153 Chapter 153: Conclusion!

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Tsukuyomi shook his head, his expression thoughtful. "I have no objections. In fact, I believe it would be wise to have representatives from multiple pantheons present. While some of my kin may view seeking outside help as a matter of shame, I refuse to let pride endanger us all. However, if you do decide to send someone, it would be advisable to choose a skilled fighter who can operate discreetly. I envision a need for intelligence gathering rather than overt conflict," Tsukuyomi explained.

Ares, the God of War, spoke up confidently. "That sounds like the perfect task for me. I can handle any conflict that arises."

Tsukuyomi hesitated for a moment before responding, his concern apparent. "Ares, I do not doubt your martial prowess, but I fear that both you and my brother, Susanoo, would lack the necessary subtlety for this mission. A more discreet and observant god would be preferable at this stage. However, when the time for battle comes, your assistance will undoubtedly be invaluable. For now, we need a god who can blend in and navigate the intricate politics of Kuoh intelligently."

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, interjected calmly. "I shall take on this responsibility if that is your wish, Father Zeus."

Ares protested, his frustration evident. "Why not send me as well then?"

Zeus intervened, putting an end to the quarrel. "Considering the strained relationship between you and Athena, it would be unwise to send both of you together. Athena's strength and level-headedness make her the ideal candidate for this task. However, I propose that Artemis accompany her. Artemis excels in observation, and Athena can ensure that she remains focused and disciplined," Zeus suggested.

Artemis's anger flared at Ares's comment, her eyes blazing with fury. "How dare you call me less subtle than Ares! I am the hunter, the epitome of stealth and precision!"

Zeus's authoritative voice resonated through the room, silencing the heated exchange. "Enough! Artemis shall accompany Athena. Her skills in observation combined with Athena's guidance will make them a formidable team. Ares, your sisters will handle the observation for now," Zeus decreed firmly.

Ares reluctantly acquiesced, bowing his head in acceptance. "As you say, Mother."

Hera turned to Hades, her gaze focused and determined. "Hades, I have a request for you. Could you approach the Titans and inquire about their knowledge of Ophis? We need any information they can provide, even if it means offering something in return."

Hades regarded her gravely, acknowledging the challenge ahead. "I am willing to make the attempt, although I must warn you that the Titans will not share their knowledge without proper compensation."

Hestia spoke up, her voice filled with determination. "I might be able to persuade Nyx or Typhon to reveal what they know, but I would require substantial backup. Approaching them without caution would be unwise."

Zeus turned to Hades, recognizing the god's expertise in navigating the depths of the Underworld. "Hades, I believe you and your unique knowledge of Tartarus will be invaluable in obtaining information about Ophis. Take Ares and Hestia with you. The three of you should collaborate and see what you can uncover in the depths of the Underworld," Zeus suggested, confident in their abilities.

Aphrodite voiced her concern for the safety of Olympus during their absence. "But who will watch over Olympus if you're all leaving?" she questioned, her worry evident.

Zeus reassured her, pointing to Apollo. "Fear not, Apollo will assume the responsibility of guarding Olympus in our absence. And Aphrodite, I need you to leverage your persuasive powers to gather loyal heroes of Olympus and assemble them here at Olympus. We will need their strength and support," Zeus commanded, recognizing Aphrodite's ability to rally people to a cause.

Aphrodite initially hesitated, feeling that this task was more suited to Athena's domain. However, Zeus's stern reminder of the alternative quickly changed her mind. "I will gather the heroes as you've requested, Zeus," she agreed, her tone now resolute.

Dionysus, who had been indulging in his favorite beverage, chimed in, seeking a role to play. "What can I do?" he asked, a mischievous smile playing on his lips.

Zeus pondered for a moment and then assigned Dionysus a task. "You can assist either Aphrodite or Hephaestus in their respective tasks. Choose whichever one you prefer," Zeus replied, acknowledging Dionysus's unique talents.

Dionysus chuckled heartily, seemingly delighted by the opportunity. "Well, that's an easy decision," he exclaimed, eager to join in the adventure.

However, Zeus quickly reconsidered his decision, realizing that Dionysus might not be the most suitable choice for the mission. "On second thought, Dionysus, I believe your presence would be better utilized in Tartarus. Join Hades and his companions. Your ability to liven things up might prove useful in dealing with the Titans," Zeus amended, recognizing the potential for Dionysus's powers to break through the barriers the Titans may have erected.

Dionysus groaned playfully, realizing he had been assigned a less enjoyable task. "Ah, well, maybe the Titans will be more willing to talk with a little bit of liquid courage," he mused, his jovial nature undeterred.

Aphrodite, relieved to be spared from accompanying Hades, expressed her gratitude. Hephaestus, on the other hand, seemed visibly relieved by the change in plans.

With everything settled, Zeus rose from his throne, signifying the end of the meeting. The other gods followed suit, preparing to carry out their assigned tasks.

Tsukuyomi, the emissary from the East, bowed respectfully before addressing the Olympians one last time. "I appreciate your cooperation, Olympians. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you learn anything new about the situation," he concluded, his tone filled with gratitude.

With a flash of light, Tsukuyomi vanished, leaving the remaining gods to disperse and focus on their respective duties. Dionysus, eager to fulfill his assignment, approached Hades and playfully slung an arm around his shoulder, ready to embark on their journey to the Underworld. Hades, unfazed by the god's antics, calmly removed Dionysus's arm, his mind focused on the task ahead.


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