A fierce and cute wife came to flirt with him Book

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A fierce and cute wife came to flirt with him

Duo Yanya

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She had somehow transmigrated to a lazy and lazy little girl who was despised by everyone. It was said that she even shamelessly relied on her savior? ? ? ? Wasn't this too terrible? However, when Kang Xiaoqiao took a look at the little brother that the original owner had relied on, she decisively accepted her fate. So be it if it was terrible. It was not her turn to be terrible if others wanted to be terrible! PS: Duo duo has already finished her old book, "report, the cute wife has married" . It has more than three million words. The scam is guaranteed. Welcome to jump into the trap. Ordinary Book Group: 285699337, knock on the door brick, all of duo's book protagonist name can be, VIP Book Group: 611482740 Fan Value 2000 + , or any of duo's book can be added.