2 Chapter 2: New life till cannon



there won't be much plot until the beginning of cannon and only some info dumps are there till cannon starts.


I woke up from my slumber and realized that I had gained some memories. "Hmm, so I'm a reincarnated person!" I immediately focused on assimilating my memories through meditation, ensuring that they became an integral part of my being. After about 20 minutes, I completed the process and regained my true self.

With a clear understanding of my past life, I began contemplating the list of things I wanted to accomplish in this new existence. First and foremost, I knew I needed to train and develop my Eternal abilities, as well as master Time Manipulation and Teleportation.

These extraordinary powers held tremendous potential, and I was determined to unlock their full capabilities. I'll also slowly study my Biological Manipulation.

Aside from honing my supernatural skills, I also had practical considerations. I needed to find a way to accumulate wealth quickly. Recalling my knowledge of economic developments, I devised a plan.

"Once I have the necessary funds, I'll invest in stocks from companies like Microsoft and Apple," I thought, aware of their promising growth prospects. Additionally, I saw an opportunity with the 2006 FIFA World Cup. If I remember correctly, Internacional emerged as the winners with a single goal. I decided to place a calculated bet and hopefully gain a significant financial boost.

As I went about my daily routine, I incorporated various activities into my schedule. In addition to rigorous training, I engaged in light exercises to maintain physical fitness. To generate some income and contribute to society, I took on a part-time job as a tutor for a 10-year-old in my neighborhood.

After three months of consistent efforts, I began to see results. Through my part-time job as a tutor, I earned $900. However, my fortunes took a significant turn when I encountered the local mafia. Realizing their illicit activities, I decided to put an end to their operations and take matters into my own hands. Through a combination of cunning and force, I managed to obtain a substantial sum of money, turning my initial $900 into a total of $3,500.

With this newfound wealth, I seized the opportunity to place a daring bet on the World Cup. Utilizing my knowledge of the winning team, I wagered a multiple of 100 on Internacional's victory. To my delight, my calculated gamble paid off, resulting in a staggering $350,000 windfall.

Now armed with a significant financial boost, I ensured that I had full control over how I used my money, employing my telepathic abilities to manipulate situations to my advantage. With careful consideration, I decided to invest $200,000 in stocks of Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, anticipating their future success. Additionally, I allocated $100,000 to purchase 388 ounces of gold, establishing a solid foundation for my financial security.

(A/N: The numbers for the gold value and money are not correct in reality and it is high just for the story)

As I reflected on my progress, a sense of satisfaction washed over me. The path to financial stability was unfolding, and I eagerly awaited the opportunities that lay ahead.

<Time skip one day before canon>

I sold my gleaming stash of gold a month ago, taking advantage of the soaring price of $1,000 per troy ounce. The effortless transaction left me with a hefty sum of $288,000, a treasure I acquired without breaking a sweat. The allure of such easy gains enticed me to venture further into the realm of entrepreneurship, leading me to establish a thriving pharmaceutical empire.

Harnessing the full potential of my Biological Manipulation abilities, I embarked on a quest to create revolutionary medicines capable of curing any affliction known to humankind. It was during this ambitious pursuit that I birthed a groundbreaking invention—an artificial blood maker. This ingenious contraption forever altered the landscape of transfusion medicine, rendering the once-essential act of donating blood a mere afterthought.

The news of my unprecedented achievements spread like wildfire, igniting a fervor of admiration and support from individuals who recognized the magnitude of my contributions. Yet, veiled behind a carefully constructed facade, I skillfully concealed my true identity from the prying eyes of the world. Only a select few held the privilege of knowing the extraordinary powers I possessed—the government, the upper echelons of my corporation, and my dear mother and sister, who stood as my unwavering confidants.

Operating from the shadows, I subtly manipulated the strings of power to ensure the government refrained from meddling in my affairs, granting me the autonomy necessary to shape my destiny. The fruit of my labor bore sweet financial rewards, as I amassed an astounding fortune of approximately $2 billion in the past year alone.

As my empire expanded, I found it prudent to share the weight of responsibility. Consequently, I made the calculated decision to sell a portion of my company shares to the government and wealthy individuals, maintaining a controlling stake of 69% to safeguard my vision and preserve the essence of my influence.

With my advancements in the realm of blood manipulation drawing the attention of the nocturnal beings known as vampires, I navigated the treacherous waters of their intrigue with poise and caution. While some approached me with curiosity and the intent to seize my newfound technology, I skillfully thwarted their misguided attempts. The illustrious Volturi, the venerable coven presiding over vampire affairs, recognized the value of my artificial blood creation and issued a decree, instructing their kind to refrain from pursuing me, acknowledging the mutual benefit of our coexistence.

Seeking solace in the pleasures of life, I indulged my passion for collecting an eclectic array of automobiles, each meticulously chosen to satisfy Rosalie's affinity for car modification. These gleaming mechanical wonders added a touch of opulence to my already dazzling existence, solidifying my reputation as a connoisseur of fine vehicles.

Despite my newfound wealth and influence, Bella's heart remained steadfast, rooted in her decision to reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Determined to bridge the distance between us, I resolved to embark on a journey to the enchanting town of Forks, Washington, where our father, Charlie Swan, awaited our arrival.

As I meticulously packed my belongings, ensuring that no detail was overlooked, Bella's anxious voice resonated in the room. "Max, I've heard that no flights to Forks are available for the next week. How do you propose we make this journey?"

In response to her concern, I unveiled a small yet significant token—a pilot's license bearing my name, Maximus Swan. The license, procured through my clandestine network of government connections, granted me the authority to soar through the skies. While its possession signified my capability to operate an aircraft, I had diligently arranged for skilled pilots to accompany us on our voyage, putting Bella's apprehensive mind at ease.

With excitement and farewells exchanged, we bid adieu to our loved ones, including our mother and her new husband. Boarding the elegant private jet, we felt a sense of liberation as it prepared for takeoff.

Bella clung to my hand, her eyes filled with a mixture of anticipation and nerves. The engines roared to life, vibrating beneath us, heralding the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

As the plane soared into the twilight sky, leaving behind the familiar sights of Phoenix, we were greeted by a captivating panorama of clouds and cities. The world below transformed, symbolizing our departure from the past and the boundless possibilities that lay ahead.

Inside the aircraft, time seemed to stand still, granting us a moment of tranquility amidst the winds of change. We peered out the window, mesmerized by the breathtaking view. It felt as if the heavens themselves guided our journey, offering a glimpse of the extraordinary adventures awaiting us in Forks.

Lost in contemplation, I marveled at the tapestry of fate that had led me here—an eternal being blessed with incredible powers and boundless wealth, yet driven by a yearning for love and belonging. It was the connections we forged and the bonds we nurtured that truly defined our existence.

Gazing at Bella, I found solace in her presence, a constant reminder of my purpose. Together, we would navigate the unknown, unravel the mysteries of Forks, and defy the limits of our mortal shells.

As the plane descended for landing, we readied ourselves for the next phase of our journey. Touching down on the runway, we disembarked, greeted by the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest, carrying whispers of the lush forests and untold secrets that awaited us. Hand in hand, we set foot on the soil of our new home, ready to embrace the enchantment and challenges of Forks, Washington.

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