DXD: The Awakening Of Phenex

"A guy reincarnated in the body of Riser Phenex with a system. This work is a piece of fiction, a fanfic created based on the original universe developed by its creators. I want to make it clear that I have immense respect for the work and vision of the original creators. The intention of this fanfic is to explore imaginative possibilities within this universe, without any intention of devaluing or replacing the original work." pat reon.com/22Mirko22

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Freed Sellzen

Riser and Sona's Mansion in Kuoh

In the absence of Sona and engrossed in his own reflections, Riser found a moment of solitude in the imposing mansion. The women of his Peerage were scattered throughout the city, vigilant for the arrival of Xenovia and Irina, crucial figures for Issei's future and, by extension, for the unfolding events. Immersed in his own thoughts, Riser took this brief respite to check the system.

Riser, addressing the system, murmured, "System."

[Villain System]

- Name: Riser Phenex

- Strength: 25

- Speed: 23

- Magic: 40

- Luck Points: 1800

Abilities: Chess Master Level // Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix // Mera Mera No Mi // Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror's Haki) // Vermillion House Magic // Rokushiki.

Luck Lottery:

Copper (100 luck points)

Silver (200 luck points)

Gold (300 luck points)

Acquired Items:

- Blades of Chaos.

Protagonist's Luck:

- Issei Hyoudou (2700)

In his thoughts, Riser pondered, "Issei still has quite a bit of luck; can't eliminate him so easily."

Evaluating his luck points, Riser thought, "With 1800 points, I'll spend 1200 and leave 600 for emergencies." Addressing the system, he requested, "System, buy 4 gold-level lottery tickets."

Random Location in Kuoh City

Erza walked through the bustling streets of Kuoh, savoring her milkshake, following Riser's orders to find two exorcists, one with blue hair and the other with orange hair. However, upon sensing a discreet presence following her, her attention sharpened.

With her sharp experience, Erza decided to change direction, guiding herself to a more isolated area of the city. With each step, the feeling of being followed persisted, confirming her suspicions. Determined to deal with the situation, Erza informed Riser about the peculiarity and chose an isolated location to establish a barrier, ensuring her privacy and preparing for any eventuality.

When she arrived at an isolated location, the barrier was already in place, courtesy of Riser, who stopped everything he was doing to check who might be following Erza. Upon seeing who it was, he had a pleasant surprise. Erza turned to her pursuer and asked with determination, "Who are you?"

Freed stared at Erza coldly and said, "My name is Freed Sellzen. I belong to a certain Exorcism organization. Oh, just because I introduced myself doesn't mean you need to. I don't want to remember your name in my memory, so please don't do that. It's okay since you'll die soon. I'll make sure of it. It might hurt at first, but afterward, you'll feel so good you'll cry."

Riser appeared, interrupting the conversation, and said, "So, human, you dare to threaten members of my Peerage."

Freed, with a mocking smile, replied, "Threat is too little compared to what I'm going to do to this red-haired beauty."

Riser was about to act when Erza intervened, saying, "Riser-sama, allow me to fight him."

After a brief moment of consideration, Riser decided to grant Erza's request, stating, "You can fight him; I'll just watch."

Erza thanked, "Thank you, Riser-sama."

Freed, licking his lips, taunted, "I'll defeat you, Devil, and then I'll kill your master. Then we can have some fun."

Erza, using her magic and equipping her traditional armor, responded determinedly, "Let's see about that."

The atmosphere intensified as Freed unsheathed his light sword, radiating a dazzling luminescence. Erza, in turn, summoned her sword through magic, preparing for the imminent confrontation. The clash of blades echoed through the isolated area, creating a symphony of luminous sparks.

While the battle unfolded, Freed, with a sadistic smile, didn't miss the chance to utter venomous words. "Look at that, such a powerful devil needs a magical sword to fight. I'm not surprised you don't trust your own abilities."

Erza, maintaining her composure, ignored Freed's words, focusing on the duel. However, as he continued to denigrate her and Riser, a spark of anger grew within her.

Freed, mocking, taunted, "Riser-sama, what did you see in this woman? Maybe it's her... determination in bed?"

Those words hit a sensitive nerve in Erza. A fierce flame of indignation burned in her eyes. Ignoring Freed's comments, she unleashed her true strength.

The battle reached a new level as Erza, with unmatched grace and skill, dodged Freed's attacks. The light sword cut through the air, while Erza's blade followed in precise and powerful movements.

Erza, raising her sword, responded fiercely, "You understand nothing about my relationship with Riser-sama. And now, you'll pay for your words."

With a quick strike, Erza cut Freed's arm, who screamed in pain. However, even wounded, he didn't stop provoking. "Is that all you have? Expected more from someone who seduced a noble."

Anger boiled within Erza, and her aura increased even more. Without giving Freed a chance, she advanced with a series of fast and precise attacks. Freed's light sword could barely keep up with Erza's swift movements.

Riser, witnessing the battle, showed no emotion, but his eyes revealed that Freed's taunts had not gone unnoticed. Erza, now determined to end the fight, delivered a blow, cutting Freed's abdomen.

At the moment of Freed's defeat, Riser, without saying a word, invoked his demonic fire, engulfing the exorcist's body in flames. Freed screamed in agony as he was consumed by the fire until only ashes remained floating in the air.

Erza, regaining her composure, lowered her sword and addressed Riser. "Riser-sama, I apologize for his words. He doesn't deserve any more attention."

Riser, looking at Freed's ashes, calmly replied, "You did what was necessary, Erza. Let's return to the mansion."

Together, Erza and Riser returned to the mansion, leaving behind the traces of the battle and Freed's presence, now reduced to scattered ashes by the wind.


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