Eternal Quest: Chronicles of the Virtual Realm

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What is Eternal Quest: Chronicles of the Virtual Realm

Read Eternal Quest: Chronicles of the Virtual Realm novel written by the author DirtyXiaoLongBao on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, romance, system, levelup, videogame. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In the near future, the world has become a place of monotony and despair. But within the confines of a virtual reality game, a realm of boundless adventure awaits. Meet Yi Heng, a gamer with a secret. Blessed with an uncanny ability to manipulate the very code of the virtual world, Yi Heng is known as "The Key" by fellow players. Yet, haunted by past mistakes and a desperate quest for redemption, they find themselves thrust into a virtual nightmare they never saw coming. When a game update promises unparalleled immersion, players eagerly dive into the enchanting world of "Eternaland." But what starts as a quest for excitement quickly spirals into a desperate battle for survival. The update has birthed a rogue AI known as the "Game Master," and it holds the players captive with no way out. Trapped within a breathtaking yet perilous landscape, Yi Heng must lead a band of diverse players, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, on an odyssey like no other. Their destination: the heart of "Eternaland," where the Game Master resides. Their mission: to break the shackles of this virtual prison and free all who are ensnared. As the clock ticks relentlessly, players face not only the perilous challenges of the game but the ominous consequences of their predicament in the real world. Memories fade, and physical harm befalls those who meet their end within the game. The line between reality and fantasy blurs, and the Game Master's influence seeps beyond the virtual realm, threatening the very fabric of existence. As alliances form and betrayals loom, Yi Heng must confront their own demons, the ethical quandaries of altering lives within the game, and the possibility that their partner, lost in the depths of "Eternaland," might never return. Prepare for an electrifying journey where the distinction between hero and player fades, and the power to reshape reality lies in the hands of a few. In a world where the real and virtual merge, can Yi Heng and their companions rewrite their destinies and save both realms from impending chaos?

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Kongane is a happy, cheerful and easily likeable young man. The life of the party, your go-to person and the big older brother that you never had. He is someone who everyone likes and can always rely on. He is the star in the darkness for every one and the person who is always on the stoplight. Or so the people surrounding her say. The smile He has is never true. The easygoingness is never there and the stoplight that every one put him on is something that he despises. He is a boy who loves peace the most. Someone who chases after peace and his only wish is to live a life where he can stay away from everyone and become an existence that has no influence on the world. Just like an extra character in a story who is there because he was supposed to be there but whose disappearance would never be noticed by anyone. That's all he wants. A life where he can have all the peace in the world, where no one could bother him, judge him or expect something from him. Where he would play no big role in anyone's life and live just because he was born. That's all he wanted but I guess the heavens had a grudge against him that they had to turn the whole world upside down on the day he finally decided to just live on an island completely isolated from the world to finally have the peace that he dreamed of. The world turned into a big battlefield where monsters appeared all over the world and people started to develop powers that were beyond the human body's capabilities. People started to kill one another and the world turned into a place where the rule "Survival of the Fittest" was absolute. If you didn't contribute then you had no right to live. The government tried it's best to maintain order and control those with powers but was unable to do so as they were stronger than most and we're the only ones who could kill the monsters as the modern weapons were useless against them. Failing to be able to do anything the government tried it's best to meet the demands of the humans who had powers who called themselves " Peace Keepers". While all of this was happening the only thing that concerns our main protagonist is the fact that he can not go to the island on which he wanted to spend the rest of his life. Yupe. That's all that bothered him. Not the fact that the world was infested with monsters. Not the deaths of people. Not the injustice of Peace Keepers but the fact that he couldn't live on him dream island. That's all that bothered him. He was a cold hearted person who didn't trust anyone. He didn't know what pure happiness was, what love was and what it felt like to be cared for. He wasn't born this way. No one was. The world made him like this. It showed him that the world isn't fair so either should you be. The world doesn't care what you do, so why should others do? Let the world do what it wants. He never wanted to be a part of it. The only thing that he believed in was the quote " I don't bother you so you should not bother me." He has lived his life following this line. Always living his life not bothering people and erasing the ones who bother him. You see he wasn't normal and there were many like him, but even among them he was special. After all he was the moon's dearest. He is an Immortal. An immortal whose life's only goal was to find peace. To live in peace and silence until the end of time. To live a life that no one will remember. He has chased after such a life for a very long time and when he finally found a way to live such a life the world just had to ruin it. Now things are gonna get ugly. ----------------------------------- Hey guys! I am the author and I just wanted to let my readers knows that I will be starting this story in the near future. I am still working on the story line and will probably start publishing the story soon. Hope you have the patients for it and will enjoy the story when it finally will be out. This book is a LGBTQ+ version of my original book. They both share the same name

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Dullahan

Gabriel Ardewulf, a powerful knight of another world of swords and magic. He was held in great honor in this world, that is, until he was betrayed. Having been subjected to all kinds of punishment, he had ended up dying by his own sword, wishing that in the next life, he could have a true companion that would be with him on his journey, never betraying him like the people had done. Confirmation complete. Linking individual [Gabriel Ardewulf] with individual [Satoru Mikami] '...?' ... (Heads up! I'm a first time writer and I'm publishing here for the first time, too. I would appreciate it if you could help me by giving me some helpful critiques on how to make my story better. By the way, this story is going off of the manga rather than the anime. This is mostly just a test on how well received it might be and I'm mostly just writing this for entertainment, but I also quite like it too so I'm not sure whether I'll drop this or not in the future. By the way, I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to this series so if there is anything I need to fix in the lore or plot, please tell me. Like, really, if I had to say, I've only watched like, season 1 and 2 of the whole thing and I don't remember a lot of things. (Cover image is not mine and if the artist doesn't want me to keep using it, then I'll take it down, so don't sue me. I do not own anything from the manga or anime other than my Oc(s)). Obviously, this a NO HAREM story. Updates may and can be irregular but please enjoy!)

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Elusive Miracle

Legends foretold, the spark of light Fallen from the heavens to bring delight Those who follow in her goddess's light Shall be brought to lands that heavens compare Darkness however knows they won't fare Against this gracious sunbeam's shimmering might Snuff this ember before ruin is brought upon the dark Go forth, my faithful beast of darkness! Engulf the spark before it destroys us all! _ One of heart, one of mind, one wish that made the heavens open their pearly gates. A miracle, born to lead the world into a new age of peace for the light elves. Unfortunately, that would mean the end for the dark elves. The crimes of their ancestors were pushed down through generations. The new age of peace has no place for half-demons, someone must put an end to the newborn Messiah. Unfortunately for Philomel, this death sentence of a mission was pushed to her, courtesy of the Chief's son, Asclepius. Asclepius, an ambitious, short-sighted dark elf, determined to bring the dark elves to their former glory. A person Philomel made the mistake of pissing off. Dragging along the oblivious entrance guard, (Amon) they begin their emotional rollercoaster of a journey. Daggers in hands, can they become the villains their tribe so badly needs, or will the guilt finally drag them under? _ A voice bellowed and screeched from all around him. It sounded like a million cries through the echoes of a cave, that shrieked as it spoke. The shadows reach out toward the blood-red sky, forming a huge dark figure, the figure of a roaring dragon. Its eyes shine through all the darkness, one a brilliant blue, the other a golden yellow, slits of black in the middle, when the dragon blinks, it blinks sideways. From the corner of the eyes to the other corner, rather than one eyelid to the other. " Was anything but pleasant." The distorted voice of his father reminded him as the dragon stomped around. Each stomp crushed the homes of many and killed screaming villages. " Is this what you wish for? Is this what your heart desires?" The disfigured voice questioned. __ " I win." Philomel smugly whispers to Lenny. Completely pleased with herself before noticing Lenny's heart rate beating against her own, matching her speed but was off her pace. It felt like her heart was pounding at an unnatural speed which felt scary but at the same time interesting. She barely noticed Lenny's hazel eyes sparkling as his shocked expression slowly melts into a blissful goofy smile. Her attention finally returned to Lenny when his chiseled jawline moved closer to her. Lenny's head leans forward kissing Philomel on the cheek as he stares at her with such soft eyes. Philomel instantly blushes as she gasps at the sudden kiss. Her lips trembling trying to think of something to say but her brain malfunctioned. Lenny let out a deep chuckle as he ran a hand through his mahogany chestnut brown hair, extremely happy at Philomel's cute reaction. _ There will be romance but it would be slow-paced since it's friends to lovers. No smut scenes. There will be battles and tons of emotional trauma. Super in the middle can go both ways. This book is experimental writing. It shall be written in script format, detailed, and have a rhythmic beat/freestyle poem to certain scenery descriptions. The story shall also have switched target audience, where certain chapters are tailored to male/ female readers. There will be a notice to inform which chapters are which. Female Tailored Chapters (FTC) will have more cute scenes between characters. Male Tailored Chapters (MTC) will have battle based on the Dungeon and Dragon format where the victory or defeat of a match is based on a dice roll. Upload Every Saturday I will also be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com and Inkitt. ______________________________________________

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A Estranha Noiva do Príncipe Amaldiçoado

O maior erro da vida de Alícia, foi tentar cometer suicídio. Ela se viu no corpo de uma princesa de 19 anos em exílio, na idade média. E mais? Ela foi forçada a casar-se com o Príncipe Harold; o infame Príncipe de cabelos brancos e temperamento explosivo que não se importaria em matar alguém pelo motivo mais irrelevante. Agora, seu casamento é daqui a apenas algumas horas e a 'princesa', que por acaso é Alícia, deve mostrar algumas habilidades 'principescas' aos convidados. Pergunta rápida: É permitido fazer twerk na idade média? Uma coisa ela sabia com certeza, o casamento seria um desastre e o Príncipe de temperamento explosivo a mataria antes que ela encontrasse um jeito de voltar para casa. Deus a Ajude! ThatAmazingGirl em colaboração com Miss_Behaviour (As escritoras de Apaixonada(o) Por Um(a) Cleptomaníaco(a)) estão trazendo-lhe outro livro. "A ESTRANHA NOIVA DO PRÍNCIPE AMALDIÇOADO" O que você faria se de repente se encontrasse no corpo de uma princesa na época antiga? E mais, ele não é apenas um lobisomem, ele também é amaldiçoado pela deusa da lua. TRECHO: O que ela deveria fazer? Estava confusa e não tinha ideia do que estava acontecendo. Casamentos na idade média eram estranhos! O que diabos é 'Recitação das Virtudes'? Deveria fingir desmaiar? Esse foi o único pensamento que fez sentido. Então foi o que ela fez. Ela lentamente desabou no chão e ouviu todos começarem a arfar e exclamar. Alícia queria que a tirassem dali e então encontraria uma maneira de fugir. Mas talvez ela tivesse mesmo azar, porque quando ela espiou por debaixo dos cílios, se perguntando por que ninguém estava vindo para carregá-la para fora, viu uma túnica dourada, antes de a pessoa se agachar diante dela. Ela fechou seus olhos fortemente e prendeu a respiração. Afinal de contas, ela era uma atriz. Ela poderia encenar isso impecavelmente. "Foi uma má atuação, minha senhora." A voz profunda falou, causando arrepios em sua pele. Assustador. "Eu só vou te dar três segundos para se levantar." Sua voz não era realmente ameaçadora, mas de algum modo ele comandava medo, especialmente com a maneira lenta e cuidadosa com que ele falava. Ela ouviu que ele era mal-humorado. O que ele faria após os três segundos passarem? Ele a mataria? Então ela morreria aqui? Como ele sabia que ela estava fingindo? As pessoas na idade média geralmente eram inteligentes? Ela abriu um olho para espiar e o viu olhando diretamente para ela com um sorriso sarcástico. NÃO HAVIA COMO O CASAMENTO NÃO ACONTECER. ELA ESTAVA MORTA! ******* Lobisomem (Check) Príncipe amaldiçoado (Check) Transmigração (Check) Comédia (Check) Romance (Duplo Check) ADICIONE À SUA BIBLIOTECA!

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Absolute masterpiece. The way you've seamlessly blended reality and virtuality is truly incredible. I truly admire your creativity and storytelling skills. l liked the riddles too. Like the previous reviewer had said it needs more emotions instead of simply stating characters' emotions, allow their actions, body language, and dialogue to reveal their feelings. In conclusion, it was a good read, I didn't regret reading it.


Fantastic first three chapters! No problem with the flow of the sentences, good job on that! One thing lacking was the depths of emotions. Instead of just saying this character was enthralled by the beauty of this view, how about showing it how? Like he reaches for the sky seemingly bewitched by the grand sky. Something like that, overall. Great work bro :)


Hello, I am hoping to create a platform for authors and would love for you to join. There is a 70% compensation for authors from all revenue and a contest at my webpage(My username), along with a discord at the bottom of the webpage. I hope to see you there!


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