Embers of Love: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Author: Anya_0341
Sci-fi Romance
Ongoing · 871 Views
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What is Embers of Love: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Read ‘Embers of Love: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure’ Online for Free, written by the author Anya_0341, This book is a Sci-fi Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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The coat has been locked away for years with its dwelling place hidden from the knowledge of humans. The coat is said to be untouchable as it belongs to the spirit of an evil girl whose body was buried far away and into the depth of the earth. It is believed that anyone who goes close to the coat will be affected by what is called the coaty disease. The coat was locked in a glass box by Priest Lucan, sealing it with a holy seal. Priest Lucan was found dead a few weeks later after the encounter with the coat. Ever since then, no one has heard anything about the coat, it was only buried in the memory of the dead. An evil man named Lennon Parker also known as Venom found out about the power possessed by the coat and decided to find out its dwelling place and set it free. He decided to embark on the journey not knowing that it was going to turn into a hunted, scary, and bloody path. If only he knew that the power possessed by the coat was beyond the human capacity to handle and dives into the realm of the supernatural. Wilson and his fearless, adventurous, and courageous friends found out about Venom's intentions and decided to also be in pursuit of the coat to disrupt Venom's plan of releasing the coat. They knew the wrath of the untouchable coat might be unbearable. _______________________________________ "Oh shit, we're too late," Hareton said. "Yes, but we have to stop him from getting to the body" Jude added. "We also have to warn everybody of the danger ahead" June contributed. "The city and people of Willsvill are in great danger" Wilson concluded.

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Desires of the Wavering Heart

"Neither can I keep you in my arms nor can I imagine you being far away. I do want you but you will hate me or even be hurt in the process. Will you still stay by my side despite the consequences??" ==== Two lives are intertwined by an incident. One seeks revenge, while the other desires freedom. Being together causes their hearts to waver. He mistook her for a boy, lost his first kiss when they first met, which made him question his sexual preference. The second time, he coerced her into serving as his personal caregiver, and she was unable to free herself. Later, he sought to possess and bind the girl to his side. She turned it down because she didn't want to be the third wheel. After that, an infatuation game begins. .... The fate of Grasal City was influenced by an incident. It was inevitable that there would be a struggle for supreme authority. Arik, a young man consumed with hate, rage, and bloodlust, rose above the corpses to rule Grasal City and its mafia. He had a sickness and the cure was only her. Secrets and truths of old and new conspiracies, misunderstandings, are bound to be disclosed. In the process, both individuals' true identities are revealed. Hatred and forgiveness were mixed with the infatuation. One desires bloodlust, while the other wants to heal. Who will prevail in a love-hate relationship, and what shape their relationship will take, is uncertain... ===== Note: This is an original story written by me. It is supposed to be Part 1 of the series- Wavering Heart. Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures. Credit goes to the owner.

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