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The Craftsman


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This is the story of Daedalus on his journey to the peak of craftsmanship. Daedalus has died and been reincarnated by the god Hephaestus to try and reach the peak of craftsmanship. Watch his journey making friends and become incredibly powerful. See how he uses his creations and kills god's. (Tell me tags in the comments of the latest chapters please!!!)Tags: Cultivation, Swords and Magic I thought I would just go ahead and make a quick note, on average each chapter is at least 500 words long. This is because I don't have that long everyday to write a chapter, it's why I try to make each chapter seem like just another part of the previous one. I'm slowing down on chapters lately, once every Sunday, because I am doing a bit of a fanfictiony thing in the latest chapters. I asked if I should make it a side book thing but my readers wanted it here so yeah. I am doing a bit of MHA and other books I have enjoyed lately like Spiderman and marvel stuff. Quick thing, I love reading people's comments so please say Hi if you feel like it, I love feedback!!!


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