DxD: ReKiba

MC takes Kiba's place at the exact moment he is reincarnated by Rias. In exchange, he has to get revenge on everyone involved with the Holy Sword Project. MC is prideful and has his own plans. It will be a harem, but not a big one. I do not own anything except my own MC. Found this picture on Pinterest. The artist is Hikku. Contact me if you want me to take it down. I might post this on other platforms like Royal Road and Scribble Hub.

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Plans for the Future

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"Ughh. My head.. How much did I drink?"

"Umm Isaiah.. You arrived early in the morning and collapsed in the middle of the room. There were lipstick marks all around your face and neck. I whipped them away and Healed you as much as I could with Twighlight Healing" Asia says nervously

"Asia you are an angel"

She blushes a bit.

Ahh Fuck. She was excommunicated by them. Now I'm comparing her to them. Great Going you stupid moron.

The Sprite Dragon looked at me with a worried expression. He actually liked me somewhat. Since I'm the one that brought him to Asia. The little guy fell in love with her right away.

"Thank you. The party last night was pretty wild. Since I am finally free same as my friend, but he is free in a different sense. We decided to celebrate. I'm going to be sticking with you from now on. How have you been Asia"

I visit her every 3rd day since I put her in this apartment. I bought this place from the money I 'Liberated' from the Churches.

"I have been fine. I can eat and do what I want. I usually study then go watch TV and play games. I never knew it could be so much fun" Asia brightly smiles

"That's great" I smile at her. As long as she is happy. Its all good.

"But.." Asia says uncertainly

"But what? Don't be shy. Just say what you think and I'll give you my opinion" I try to be supportive. She is a different Asia. But she still has her old experiences.

She needs time to get used to the change

"Umm. I'm not sure that I can be useful at all on the battlefield. I'm a medic. Medics usually just stay somewhere and heal people. We don't fight because we are too weak to fight" She lowers her head

Ahhh. Her weak power in general. She is putting herself down by comparing herself to me.

"Asia. Do you think Medics are weak?" I ask gently to which she only nods

I wave my hand and create a Memory Sword.

"This sword holds the memories I have of a certain Female Medic. Watch it and tell me if you think she is weak."

Asia looked at the sword uncertainly before cutting her hand on it.

This sword contains the memories I have of Tsunade Senju, except for her gambling problem. I don't need Asia to copy that.

All her fights. The way she heals. The way she breaks apart boulders with a single punch.

After a few minutes Asia snaps back to reality and she was in awe

"Wow. I.. She.. is just amazing. With a single punch, she can blast apart anything. And she is a medic!" Asia literally had stars in her eyes

"What do you think? Are medics weak"

She quickly shook her head

"I don't know any of her techniques. But nothing is stopping you from recreating them. It will take time, practice and patience. Do you think you can do it? Do you want do make it happen? To punch the lights of the Devil that set you up?"

I keep edging her on

Asia looked at her small fist, before she clenched it.

"I'll do it. I'll study to become the best medic I can be. And I'll blow away anyone who tries to get in my way!"

~~~ Future Plans

So. Now that I'm free I need to decide on my future plans.

I definitely need to stick around Kuoh for a bit longer.

Kokabiel and Valper will be arriving soon.

After that I'll look on starting my own faction. Joining one is always an option. Espeicaly if I show my true strength. No one will reject an Ultimate-Class fighter wanting to join them.

But that means they will decide my movements. Like, take this mission. Do that. Protect him.

Nah I'm my own man. I will form my own group.

Currently, there are a few people that I want to recruit off the bat.

Ingvild Leviathan- Her lineage along with her Sacred Gear make her a very valuable member. Her Sacred Gear Nereid Kyrie can control Dragons even the Sea.

The next one is Valeri Tepes. A Dhampir and an old friend of Gasper. She has a Longinus Sephiroth Graal. This sacred gear forcefully shows its host the principle of life and souls. Making the user go slowly insane.

This Longinus has a lot of useful Abilities. Healing, Resurrection, Weakness Reduction. Youth Inducement.

If this was an RPG-Game. She would be the perfect Healer.

Rossweisse. A Valkyrie and bodyguard for The AllFather. (Odin). She should be easy enough to recruit. As a Valkyrie, she failed to recruit any Hero Souls and guide them to Valhalla. So she was appointed as Odin's bodyguard. But instead of a bodyguard, she became his babysitter and the other Valkyries made fun of her calling her Odin's "Servant Girl".

She is a very talented Magician that I would love to have on my Team.

Meredith Ordinton. A Magician born from a member of the British Royal Family and his commoner lover. She is the wielder of the Longinus: Alphecca Tyrant, one of the 5 newly discovered Longinus.

One of the Holy Relics. And she has a grudge against the British Royal Family. She could be useful.

Another one is Veldora. One of Tannin's many children. I met him while stealing a bit of the Bear Kings Mead. He was there as well. When we both saw each other we froze. But with a few nods and gestures. We decided to steal it together and got drunk afterward.

He is a simple and honest Brute who loves to fight. But has enough intelligence not to insult anyone who is a lot stronger than him.

Which already puts him above Vali's Group.

I'm sure there are many more talented people in this world. That were not shown in the OG material.

There are a few others. I have heard rumors about a Violent Youkai that lives alone in the mountains. The Demon Fox. At first, I assumed he was one of Yasaka's. But she denied having anyone like that in her faction. Which is very weird and I am very intrigued.

There are tons of people like that. Outcasts that don't fit in anywhere. I'm just going to go around and add any people I find interesting.

That's of course if they accept. I mean I can use Kyoka Suigetsu on them. But that kinda goes against the whole point of me getting trustworthy people to join my team. If I wanted Slaves. I could easily get them.

No, I want Loyalty. That means even if I'm one foot in the grave, these people will not abandon me.

Plus Kyoka Suigetsu doesn't work on strong people. I tested it out on Tiamat. She broke through it.

Which I kinda expected.

As if I'd get OP that easily.

I just recreate those swords. The fact that I managed to do it in the first place is a freaking miracle. But they are just copies. Not real Zanpactou's. There's no 'Soul' in them.

Let's go get our second member. The Storm Dragon.

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