31 Chapter 31: Asgard

Mordred reappeared back to the land of the living and Tiamat who was waiting for him anxiously went right at him like a bullet.

"Oof! Mom, I told you I'll be back." Mordred smiled at her and hugged her back.

"Of course I'll be worried, you little rascal!" Tiamat patted him all over and checked if he was really okay.

"I'm fine mom, thank you for worrying about me." She nodded at him after a thorough check.

"What did you find there? I got a glimpse of the place once you entered, but I didn't find out much." Tiamat raised a brow and he was excited to explain.

"I found a person there with a divine aura. Her name is Scathach, she's really strong. And I have to convince her to be our teacher." Mordred was eager to tell the others about her.

"Scathach? I thought she died already... So that godslayer is still alive and well huh? What's the realm all about then?" Tiamat was curious.

"She resides in the land of shadows. It's one of the realms for the dead." Mordred shrugged and she was alarmed.

Tiamat once again checked him out. Checking if his soul has any taint or missing parts to it. She then sighed in relief that he was just fine.

"You'll definitely be coming back there won't you?" She deadpanned at him and Mordred nodded with a smile.

"Umu, I believe we will improve leaps and bounds with her as our trainer. She is beautiful too." Mordred nodded sagely and Tiamat scrunched up her face.

'Is he starting already? Is he having an interest on women now!?' Tiamat thought it was far too quick. She read that human males get an interest on women after they hit something called puberty.

And dragons don't take in mates until they are centuries old. So she started panicking inside.

"Uhhh, Mordred. Do you know about the princesses and dragons?" Tiamat smiled wryly and he tilted his head.

She groaned and started explaining to him about having sex.

"Mom, I already know that?" Mordred raised a brow and she sighed. "They also do it for pleasure Mordred. Not just for procreation."

Something then clicked inside his mind. 'I see, another piece of knowledge.' He nodded sagely and Mordred looked at Tiamat.

"Mom, when I grow up. Let's have lots of sex okay?" He beamed at her and Tiamat choked on her spit.

Hacking violently, she had to crouch down and beat on her chest. "M-Mordred... I don't think that's appropriate." She had a wry expression and he blinked.

"Why not? You said it's for pleasure too right? I'll give you lots of it then." Mordred said innocently and she almost choked again.

'Come on Tiamat, think of other ways that he could give pleasure to others without it being sexual!' She wracked her brains for a solution.

"Ahh, Mordred. How about you think about it more and decide later? Massages are really good too, how about you give mama that for now?" Tiamat had a sheepish smile on her face, her eyebrows twitching.

He went into deep thought and agreed. 'I do not know much about sex anyways, massages are easier to learn.'

"Okay mom, I love you. Talk to you later, I'll go to Asgard now." Mordred kissed her cheek and she waved goodbye with a sinking feeling.

'I sure hope he doesn't become a raging pervert like Azazel.' She watched him go anxiously.

In the underworld, Serafall suddenly looked around and she smiled while licking her lips. "So-tan, you can't escape your nee-sama. We'll have some yuri yuri time. Fate has declared it so."

Sona felt a shiver in her spine. She looked backwards and could feel an ominous scheme starting to take place.

"Now, where are my kin." Mordred flew quickly to Scandinavia and he felt Lavinia and Dulio's mana that were acting as a beacon.

He went to them and they were grouped up in a place where some women are. 'Most likely valkyries.' Mordred landed softly.

"Hello, I am Mordred Pendragon. I believe that Odin is expecting us?" Mordred greeted them politely.

"Yes, you match the descriptions of our VIP guest. The all-father is waiting for you." The lead Valkyrie bowed at him, surprising the others.

"Hey, did Serafall give a good word in for us? I don't think our visit warrants us to be VIPs." Ise whispered and they shrugged, clueless as well.

"Please do not be alarmed, we will be entering Asgard through the bifrost." The Valkyrie gathered them in a circle and they were hit by a sudden beam of light that looked like a rainbow.

Right after, they appeared in a mountainous regions with snowcaps. It looked like a winter wonderland.

"Woah, this place looks awesome. And there's so much mana here too." Ise looked around and she took in a breath of air. Asgard has a lot of mana, so it felt much cleaner and crisp.

"Indeed, I bet that those Einherjar guys would be a good fight!" Vali was eager to meet the warriors of Valhalla.

"Now, now, we have to meet with Odin first." Dulio chuckled at their excitement.

"Well, you can't blame them. Even if the Nords are said to be bloodthirsty barbarians, the natural energy here isn't tainted. Unlike back on earth, or Midgard in this case." Kuroka's tails swished back and forth.

Shirone also closed her eyes to gather natural energy. It was so much easier there, because they didn't need to purify it.

"The all-father awaits, please follow us." The Valkyries flew.

"What if we didn't have the means to fly?" Lavinia chuckled. "This might be a sort of test or something. Valkyries are proud of their job as swordmaidens of Odin." Mordred shrugged and they flapped their wings to follow them.

They were led to a building which wasn't too gaudy, but not too simple either. It was a blend of simplicity and elegance.

"Please go inside, Odin-sama is inside." The lead Valkyrie gestured for them to go in. But she had a twitchy smile that Lavinia noticed.

'Why is that Valkyrie nervous?' Lavinia raised a brow, so she prepared for a surprise battle in case they get tested or something.

Mordred nodded at the Valkyrie and he entered the place first. He looked around and he saw an old man with an eye patch waiting for them.

"Y-you... Old man, you are Odin?" Mordred was simply surprised and Ise also pointed at him in shock.

"Kuahahaha! As expected, I knew that you two were special." He started laughing boisterously. Except Ise and Mordred, the others were thrown for a loop.

They simply did not expect that the all-father would be this amiable with them.

"So? Serafall did say that you and your friend here would like to learn more about the wisdom that I have imparted back then?" Odin grinned at them with a welcoming aura.

The ones that weren't in the know were confused. Not knowing when they ever met such an important person. Odin is a leader of a faction, meeting him by chance is like winning the lottery.

"Umu, that is correct. We would also like to train in runes and in exchange, my kin would be great sparring partners against your Valkyries and Einherjar. Lavinia, Vali, Ise, and I can also spar with gods." Mordred announced their intentions.

"Hoh? Can you back that up youngster?" Odin might be friendly to them due to Mordred and Ise wanting to be his disciples in turpitude. But a claim like they can fight gods is a different matter all together.

"Balance breaker." Lavinia whispered and she erupted with violet flames. But she quickly used absolute demise to kill the flames and she cancelled it all together.

Odin blinked in surprise at that. 'Two Longinus in one person?' He was shocked. And she could use their respective balance breakers.

Thinking that it wasn't enough, Mordred looked at the two heavenly dragons.

"Let's go Ddraig! Ahhhhh!" Ise started to shout and lightning arced around her.

Asgard started to rumble and Ise's aura exploded as her mama and strength increased exponentially.

"Vanishing dragon, balance breaker." Albion's voice sounded out and Vali adorned her scale mail. Her blue and glittery wings were shining.

"Do I need to show my strength too old man? I dislike boasting, but I'm the strongest among them." Mordred took out Kusanagi and it vibrated with energy.

Odin's mouth was agape, he couldn't believe it. There were four Longinus wielders in his group.

"You have four Longinus!? Are you making a new faction youngster?" Odin laughed and Mordred shrugged.

"We have six, Dulio here has Zenith Tempest. And you know that it's a bad idea for him to use it. The last one is back home." Mordred corrected him.

"Damn, your little group here are a bunch of monsters huh?" Odin looked at them with interest. 'Even the youngest ones are ultimate class, what are these kids eating? Those two must be five or six?' Odin could only shake his head.

"I think that is sufficient no?" Morded stored his sword again and they cancelled their balance breakers.

"Of course it is, only someone stupid would think otherwise." Odin snorted.

"So, who wants to train with the Einherjar and Valkyries?" Mordred looked at them. Ise, Vali, Kuroka, Shirone, Meredith, and Masaomi raised their hands.

"Okay, so the rest will be learning rune magic then? I guess your payment will be enough kiddo. Two of you are going to be my greatest proteges anyway." Odin chuckled and Mordred nodded with a smile.

"Mordred, tell me the secrets of the world after you speak with the old man okay!" Ise left with the others so they could beat up the drunkards and fighters in Valhalla.

"Call Brynhildr here, she will train these other youngsters in what they want. She's close to their age too." Odin ordered a Valkyrie and they nodded.

"The strongest Valkyrie is close to our age? That is quite impressive." Mordred nodded at the Valkyrie's achievement.

"Well, the lass is too serious and stiff. Needs something stiff inside of her to soften her up you know? Guhahaha!" Odin laughed and Lavinia's eye twitched.

A beautiful girl with light blue hair and violet eyes appeared. And as Odin said, she has a stiff face. Looking all serious and strictly business only. (pic)

"Odin-sama, you need my assistance?" Brynhildr looked around and she returned her gaze towards Odin.

"Ahhh, young Brynhildr. Yes I would like you to teach them our magics. I will teach this little monster myself." Odin pointed at Mordred.

"Hello, I am Mordred. You are beautiful miss Brynhildr." Mordred complimented her with a smile and she bowed a bit. "Thank you for your kind words Mordred-sama."

"Ehhh, are you throwing away Lavinia-nee?" Lavinia pouted at him and Mordred shook his head.

"Of course not, you're the second best person in the world after mom. Miss Brynhildr, I would like to ask you to have sex with me when I grow up." Mordred requested bluntly with a straight face.

Brynhildr choked on her spit and Odin went wide eyed. He opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish.

'This kid... He has some balls, Brynhildr will kick his ass! She beats me up even though I'm their leader when I say something like that.' Odin watched on with interest.

When Brynhildr recovered, she coughed on her fist and looked at him weirdly. "I must refuse Mordred-sama."

"Is that so? Then can I give you massages at least? Mom told me that I should start with that." Mordred changed his request.

"Mo-kun! You could just ask your nee-san, you can massage me all you want!" Lavinia huffed at him, offended that he didn't ask her first.

"Well, we have a lot of time back home. So I decided to ask miss Brynhildr here." Mordred pointed at the still stunned Brynhildr.

"That can't be arranged Mordred-sama." Brynhildr had a wry expression on her face and she looked at Odin. 'A bit of help over here all-father...'

"Why?" Mordred tilted his head and her eye twitched. "We are not close enough for that Mordred-sama." She explained it indirectly. Which was the wrong move against him.

"So if we get closer, you'll let me. Thank you for indulging me miss Brynhildr. I will talk to you later so we can get closer." Mordred smiled at her and she felt a headache coming.

"Guhahaha! Go away, we need to discuss things!" Odin didn't want her to worm her way out of their conversation. So he sent them away immediately.

Brynhildr glared at him and he smirked. 'What? You had your orders.' He stuck his tongue out.

They left the area with an awkward atmosphere between them. But Mordred is too thick skinned, he just ignored it.

"So, young Mordred. It seems that the path towards greatness is already being paved before you." Odin smiled and he tilted his head in confusion.

"Continue doing what you just did with Brynhildr, you'll definitely come a long way brat." Odin laughed as he checked out his face.

'This little kid will definitely be a lady killer. A natural blonde that has vibrant golden hair, deep green eyes. I will make a harem king! No! A harem god!' Odin was pleased to meet Mordred.

"Odin, can you tell me more about what you talked about earlier? I tried it on one of my friends and it made me happy. It felt quite satisfying." Morded recounted his experience.

"Guh, he is already starting. This kid really is a different kind of beast." Odin was speechless at his quickness.

"Okay, did somebody tell you already about the birds and the bees?" Odin wanted a baseline.

"Yeah, mom told me about it. She said that people also do it for fun." Mordred shrugged and Odin was pleased that he doesn't need to explain that.

"Now, I will let you witness the treasures of the all-father!" Odin took out a box from his storage. Mordred got excited and Odin slowly opened it.

"Isn't that pornography?" Mordred was a bit disappointed. "Heh, just you wait brat. Your mind will be enlightened after this." Odin smiled and he rubbed his hands together.

'Gah, take that Azazel! I will be moulding an apprentice who will surpass every man in the world!' Odin laughed inside of his head.


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