'

Although drinking questionable liquid sounded gross, he could get stronger from it. And he didn't know what kind of liquid it was, he could only hope it would at least taste delicious.

'At least I can only use this ability against a girl, not boys. So I didn't need to seal this really useful ability. Even though my appearance seems androgynous and beautiful due to my request, I love cute girls.'

As a part of the evil organization Extity, it was natural for him not to hesitate to use any means necessary to deal with his opponent in the future.

Thinking about it, his usage of Magicule would be massive due to his first ability, Weapon Creator. So the ability to recover his Magicule, although it was by drinking a liquid Magicule, would be convenient to have.

Besides, he didn't need to use it if he felt it was gross drinking a liquid Magicule extracted from a human's body or his natural recovery was enough.

But this ability was the key if he wanted to get stronger fast. Still, once again, nothing or no one forced him to drink it. It was left to his decision.

'I do plan to have fun with Magical Girls, though. That's why I accepted the contract with Ossa in the first place.'

Ossa kept mumbling about hitting the jackpot on his side as they kept walking through the corridor.

Looking around, Rai realized the corridor was built with a rather futuristic technology with unknown metal.

And by feeling his whole body moving with his command and the chilling wind from the air conditioner on the ceiling, the reality that he had just entered the web novel he liked hit him once again.

[We've arrived]

After walking for a while, they stopped in front of a door. The door was automatically opened when they were closer, and inside was a hall large enough to even rival a football stadium, filled with people in black shirts and pants similar to Rai's.

They were all unremarkable people with no exceptional talents and tried to get by with joining Extity, except for three people standing on a flying platform in the air looking at him. The other's eyes also landed on him.

In other words, he suddenly became the center of attention.

Squinting his eyes, he looked at the hovering spirit as the door behind them got closed with a zoop sound.

"What is this?" He whispered.

[You're kind of famous. It's been a week since we made a contract, and I had already kinda told them that I would have a new protégé. Hence, the attention.]

"So you're the one who caused this situation?"

[Indeed.] Ossa nodded, floating away. [Anyway, attention will work in your favor to rise rank faster. Listen to the initiation carefully. I will join the Commanders for now.]

Looking at Ossa floating toward the three, Rai swallowed his desire to click his tongue. The spirit wasn't wrong. If he wanted to rise through the ranks faster and stop being a minion – although he was a special minion – he needed to stand out.

'Getting early attention isn't bad at all, considering how big my maximum Magicule was.'

As an avid reader of the Corrupted Guardians, he knew the average Magicule someone had was only around 500 to 1000. And the Commander only had around 20000 to 30000.

'I already have half the Commander-level Magicule, although my statistics are still like trash.'

With his ability, though, he would be able to rise through rank faster.

'I guess before having fun with Magical Girls and toying with them, I needed to prove myself in Extity first.'

Rai walked to the corner of the room, passing some new minions – like him – with curious eyes. He leaned against the wall with his arms crossed under his chest, looking up at the Commanders who began to talk with Ossa.

They had unique clothes, or so to say. Two of them were beautiful girls with a combination of white and dark pink and red hair, respectively, while one looked like a thug with a military uniform.

Of course, Rai recognized them. They were already in their transformed form, unlike the minions here. Ossa was floating menacingly behind them, like a boss he should be.


The only man between the commanders suddenly spoke with a heavy tone. His white hair ruffled under his dark green military hat, and his face looked serious, giving him a stiff and strict impression.

"I, General Scheid, welcome you to Extity!"

And with that, the initiation for the new minions began.