Enchanting Melodies (HP SI)

Author: athass_prkr
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What is Enchanting Melodies (HP SI)

Read ‘Enchanting Melodies (HP SI)’ Online for Free, written by the author athass_prkr, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: [A SI Harry Potter Fanfiction]---------------------------------------------------------------Harry Potter was an odd bo...


[A SI Harry Potter Fanfiction] --------------------------------------------------------------- Harry Potter was an odd boy, everyone knew it. His eyes were too aware, he was too calm, too intelligent for it to be natural. This remained a mystery, even to the boy himself, until one day he remembered the man he used to be. Alas, The magical world is far more treacherous than the one from his past life and he must either succumb or rise above them all. Will he rise to the challenge? --------------------------------------------------------------- I will upload a chapter every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. (although I might upload a chapter randomly just for the hell of it) Chapters will be at least 2k words long. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I don't own pretty much anything in this Fanfic. ---------------------------------------------------------------- PATREON LINK: https://www.patreon.com/athassprkr ----------------------------------------------------------------

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I am giving the story five stars because ... well everybody seems to do it, and I did it in my last story. Anyway, if you have any comments or criticism let me know. I hope you enjoy this fic...



The story overall is pretty decent, but it has a major flaw that makes it hard for me to want to read. It’s overly descriptive, and by that I mean 99% of the chapters are descriptions about certain things. As well as Harry constantly thinking, which make sure fic a chore to read as it gets boring fast. It took like 15-16 chapters just for him to get the his first class at Hogwarts. And like 13-14 to actually get to Hogwarts itself. The other fanfic this author has suffers from this same problem, which is just a lot (and I mean a LOT) of descriptions, thinking, and world background without anything truly happening. Not to mention the fact that Harry seems like your cliche Emo/loner Mc who is always quiet and super smart and all that. Overall I might continue reading, but if it’s anything like their other fic (which was definitely worse than this one) I probably will not.


What happend to this novel? It had amazing start and was one of my favorite novel but suddenly mc seem to be a differnt person..his outburst at hermione incident, malfoy drama and now he want friendship and family. If this is just another harry craving for love and friendship then i'd rather just go read the cannon any day.


I’m writing this review at Chp.22. Thus far the novel has proven to be well written and with a wonderful start to the story. The original canon has been altered, however it is still really good as you can see the original story happening yet our mc having his own adventure within the story. The melody’s of magic is an ingenious idea within this story and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. In regards to the MCs character, I’m still torn between despised and intrigued. You see, our mc is a pacifistic bookworm through and through. While I do enjoy an MC with a handle on his bloodlust and family murdering tendencies, it does get a bit odd when someone attacks you from behind and insults you at any given moment to not return the favour. In any case, there is still room for character development whether good or bad and I look forward to reading the upcoming chapters. Signed The most arrogant of all young masters.


im leaving a mixed review here hoping the author reads it. so far the story seems well paced and well written in terms of language and structure. im pointing out the things marring my reading experiance hoping it helps dont let it detract from your enjoyment of what seems to be a well written tale. however reading up to chapter 15 the story has a distinct feeling of condecension, towards the established lore, world building and plot. instead of just changing what the author wants they keep criticizing the established world building and stating that their version is the one that makes sense over the original. that may not be the intent but it certainly seems to be the effect. another thing that i mind is that the protagonist seems to be one of those transmigrators who looks down upon all the plot and conflicts as a high and mighty voice of reason that cant be bothered with childish politics and looks at all the mysteries and norms of the world as senseless and beneath them. and the character seems to hold most other characters in disdain and acts haughtyt and rude but is facing absolutely no consequences for it. it seems that the author intends for them to be this way. this however conflicts directly with how the author describes the character. on the whole the character seems unconcerned with the world and events and just wants to be a research hobo who is power hungry... to sum ot up this story has forspoken syndrome.... where the protagonists personality ruins your immersion and enjoyment of an otherwise likeable and well made world


Author it seems like you're trying to follow the framwork you set in the beginning and its stopping your novel into becoming something better. Constantly trying to force the cannon with such a big plot twist from the beginning doesnt make any sense when it could be so much better if you let the story progress organically. You have amazing take on magic and the unqiue power mc have, why not focus more on it with occational mix of cannon where he can just help if convinient or ignore it since dumby gonna control the narrative anyway. I'd recommend: Ancient rune professor, mythical journey if you wanna check out other novels that did following the cannon without letting it dictate the flow of story genre.


In this story, there are too many descriptions of what is happening around the main character, I have read all the available chapters at the moment and in this plot 80% of the description of the world background, which in fact is not necessary and only 20% of the plot, plus the main character seems to be some kind of emo loner who only does, that he reads books in a corner alone.


Things went down hill the moment the diary came into play.


I tried reading this 3-4 times, but i can't do it.. The MC's personality is just so "irritating" to me he is pathetic for an "adult," a pushover, and i am so biased against him that he could just be breathing and i would be here in the comments section berating him for that lol


this becomes painful to read after the Hermione troll incident, I forced myself to read up to chapter 59 and it just gets worse and worse.


Sorry but the MC is too pathetic. Everyone insult him and his parents and he is still smilling and doing nothing. He sacrifice everything for a cheap moral superiority. The first time that he defended himself it was used to force him into the original plot.


ooook, I have very mixed feelings about this fanfic. The first 20ish chapters were perfect in my opinion and hooked me into reading the entire thing, but past that it became very... frustrating for me ig. Like it was mentioned in the 80th or so chapters where the MC is a coward and doesn't wanna get involved in the whole light vs dark war, but like, most of the stuff that he does are completely unnecessary and brings attention onto him, so like wth. Other than the plot dev the whole story is very good, I like that you decided to change the magic system a bit and added some Nasuverse power system elements. The characters themselves are good, though sometimes the SI just switches personalities which gets kinda annoying to read, but all in all everything else is perfect. 3.8/5, plot forcing kinda ruins the score. (pic is Riddle Tate and Harry the Pot smoker rivalry colorized.


I love the AU aspects of this story where the idiotic things not explained in the books are fleshed out and now make sense. Having a pet toad is now a toad choir, winning the house cup now has actual benefits in the next year, etc. I wish more HP fanfics would have stuff like this instead of making the entire Wizarding world seem stupid so that their MC can seem smarter in comparison.


This fanfic is surely the best fanfic I've read. - The world is amazing and feels alive when we read. - The characters' development is really good, and unlike other fanfics, we can clearly see when we read that other characters that the MC have a real development. - And for me, the thing I prefer the most in this fanfic is the fact that when the MC has a problem, he doesn't just use a power absolutely OP. Because even if he was very good at magic, he was not a God, and that is cool because he really use his brain and what is even cooler is the fact that his enemies use their brains to. AND ALL OF THAT IS WELL WRITTEN. (The second year is the best example of that, and actually, I think it deserved to be read to this point if you really want to know if you like it. ) Thanks for this amazing fanfic author. ❤️


This fanfic is not bad, it's just too boring. I love fanfics that are easy to read, not too rigid and cumbersome. This fanfic here is too logical, the MC doesn't feel like he is the MC. Just a normal person who reincarnated into Harry Potter world and started to learn about magic. He isn't talented and he doesn't have any Golden Finger or anything else to help him, he works hard to get anywhere. If it was only that, it would have been okay, but the problem is that the MC honesty doesn't get anywhere even with all his hard work, since as I said before this is a very logical fanfic, and not everyone can get as strong as Dumbledore and Voldemort through hard work... How many wizards dedicated themselves to studying and practicing magic but still didn't amount to much? A lot... I don't know what happens later on in this fanfic, but the first 100 chapters are very very boring and I honestly couldn't continue past it. So it is a 3 star review from me.


one of the best HP novel i have read. the magic melodies was brilliant, the only reason for 4 star was because the MC is a pacifist. he doesn't fight back, even when him or his parents were insulted when they throw spells at him and even when he's called a traitor, all he does is use his mouth, and it got to the point where I can't stand it so regretfully I am dropping this here.


It’s crazy how good this book actually is. The author has such an interesting take on the Harry Potter universe. This is probably to best HP fanfic I’ve ever read and that’s saying something cuz I’ve read A LOT of fanfic.


So far, there are no complaints. The plot currently has a lot of potential, however will it stay that way? The MC is quite pragmatic, and introverted, which is not an issue, but will this lead to a high-and-mighty character or an ignore all type. Thanks for posting your novel.


Its Way way way too dark. Atleast put a Dark Tag or something my guy. It is honestly a really good story if you are looking for something that just keeps going darker and grittier. I just don't like how many things are going on all at ones, it is getting pretty overwhelming to keep track of the no. of plot points going on all at ones.


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