Elemental Ninja

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What is Elemental Ninja

Read Elemental Ninja fanfiction written by the author OofMySenpai on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, romance, reincarnation, overpowered, anime. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Our Mc finds himself in a world beyond what he hoped for. Does he have what it takes to survive what the future has in store for him. A.U. ---------------- This is my first fic so be nice please. or don't idc. synopsis is mid. Do some stuff in the comments or stones or something.

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[REWRITING: "Fantasia of the stars" COMIMG OUT ?] A mask of pain. A wall of sadness and loneliness that nobody could understand. "It's futile to explain, the moment something goes outside the norm, people instinctively push you away." Her pain and sadness is only a burden to those she cares about. He hides behind a wall, a long wall nobody can climb. Terashima Lila entire childhood revolved around staying strong for her family and friends. Music was her means of escape. A means of conveying the deep feelings and emotions in her heart that she couldn't convey normally. But when her cursed bloodline separates her from everything she built the past sixteen years of her life, and singing slowly degrades her condition further - what will Lila do? She transfers to light academy under a new name 'Kiku Ari,' and she meets him. The one person who changes her life completely. A unique music romance novel that focuses on a single girl's journey and burden behind being the top idol. Join Lila on her journey to achieve her new dream, while struggling with her hanyou lineage and getting caught up in a triangular romance. To achieve her dream, what will she sacrifice? What will change? For her, the two of them were both equally important. Which hand will she take? ___________________ ------------- *CURRENT COVER - [Cover by: Zushidraws] Join me on discord: Invite Only (ask in comments section) Updates: 2-3 Chapters every day the first 80-95 chapters are old content which I'm still going through and re-editing. - A side note regarding the story: the first half of the story will focus on the second ML Karashima Haruka and the female lead Terashima Lila story. Then the second half will move back to the first ML Austin Kiryu ---- Genre: Music, Romance, Fantasy. Supernatural

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