DxD: ReKiba

MC takes Kiba's place at the exact moment he is reincarnated by Rias. In exchange, he has to get revenge on everyone involved with the Holy Sword Project. MC is prideful and has his own plans. It will be a harem, but not a big one. I do not own anything except my own MC. Found this picture on Pinterest. The artist is Hikku. Contact me if you want me to take it down. I might post this on other platforms like Royal Road and Scribble Hub.

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Taking over Kyoto

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Word Count 2530


Temporary base outside Kyoto

"Ohhh, Fuck" Isaiah groaned as he started to wake up

"ISha" " Siah" ...

'I feel like I got hit by that damn truck. No, wait, I was killed in a warzone,'


"Yeah... tone it down a bit" Isaiah grumbled out

Soon his vision cleared and the muffled voices as well. They were all in the room looking at him with a worried expressions

"How long was I out?" Isaiah tried to raise himself but a couple of arms pushed him down.

Valerie and Asia were pushing his shoulders so that he can lie back in the bed

"You were in a coma for 6 hours." Asia said tearfully

"Me and Asia tried to heal you. But it didn't work. This is what your body wanted to do" Valerie held his hand.

"You are too unstable to move now" Kurama spoke up

Isaiah frowned then he tried to move. His power was out of control. A little movement and he could injure himself or someone from his team.

He turned to Tiamat "Tia, how are you fairing?"

"I'm great. Things went even better than expected. You look good. Got even more handsome" Tia smirked at him causing Isaiah to raise an eyebrow

"Take a look yourself" Ingvild raised her hand and ice started forming horizontally above the bed.

So Isaiah could get a better look.

The first thing he noticed was that he was taller by a few centimeters. The second was that he was more buff. Not by a lot, but it was noticeable. His eyes were still red, but they had this.. depth that wasn't there before.

"Woah dude. Stop sending power to your eyes. I fell like you could cut me just by looking in my direction" Dino waved his hands

"Hmm" Isaiah closed his eyes.

"That is proof that he has reached the next realm. Every person on this level has at least one concept that they have taken to the extreme. Isaiah, you quite literally took the concept 'Sword' didn't you" Tiamat smiled at him

Isaiah opened his eyes. They were back to normal "Yeah. My concept is 'Sword' what's interesting is that it looks like I became a sword myself. I feel that I could cut without actually needing a sword" Isaiah raised his finger and 'cut' downwards. A tear appeared, showing multicolored space in it. The tear in space quickly closed up.

Everybody was looking at him with a dumbstruck expressions.

Dino flung his hands in the air "I give up. There is no way in hell I'm ever comparing myself to this freak of nature" He pulled out a bottle of wine out of nowhere and started to drink from depression.


"Senpai is so freaking cool" Gangsta Gasper was fangirling.

"That's insane~nyaa" Kuroka looked at Isiah with awe.

"Senpai is like a broken game character" Koneko mumbled

"You know what. I agree with you there" Meredith noded to Koneko as she tried to take the bottle from Dino's hands

"Ummm can you do it again?" Rose asks shyly. She wanted to get a closer look at how it works.

Isaiah nodded. He raised his arm far from him and cut the space again. So that everybody can see it clearly. But this time something unexpected happened. There was a small red dragon inside the tear.

*Pfffffff* *Crash* Dino spat out his drink as the bottle crashed on the floor


Kurama dropped his pipe.

"I-Is that.. " Meredith pointed with a shaking finger at the dragon.

"Fuck" Isaih cursed out 'Of course its him.'

"CLOSE IT!" Tiamat yelled out just as the red dragon opened his mouth

The tear quickly closed, but it shook a bit in the end.


Most of the people in the room fell flat on their asses.

"Well that was terrifying" Xenovia was the first to speak up

"Just barely made it" Isaiah slumped back in his bed.

"Umm. What just happened?" Misaki raised her hand.

"He roared didn't he" Asia spoke up, she was still trying to gather her wits

" Yes, If the tear didn't close in time all of us would have been ripped apart by the sheer force. Even from that far away." Kurama picked up his pipe and lit it again.

"Well not necessarily" Rosswisse mumbled " The dimensional gap has no clear distance or direction. So Great Red could have been closer to us or even much further away. And we wouldn't have known. Odin-sama said only when you meet someone within a certain distance from you will you be able to tell clearly how far they are from you, just a one or two kilometers is what he said."

"Great so he could have been 3 kilometers away and we had no way of telling. Even I can kill someone from far" Misaki groaned as she put her head on her knees.

" How about we never do that again." Ingvild raised her hand so someone could pull her up

""""" Agreed."""""

"So what now bossman" Dino asked Isaiah

"Now?" Isaiah grinned "Now we go collect the debt we are owed"

~A few hours later.

Kyoto. Yasaka's Castle (Japanese castle)

"Yasaka-sama! Yasaka-sama! They are Here!" The maid rushed to the main hall

"Let them enter" Yasaka sighed when the maid left. 'This is not going to end well for us. I am grateful that they saved me and my people. But nothing is without a price. And if we dont pay it. They can take it by force.'

The entered the castle. Yasaka closed her eyes. And used Senjutsu to check on them


A few moments later Yasaka's eyes snapped open.

'How is this possible? His energy. It's even stronger than when I felt his energy during yesterday's fight. And the Dragon next to him, according to the reports should be The Dragon Empress Tiamat, she not only had an increase in power. But she has become a Goddess as well'

A few minutes later they entered the main hall.

Isaiah is at the front. Tiamat on his left and Kurama on his right.

Yasaka groaned in her head 'He is Isaiah's right hand? This could not get any worse'

The rest of his team followed them. They are strong. Very strong for their age. I saw the footage of their fights.

Individually they might not be strong enough for the powerhouses. But together they are troublesome to fight against.

"Welcome heroes." That's what the yokai are calling them now. Even Kurama which they drove off

"I thank you for saving our city and us" Yasaka bowed.

"You are welcome. But you know it wasn't for free. We saved this city and your life. You owe me. And I have come to collect."

Isaiah's words caused Yasaka to grimace

"How the times change Yasaka." Kurama says mockingly

"Yes" Yasaka just noded. There was no need to put up any masks or false sympathy

She had the power and opportunity to help him. Protect him from the other Yokai. Yet she chose to do nothing and let the Yokai decide his fate. That backfired rather spectacularly.

"How did you know about our situation anyway? I dont think any of my people would have contacted you" Yasaka said curiously


The doors slammed open

"Thankyou!thankyou!thankyou!thankyou!thankyou!" A small golden missile threw herself at Isaiah. The female members started to giggle at them

"Kunou. Breathe" Isaiah picked Kanou by the head and separated her from him.

*HUUUU* Kunou took a deep breath

"Sorry. But you did IT! I called you and you really came!" Kunou grinned with excitement

"Of course, we did Kunou-chan" Meredith smiled at her. The other girls greeted the girl as well, and started to pet her and rub her cheeks

Yasaka looked thoughtful 'So Kunou. is the reason they are here. They seem rather close to her. Maybe they will be lenient on us'

Isaiah saw her and grinned " Misaki, Xenovia, Koneko. Why don't you take Kunou outside while we negotiate with her mother. She can show you around. We will be joining you in a few minutes.

'Or maybe not' Yasaka started to get nervous

The girls that were called inwardly fist-pumped 'No boring meeting and pretended to be serious. That's a win'

Kunou was confused and looked at her mother who noded at her "Hmm okay?"

They soon left the room

"Thank you for not letting my daughter see this" Yasaka said seriously.

"No problem but let's get down to business. You and your faction owe me your lives Yasaka. And I'm here to collect on that debt. I want your faction" Isaiah's words caused Yasaka to freeze.

That was way beyond what she expected.

"That is not funny Isaiah-san" Yasaka frowned at him. Her power started to gather.

"Trying to make yourself stronger? Do you think I will let you?" Kurama snapped his fingers. Yasaka's connection to the Laylines was instantly weakened. The amount of power she could draw from it was cut in half.

"Let's show her why even fighting us would be a bad idea" Isaiah grinned

First Rosswiesse used Dimension Lost to temporarily pull us in another dimension. Then all hell broke loose. Isaiah and Tiamat unleashed their powers. Tiamat even crated a few monsters.

Dino took out Vritra and the True Longinus. Valerie took out her Grail.

Meredith and Gasper showed off their Neo-Longinuses

Ingvild, Kuroka and Veldora just released their powers to their max output.

"In case you haven't noticed I'm not asking. I'm telling you."

Yasaka had an unwilling expression on her face. She was about to argue but Tiamat cut her off

" I wouldn't bet on the Shinto Faction helping you out. They don't like the Yokai faction very much. Amaterasu might like you, seeing as you are her Miko(priestess) but its not like we are threatening your life"

'She is right, Amateratsu wanted me as her Miko only because of my position. If they harm me she would have to take action so that her reputation doesn't suffer. But they can take away my position without actually hurting me too much. Thats how outclassed I am'

"What would happen if you were to take over?" Yasaka asked quietly

"Everybody in the Kyoto faction gets one of my swords. It binds with your soul. And tells me what happens when I am betrayed" Isaiah says calmly

'Enslavement then, and useful for finding spies'

"You will unbind yourself from the laylines and Kurama will take your place as the leader of Kyoto. He will use the power of the laylines to speed up the process and become a Sage."

Yasaka turned to Kurama with a shocked expression. Kurama just gave her the smuggest look he could possibly do

Becoming a Sage was something all Yokai dream of. Being able to fight Gods and Buddhas like Son Wukong.

'If it's a Sage that leads our faction then the Yokai will prosper even more. Son Wukong has been the Idol for Yokai for centuries'

" If you swear to help my people and treat them fairly. I will step down. I will even help you, make the transition more peaceful."

Isaiah turned to Kurama who nodded slightly

"Done. Then the Yokai faction is now yours" Yasaka said with a bit of melancholy

"Don't worry too much. With time you will see that this was the right decision. Contact the wizards. Start spreading the news about this. Especially about Tiamat"

The team smiled """"Roger"""

Isaiah turned to Yasaka "Tell your people. I assume many won't be happy with this. We will try to avoid bloodshed. But if some idiot mouths off, well then it's unavoidable."

"Now for the boring part. Calming things down" Tia grumbled

" Meh, I play a lot of Civilization and City games. How hard can't be to handle a real faction?"

Gasper would regret those words during the following week

~ Three Factions meeting.

"Well we are finally here so let's hear the news Michael" Azazel sighed as he looked at his screen.

Michael was on the right, Sirzechs and Serafall were on the left. It took some time to make a secure line where they could talk.

"Well then. I will be blunt. A new Chief God has appeared. The system itself informed me"

Azazek groaned very loudly


Serafall's forehead hit her desk. She didn't even bother to try and maintain her image as Head of Diplomatic relationships

""Whyyy"" Both of them complained at the same time.

"Serafall, Azazel I know this news is shocking. But do you have any additional information on this?" Michael asked politely

Serafall shook her head "I have no idea who it might be. What Chief God position is most likely to resurface anyway?"

"The Aztecs?" Sirzechs guessed "They just need to start sacrificing people again."

.*Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.*

Azazel's phone rang "One moment please"

Azazel put himself on mute as he accepted the phone call. After a few moments his jaw dropped, making the Leaders very curious about what news he had just received

Azazel ended the call and unmuted himself.

"Well things just got a lot more interesting. Whether is bad or good I have no idea."

"Well? Dont keep us waiting" Michael raised an eyebrow

"Sighh. Isaiah and his team took over Kyoto two days ago. And there has been talking that Tiamat became a goddess"

Sirzechs lightly facepalmed "Why is it always him?"

"How did you even get this information? Having spies among the Yokai is almost impossible. Thier Senjutsu is such a pain. They can just ask if you are betraying the Faction." Serafall asked Azazel who just smirked but didn't say anything

'That's why my spies never try to access classified details. They just give me the news ahead of time. Hardly a betrayal. That's how they slip through. But knowing something a week in advance has a lot of value. I can position myself to gain some benefits from knowing the news before everybody else.'

"Azazel, how did Isaiah accomplish this?" Michael got straight to the point

"The Hero faction, a group of humans with 3 Longinues and a dozen more high-class ones, along with an army of normal Sacred Gear users attacked Kyoto. They were planning on kidnaping Yasaka and using her for some ritual. Isaiah and his team intervened. They massacred everyone. And are now treated as Heroes. Somehow they made Yasaka step down. Kurama the 9-tailed fox now Rules the West Yokai faction, which means Isaiah basically owns it"

Sirzechs spoke up "We obviously were caught off guard by this, I suggest we move this for another day. When we will have more accurate information"

"Agreed. We must act quickly. A new pantheon showing up will only destabilize the current fragile peace even further" Michael spoke up

After a few words of goodbye. The call ended.

Azazel stood up from his chair. "Kyoto huh.. Let's see what my stupid son has been up to"


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