DXD: The Awakening Of Phenex

"A guy reincarnated in the body of Riser Phenex with a system. This work is a piece of fiction, a fanfic created based on the original universe developed by its creators. I want to make it clear that I have immense respect for the work and vision of the original creators. The intention of this fanfic is to explore imaginative possibilities within this universe, without any intention of devaluing or replacing the original work." pat reon.com/22Mirko22

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Rias and Issei

Phenex Mansion in Kuoh

The sun timidly infiltrated through the curtains of the Phenex mansion, waking up the couple Sona and Riser. However, a sudden disturbance disrupted the morning peace. Excited noises echoed from downstairs, revealing the commotion awaiting the couple in the kitchen.

Descending the stairs, Sona and Riser were greeted by a bustling scene. Their Peerages were gathered, preparing a lively breakfast, and the delicious aroma hung in the air. Riser, rubbing his eyes, smiled at Sona.

Sona: What's happening here?

Momo, Good morning, Kaichou and Riser-sama! We're making a special breakfast to start the day with energy!

Erza, (smiling) Good morning, Sona. Good morning, Riser-sama. I hope you have an appetite.

While Sona and Riser settled at the table, conversation flowed among the Peerages. Momo and Tsubaki exchanged laughter as they prepared the drinks.

On the other side of the table, Nana and Erza shared tips on training and strategies.

The casual conversation spread, involving everyone at the table. Observing the camaraderie among the Peerages, Sona felt joy seeing her vision of a united family becoming a reality.

Finishing breakfast, Sona stood up, ready to go to school with her Peerage. Riser, in turn, decided to stay at home with his group.

With Sona's departure for school, Riser gathered Yubelluna, Nana, Shizuku, and Erza for a strategic meeting about the imminent Rating Game, which was just four days away.

Riser: We need to intensify our training for the Rating Game in just 4 days. Yubelluna, you mentioned knowing how Hisoka and his Peerage usually fight. Any relevant information?

Yubelluna: Hisoka has a Sacred Gear called "Bungee Gum." This ability allows him to copy magical properties, such as viscosity, elasticity, and malleability, similar to chewing gum. He can stretch, contract, and use this gum as a reflective shield, returning enemy attacks.

Yubelluna to Shizuku: Shizuku, you'll have more difficulty as you'll face 8 pawns. I suggest focusing on quick movements and evasive tactics to exploit their weaknesses.

Shizuku: Understood. I'll prepare for the challenge.

Yubelluna to Nana, Erza: Even facing two opponents each, I believe you will do well.

Nana: (confident) Rest assured, Yubelluna. Erza and I will do our best.

Erza: (determined) I'm ready to face any challenge.

Riser, (thinking) I need to know when Xenovia and Irina will arrive. System, how much does that information cost?

System: The information will cost 300 luck points, Host.

Riser, (decided) Accepted. I want to know when Xenovia and Irina will arrive.

The system provides the answer: Xenovia and Irina will arrive in 7 days.

With the announcement that Xenovia and Irina would arrive in seven days, Riser Phenex felt a mix of anticipation and anxiety. The Rating Game was approaching in just four days, a deadline that, for a moment, seemed scarce.

Four days until the Rating Game... and seven days until the arrival of Xenovia and Irina," thought Riser. "I have enough time to fully recover from the Rating Game and prepare for the next fight with Kokabiel, and Vali should also appear. I must eliminate Kokabiel quickly so that Vali does not interfere with my plans."

Yubelluna interrupted Riser's thoughts and asked, "Riser-sama, should we go to the training room?"

Riser, snapping out of his contemplation about Kokabiel and Vali, responded promptly, "Yes, let's go."

Occult Research Club

Rias was restless in the club room, while Akeno flipped through a book, capturing every word of the conversation unfolding between Rias and Issei.

Rias: Issei, we need to talk about your behavior towards Riser.

Issei, surprised: Why? What's wrong with the way I treat that guy?

Rias, with a serious expression, reprimanded Issei: Issei, Riser is Sona's husband, one of my best friends. He's also a high-class devil, and your behavior can affect our relationship with him and even harm my friendship with Sona.

Issei, scratching his head: Why is this so important? I don't like the guy, and he's your ex-fiancé. Why should I be friendly with him?

Rias, explaining: Because, Issei, even though the relationship between me, Sona, and Riser is complicated, he is still a valuable ally. Also, we have to maintain appearances.

Issei, with a confused look: So basically, you're saying I have to swallow my pride and be friendly with the guy?

Rias, firm: I'm not asking you to swallow your emotions, Issei. I'm asking you to be more diplomatic, to think about the consequences of your actions. This is not just about you; it's about all of us. We don't want to create more friction, especially now that things are a bit tense with Sona.

Issei, grumbling: Fine.

Rias, smiling: Great. Also, I want you to dedicate more to making contracts. It's not just a matter of power, but also a responsibility as a member of my Peerage.

Issei, nodding: I understand, Buchou. I'll try harder.

Rias, unaware that, no matter how much she tried to defend Riser, her words only intensified Issei's hatred for him. Issei's rooted hatred for Riser seemed unchangeable.

Issei, still with a serious demeanor, leaves the occult research club without saying a word, leaving a tense atmosphere behind. Rias, concerned about the situation, decides to seek advice from Akeno.

Rias: (sighing) Akeno, I'm worried about the way I had to discipline Issei. He doesn't seem to understand the importance of keeping up appearances, especially in front of Riser.

Akeno, calmly: Rias, Issei is a complicated case. He has a unique way of dealing with situations.

Rias: (frustrated) I know, Akeno. But sometimes, he's so stubborn. I need him to understand the consequences of his actions.

Akeno, serving tea to Rias: I understand, Rias. However, be patient. He's loyal, but it takes understanding that not everyone reacts the same way.

Rias, accepting the tea cup: Do you think I did the right thing?

Akeno, smiling: Yes, I think you did what was necessary. Sometimes, firmer measures are crucial to discipline the Peerages.

Rias, grateful: Thank you, Akeno. It's comforting to hear your words.

Akeno, changing the tone of the conversation: By the way, when do you plan to talk to Sona about the situation with Riser?

Rias, concerned: I know I need to do that. The situation between me, Sona, and Riser is delicate, but I don't want to lose our friendship.

Akeno, encouraging: Let me help, Rias. If you need support, I'll be by your side. Also, an honest conversation can resolve many misunderstandings.

Rias, agreeing: You're right, Akeno. I need to resolve this with Sona. I don't want our friendships to unravel because of misunderstandings.

As the conversation between Rias and Akeno unfolds, the atmosphere becomes more tranquil. The aroma of tea fills the air, providing a moment of calm and reflection. Rias, taking a sip, decides it's time to confront the situation with Sona and seek a resolution to the complexities involving Riser.

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