10 Entanglement Degree

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On the other side, inside the ward.

At this moment, Lin Chang`an glanced at the system interface.

At the character selection base, a switch button to change characters appeared.

After clicking it, Su Xi`er was the only one there. There was also a note that stated: Entanglement degree not enough, the authority to simulate her is temporarily locked.

"This also means that the system can also simulate the lives of others? But how can I control the lives of others? Could their lives be lived out according to my will?"

Whenever he simulated, the simulation would follow whatever thoughts appeared in Lin Chang`an's mind.

For example, previously, he wanted to drag out an ignoble existence, so he kept turtling through the simulation.

But what would happen if it was the life of another person?

What was the entanglement degree exactly?

From the meaning of the words, it seemed to be the entanglement of both parties' fate?

"From the looks of things, in order to understand the system better, I still cannot avoid Su Xi`er…"

In truth, if one were to say Lin Chang`an had no thoughts about Su Xi`er, that would be impossible.

After all, he still had the A-Grade talent, Super Gigolo. He had to test out the effects no matter what, right?!

"But how do I ensure the entanglement degree is sufficient?"

"How do I entangle someone? Is it due to the duration I interact with them? Or do certain events have to occur…?"

He was clueless.

At the same time, he also realized one thing.

With Super Gigolo, and after they became lovers, he could simulate Su Xi`er's life and search for all sorts of opportunities that she might encounter. At that time, wouldn't that mean he would 'double his profits'?

Lin Chang`an couldn't help but admit that he felt a little moved.

However, he wasn't someone so casual.

In addition, Su Xi`er most probably only felt a faint sense of goodwill toward him.

The emotions of a little girl were very fragile and couldn't be counted on.

Just like this, Lin Chang`an started to recuperate.

He applied for leave from school with a written note from the inspection bureau.

With regard to a lousy student like Lin Chang`an, the teachers didn't mind. Was there any difference between whether he came to school or not?

He would merely drag the rest of the class down.

A few days later, after school ended, Su Xi`er brought a meal to the hospital for him.

The more Lin Chang`an looked at Su Xi`er, the more he felt that she was truly beautiful and talented. Each and every single one of her movements and micro-expressions radiated a heart-stirring sense of cleanliness and pureness.

"That's the face of someone who is experiencing their first love I guess."

It was impossible for his heart not to be moved slightly.

However, Lin Chang`an also understood that the disparity between their current identities was too great.

Just by virtue of her identity, she could get people like Sun Shiyong to move out personally and even a third-realm expert to treat Lin Chang`an. She didn't seem to be a simple homeowner in the Wanxiang Future Zone.

And the two lifetimes he had spent in the simulations basically didn't have much of an intersection with her.

There was indeed a sense of goodwill, but such feelings were fragile.

Whether it could be continuously maintained and developed until the end, no one could say for sure as such matters weren't so simple.

"Let's see what will happen if I enter a relationship with her!"

As he thought about this, he started a simulation.

This time around, he didn't intentionally avoid Su Xi`er and did his best to have more interactions with her.

Their relationship improved by leaps and bounds in the simulation.

In the end, an accident happened in his first year of university.

[You accidentally ate a poisonous chemical compound and became a retard.]

[Your mental energy rapidly declined.]

[Su Xu`er caught the culprit but failed to save you.]

[Three months later, due to the decline in your mental energy, you could no longer control your body and you died due to your qi and blood rupturing your body.]

This time around, his life could only be described with the word 'miserable'.

[The simulation has ended, please choose one of the rewards.]

[One: Visible Myriad Poisons (C-Grade talent, you can detect the vast majority of poisonous substances)]

[Two: Cultivation Realm at the time of your death (Qi and blood ***)]

[Three: Combat experience at the time of your death (No combat experience)]

[Four: Cultivation insights at the time of your death (No cultivation insights)]

[Five: A partial memory fragment.]

Because he died due to losing control over his qi and blood, the number became ***.

And because he became a retard, all his combat experiences and cultivation insights vanished.

Lin Chang`an chose the talent, Visible Myriad Poisons, and continued with more simulations.

[You and Su Xi`er entered the same academy.]

[Both of you chose the same cultivation course.]

[After that, you and Su Xi`er interacted frequently, and your relationship was slowly warming up.]

[Today, you discovered that there was a poisonous chemical compound in your water cup.]

[You smoothly avoided the trap, but you had no idea which of your love rivals was the one trying to poison you.]

[You investigated based on the clues and eventually found him. He was then sentenced to ten years in prison.]

[A month later, in a study class arranged by the academy, you entered the E087 dungeon. You discovered that someone was lying in ambush and you managed to avoid the trap.]

[In your second year of university, a bizarre invasion incident occurred in the academy.]

[You sensed that this had something to do with you, but you didn't manage to protect yourself successfully in the chaos. You died.]

He didn't manage to escape death this time.

Evidently, Su Xi`er's identity meant many things.

If he got close to Su Xi`er, he would have to face countless troubles.

After seeing the ending of both simulations, Lin Chang`an's temper surged.

(Do you think I was frightened by menacing threats all the way growing up?)

After the simulations, he grew increasingly curious about Su Xi`er's identity.

What sort of person was worth so many people making trouble for him?

There were so many schemes and plots targeting him, wanting his death.

Since this was the case, other than having an outstanding talent, Su Xi`er's background was definitely even more terrifying.

After a few days of recuperation, Lin Chang`an's body had completely recovered.

In addition, due to the good medical treatment, he even felt that his bones and meridians had strengthened by a little.

After he left the hospital, he didn't head straight for home. Instead, he decided to visit a hotpot shop in the city center.

This was a small shop hidden in a corner of the city center. At this moment, a woman with an exaggerated alluring figure stood behind the counter, looking very bored.

It was already lunchtime, but there was not a single customer.

Lin Chang`an pushed the door open. After that, the woman lazily opened her eyes. It seemed that because her chest was too heavy, it was somewhat strenuous for her to lift her head.

When she saw Lin Chang`an, she started.

"You haven't come to work for seven days. $475 will be deducted from your salary, and the deduction will be counted in this month's salary."

"No need." Lin Chang`an waved his hands. "I came here to resign."

"Resign?" The woman abruptly inclined her head as tears flashed in her eyes. "You have to be responsible for me…are you going to abandon me after using me?!"

"What do you mean by that? The two of us don't have that kind of relationship." Lin Chang`an pursed his lips. "I recently managed to earn a sum of money, so I'm not going to come here and work part-time anymore."

"Is it because the salary is too low?" The woman walked out from the counter and grabbed hold of Lin Chang`an's hands.

She had a tall figure and a slender waist. Moreover, her bust was exaggeratedly large.

Her features were exquisite, and although she had a faint layer of make-up on, she gave off an incomparably charming aura.

"Boss, please stop flirting with me, or I won't be able to control myself this time." Lin Chang`an pushed her hands away and feigned an angry look, joking. The woman's hands were so icy to the touch that they didn't seem to be the hands of a human. 

Actually, this boss of his had treated him pretty well.

Other than the salary being a little low, there were no other problems.

For the past three years, he had been working under her.

"In that case, why do you want to resign?"

"I've earned enough money to live for quite a while."

There was another reason. He could become a cultivator soon, so there was no longer a need for him to work as a chef anymore.

"Then what about me…" The woman had an expression of being bullied. After that, she started counting on her fingers. "This is the 92nd time I set up a business, a…and it's going to fail again?"

As she spoke, she squatted down as though she couldn't accept it.

"Boss, it's just a chef."

A chef in a hotpot shop, wasn't this a position that could be easily filled?

His job responsibilities merely included cutting meat and vegetables.

"You don't understand." The woman hugged her head and appeared to be in great pain.

Lin Chang`an felt helpless. He always felt that this woman was not normal.

"In that case…Boss, I…I'm leaving."

"Why are you going? Where are you going?"


"Your house has sunk into the ground."


"Six days ago, your house collapsed. Cracks appeared on the ground's surface, and there seemed to be a new dungeon forming there. I thought you died." The woman turned her head. "Do you know that I was sad for you for a long time? Little Chang`an…"

"Really?!" Lin Chang`an didn't believe that his boss would feel sad for him at all.

This boss…other than matters about money, wouldn't feel sad about any other matters.

"My house has really sunk into the ground?"

"It's true."

"What about my cat?"

"Very strange, it didn't die. I picked it up and brought it home with me."

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