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"Do you think you can escape?" She stared at the person with horror.She was feeling very miserable that the person she was hiding from,she would find out about him like this.Every nerve on her body was warning her to run away from there. The person chuckled. "I know what's in your mind.Don't even try to do this!!!" Her eyes lit up in anger. "Do you think I will give up, if a devil like you threat me?" Her words left a devilish grin on his perfectly symmetrical handsome face whose one glimpse was enough to capture any woman's mind and body. She suddenly lifted a vase that was in her range and was about to smash on his head,but before she could do that he caught her hands and pulled her to himself, capturing her through his body which was huge and very masculine compared to her tiny frame. "Devil or God whoever decides to save you,unfortunately it is impossible.Because I am your fate and no one can save you from me…." He mumbled in her ear. ************************************************ Have you ever thought that what would you do if you were trapped in the world of amnesia? What would you do if life has cheated on you in every aspect and came to end because of this? If life would give you another chance in exchange for something very important, would you dare to take it? Wang Wei a well known businesses man once saved a young woman's life while someone threw her unconscious body on the road.After regaining her consciousness,she failed to remember anything about her life, not even her name.After some days she discovered that there is a big mystery related to her life.She no longer lives in a single world.She has another life which one she assumed as amnesic life…. Will she be ever able to solve the mystery of her amnesic life? Will she be able to find the culprit who is responsible for her present condition? Will she be able to take revenge? Will she be able to find her saviour or she will mistake him as someone else…….. Read the novel to find out......


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