DxD: ReKiba

MC takes Kiba's place at the exact moment he is reincarnated by Rias. In exchange, he has to get revenge on everyone involved with the Holy Sword Project. MC is prideful and has his own plans. It will be a harem, but not a big one. I do not own anything except my own MC. Found this picture on Pinterest. The artist is Hikku. Contact me if you want me to take it down. I might post this on other platforms like Royal Road and Scribble Hub.

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Freedom & Party

~VIP Room

Serafall and Sirzechs were watching the Rating game alongside with their peerages.

[Winner: Rias Gremory]

Silence. The entire room was silent.

"Sirzechs..." Serafall said quietly as she stood up "WHAT THE HELL!!!"

Her loud voice caused the others to flinch because they didn't expect it.

"High-Class?! Does that look like High Class to you?! Do you realize the political nightmare that's about to happen?!!"

Sirzechs grimaced. The old devils are going to raise some hell because of this. For multiple reasons too.

"Because I'll tell you. First of all The old devils from the council will make trouble for you. Because Kiba beat a whole peerage by himself. and he is just a servant. They will demand him to be put under control. As it was very obvious that he isn't since he paralyzed Rias. And you can't do it because of your contract with him."

"I'll put them in their place" Sirzechs says evenly. he was not in a good mood. If any one of the Elders wanted to cause trouble now. It will not end well

"Then there is the shitstorm that I'm about to face. Do you know how many factions will ask about him. What am I supposed to say? 'I'm sorry we didn't know he had special swords. We thought he was only an ordinary High-Class.' The Devil Faction would become a laughingstock in the supernatural world.

And since Kiba is free. That means he is up for grabs from the other factions. And we can't even do anything to him because of that Damned contract you signed. Well was it worth it? Rias in exchange for one of our enemies possibly getting a talented recruit that they could use against us" Serafall slammed her fist on the table

"Yes it was. Rias is free. I can now have some piece of mind. Someone else will deal with Kiba. Did you spread the news?" Sirzechs admits

"Yes but I wish I didn't. I set it up so it was automatic. As soon as the game ended. Everyone got footage of Kiba beating Riser. It was supposed to be a desperate attempt to beat Riser. Not total domination over a Pheonix and his entire peerage!"

"Sigh, I have to go. I need to fulfill my end of the contract" Sirzechs sighed and stood up. He didn't want to have this conversation right now.

*Bzzz. Bzzz*

"Great the Vultures have already started to gather." Serafall groaned as she saw her phone buzz. The various factions had their sights set on Kiba already.

~~~ ORC Lobby~~~

"Kiba why didn't you tell us you were so strong!?" Akeno asked loudly

"Don't you trust us at all!?!" Rias had tears streaming down her face. On one hand, she was happy that she was free. On the other, she was totally useless. And Kiba was the one who fixed everything.

But it turned out she didn't know him at all. And that hurt.

"Pretty boy! How dare you do that to Buchou!" Issei said while laying on the bed. He was still exhausted

" I kept it a secret because it's the smart thing to do.No I do not trust you. And if I didn't stop Rias she would have given up because of how weak you are." He answers their questions one by one with a bored expression on his face.


The doors creaked when they were opened. Sirzechs, Grayfia, Serafall, Sona and Tsubaki entered.

Sona and Tsubaki were nervous.

Sirzechs and Grayfia wore cold expressions on their face.

Serafall on the other hand "Fine, Fine, I'll tell him. But you better keep your end of the deal Azazel!" Serafall smashed the red button on her phone and sighed out

She then looked at Kiba. "For the last hour I have been getting calls from various factions asking about you. And I had nothing to tell them. I have a major headache. How will you be compensating this to me?" Serafall smiled at him. The fake eye's closed smile

"Not my problem." Kiba said to Serafall and turned to Sirzechs "I did my part of the deal. Now you do yours"

Sirzechs clenched his jaw for a second "Kiba Yuuto. As Satan(Maou)-Lucifer. I give you your freedom. But we will still need a few days to get rid of the Evil Piece in your body. Ajuka needs to do some scans to safely remove it"

Kiba just raised an eyebrow. He raised his hand and formed a dagger. The Blade on the Dagger was dark with multiple colors blending together. The middle part of the dagger was sharply bent out of place. Almost forming a mirrored 'Z'

Rule Breaker

Before anyone could say anything Kiba sharply stabbed himself in the chest.

*GASP* Many of the girls in the room gasped in fright

The adults narrowed their eyes.

The Dagger glowed and the Knight Piece. Exited through his back

He picks up the piece and hands it to Rias. Then turns around to the Satans. "If you'll excuse me I need to pack"

Before he walked away.

"Kiba. Azazel said he wants to talk to you. Something about an offer" Serafall informed him, but she was far from pleased

Kiba nods "Oh and it's not Kiba. It's Isaiah" heads to get his things.

"Well that went well" Sirzechs said sarcastically

"The problems haven't even started yet" Serafall grumbled as she got another message.

"Nii-sama. What is this about a deal" Rias crossed her arms and Sirzechs facepalmed

~Leaving Kuoh

It was time to say goodbye. Everyone was in the lobby. Including Sona and Tsubaki who were quite Tense.

Sirzechs, Grayfia and Serafall had already left.

Koneko was sad. Gasper was crying. Rias and Akeno kept quiet. So did Issei.

"I have something to show you. Consider it a goodbye present. It's quite the special sword." I smile at them. Mostly Koneko and Gasper. Koneko surprisingly started to shed some tears as well.

I raise my hand

'Balance Breaker: Z-Series- Kyoka Suigetsu'



Party of the Decade.

Inside a certain bar in a town nearby Kuoh

"I AM FREE!!!" Riser yelled out at the top of his lungs

"And it's all thanks to you!" Riser raised his glass in the air

"To Isaiah!!"

"""""To Isaiah!!""""""

His peerage followed along. This was the biggest party I have been to. Food and Drinks everywhere. We booked the entire bar.

"Thank you. But I want able to do it alone. Each of us had a part to play. To US!"

""""TO US!!!""""

Riser celebrates the annulment of his engagement

and I celebrate my freedom.

Pizza, Fries, Chicken Nuggets. Lamb Chops, Onion Rings. Burgers. Fish.

You name it it was there.

That and *Boom. Boom. Boom.*

Heavy footsteps were heard as someone was entering the bar


"You have got a lot of nerve calling me here!" The Bear King. The maker of the Wild Mead. Was here and he was pissed off.

"I will final-" He was interrupted by a large piece of Monster meat flying at his face. The smell was so intoxicating he grabbed it out of the air with his mouth and quickly ate it.

"Shut up and join the party already! There is a ton of food and Alcohol. Bring out your Wild Mead. And I'll bring out the good monster meat"

The Bear King looked at all of the delicious high-quality monster meat and his stomach growled.

"Fine" he spat out "But I'm still kicking your ass later"

~ 1 Hour Later

All three of them were Singing and Dancing, while the girls were clapping along


What will we do with a drunken sailor?

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

Early in the morning.


Way hay and up she rises

Way hay-...


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