12 Memory Fragment

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As they spoke, they arrived in front of the car.

Chu Li walked away with no intention of driving. "Why aren't you moving?"

"Boss, drive!"

"It's so expensive to drive. Now, spirit crystals are sold for $8.39 each!"

Lin Chang`an said helplessly, "Boss, with your miserly attitude, you'll fail in everything you do."

"Pui Pui! That's inauspicious!" Chu Li felt that this sounded very inauspicious.

As she spoke, she pulled Lin Chang`an's ear in dissatisfaction, pushing him into the car's hind passenger seat.

This was a Bentley Continental GT and was worth 50 million or higher.

The cars in this world were all powered by spirit crystals.

"Iris recognition successful. Welcome, Master!"

The artificial intelligence spoke in a pleasant voice, and spirit energy surged in the car as the space confinement protection was activated.

The space formed in this car was extremely strong. Ordinary second-realm experts wouldn't be able to break through it.

Chu Li floored the accelerator and turned around to ask. "Little Chang`an, what are you going to do after graduation?"

"I can get into an academy."

"You're boasting!" Chu Li smiled.

"It's true, let's make a bet. We'll bet $60,000. How about that?"

"I won't do it," Chu Li rejected him directly. "If you don't have anywhere to go, just follow me."


"I'm so beautiful. Are you unwilling?"

"Can your beauty fill my stomach?"

"Of course!"

Hearing this answer, Lin Chang`an rolled his eyes.

The car moved very quickly, and they arrived at their destination while having their chats.

This was a suburb further away from the city center.

Lin Chang`an looked over from afar, and his house had indeed disappeared.

A few other buildings were also gone with it.

This place had already been sealed off at this moment, and there were a few police officers from the Accident Branch standing guard.

"The only inheritance my parents left me is gone just like that." Lin Chang`an sighed.

One would only receive a little government aid in the event of natural disasters, but there would be no compensation.

The small house his parents had worked hard for over 40 years to buy became nothing just like that.

"Maybe it's intact in the dungeon."

There were all sorts of strange things in the dungeon. Sometimes, everything would remain intact in the ruined area. Other times, everything would be completely destroyed.

Lin Chang`an thought of his computer and then his browsing history before his 'disappearance'. (It's better for them to be destroyed.)

If things were really intact, wouldn't he be put through humiliation if the adventurers were to discover it?

At the thought of this, Lin Chang`an was even more determined to explore the place and verify things.

Putting other things aside, he had to delete the browsing history at least.

As he thought about this, he started a simulation in his mind.

[Your house collapsed.]

[You wanted to secretly sneak into the ruined area but did not succeed.] 

[You made a huge fuss in the ruined area, expressing your wish to take a look at your house. You were then arrested.] 

[Bureau Chief Sun came forth and you got released.] 

[You returned to the ruined area once again and discovered that, during the time you were detained, the dungeon had formed completely. It had been assessed to be a C-Grade dungeon, and you didn't have the right to enter.] 

[Adventurers quickly explored a large part of the dungeon, and your house was found. It was intact and your browsing history spread like wildfire.] 

[It amazed everyone and was an eye-opener.] 


At this stage, Lin Chang`an already wanted to get out of the simulation.

[You thought of ways to find out information about this dungeon.] 

[After obtaining the information, you were overjoyed and decided to bet everything on this.] 

[You spent all of your money to bribe the guards to let you in.] 

[After you entered the dungeon, you were killed by the other adventurers before you could see the scene inside clearly.]

"F*ck, it's really hard to fathom the human mind! The men of today are sad degenerates!"

Lin Chang`an exited the simulation, and his mental energy received a slight raise. 

He looked toward the system interface.

[The simulation has ended. Please choose one of the rewards.] 

[One: Murphy's Talent (F-Grade talent. The more you don't wish for something to happen, the higher the possibility for it to happen.)]

[Two: Cultivation realm at the time of your death (Qi and blood value: 862)]

[Three: Combat experience at the time of your death (insignificant fist art)]

[Four: Cultivation insights at the time of your death. (No cultivation insights)]

[Five: A partial memory fragment.] 

After looking at the talent, Lin Chang`an shook his head.

F-Grade should be the lowest grade there was.

Even a dog wouldn't want it!

How could this be called a talent? It was something that would make him be plagued with bad luck.

This time around, there didn't seem to be any good option to choose from.

Lin Chang`an didn't hesitate much and chose the memory fragment.

In the simulation earlier, there was a piece of information that described him going through all sorts of means to obtain information on the dungeon.

However, there didn't seem to be any concrete details on what the dungeon was like.

Lin Chang`an guessed that there was a high chance that it was related to the memory fragment.

When he made his choice, a few fragmented and blurry scenes appeared in his mind.

They were scenes that had happened during the simulation.

As Lin Chang`an had expected, it was true that this was information related to the dungeon.

"There are treasured places in this dungeon that can strengthen the body and improve one's physique. However, no one has explored the center yet. Some people guessed that there might be an S-Grade supreme treasure that could modify talent here!"

This was information that Lin Chang`an had obtained through the simulations after a lot of hard work.

At this moment, the fragment trembled and then shattered.

This time around, the duration of his survival in the simulation wasn't long, and Lin Chang`an's movement trajectory was basically stuck on this matter as well. Therefore, there was only this little bit of information from the memory fragment.

However, this little bit was enough for Lin Chang`an to be excited.

It was no wonder that the him in the simulation had to bet everything he had.

"The reason I die so easily in the simulations is definitely largely contributed to the fact that my talent is too weak!"

He had always been ranked last in high school.

In the simulations for his university life, it was hard for him to even graduate.

If he had enough talent, how could things be so hard?

Although Lin Chang`an had the emulator, he still wanted his actual talent to be greater.

If that was the case, in the future, it would be a lot more convenient regardless of what he wanted to do.

Who wouldn't want to be a genius?

It could also be used to explain many things.

After all, there'd be many things concerning the progress he made through his emulator that couldn't be explained.

If someone with ill intentions were to notice this, there was a high chance that an accident would happen.

Take the interrogation this time around for example. It was fine if he had said he had outstanding talent and was concealing himself in the past.

However, his talent was too weak, so he basically wouldn't dare to say something like that. He could only refuse to answer.

After Lin Chang`an came back to his senses, Chu Li was still secretly sizing up these policemen who were on watch.

"You know them?" Lin Chang`an asked.

Based on the information he received from the emulator, he must get into the dungeon before it had completely taken form.

Otherwise, after it was opened up to other cultivators, weaklings like him would definitely be easily killed.

Human lives were cheap in the current society.

This was especially for places like dungeons. How could there possibly be any order?

The reason the death rate in dungeons was so high was firstly because there were a lot of strange and eerie things everywhere, and secondly because it was hard to fathom the human mind.

"I don't." Chu Li shook her head.

"We must get into the dungeon before it takes its complete form."


"If we're late, other people will get to it. Boss, we're talking about an overwhelming sum of money here!"

Chu Li was stunned and then nodded solemnly, her eyes gleaming. "I understand!"

Lin Chang`an activated a round of simulation again.

[Your house collapsed.]

[Chu Li managed to obtain a pass from somewhere, and you successfully entered the ruined area.]

[Due to the Unafraid of Death Talent, you had nothing to fear and you calmly jumped into the vortex in the center of the ruined area.]

[The world spun and darkness swallowed you.]

[You're very lucky. A-Grade Ignoble Living Talent took effect, allowing you to surprisingly survive. You successfully entered the dungeon that hadn't completely taken form.]

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