7 Traces of the Goddess

"I have more questions".

[If I have to guess… the avatar of fortune?]

"Yes, what is that?"

[It is an ability created by Lady Elysir using the laws of fate. She intended for you to have a smooth sail in this world without any setbacks. During the most infant stage of your powers, you're very vulnerable. Every other demigod, in your condition, would be in a tight enclosure and nurtured by their godly parents, most likely in some sort of divine realm. That is not your case].

'I'm broke?'

[You are blessed. Your power is extremely rare and is bound to raise peeking eyes. It did so in your previous life when it was merely an artefact. Now more so that it is fused with you and has also taken half of Lady Elysir's powers. Higher deities wouldn't think twice before killing you to take this power and hence… Lady Elysir left a couple of mechanisms of protection]

"They are…?"

[The first one is your sealed aura. I'm actively keeping your godly aura from leaking although at your request I can erase this seal]

'Any benefits for me if we do so?'

[We would be able to harvest even more energy from the sun that could be turned into chaos points. We have harvested a total of 222 points in ten years. Some of these will be given to you after completing the quests, assuring your progress. Do you wish to remove the seal?]

'Supernatural beings will be able to sense me if you do so?'

[With all certainty]

'Then leave it… once I'm strong enough we can do it. What is the other mechanism?'

[The Avatar of Fortune-]

'It is my mother, right?'

I didn't even need Horus to tell me anything. It was more than clear, her whole existence screamed it. I may be a douchebag sometimes, but I'm not stupid. Since Fate is heavily involved in my life due to the authority, it is only safe to assume that most of the coincidences happening in my life were not arbitrary coincidences, instead... they're forced coincidences. 



[Yes… she's a construct of fate that didn't exist before your arrival. Nine months before your birth she was created, the strings of fate twisted to give her an identity fitting with your necessities and preferences… and she carried you -as a seed planted by Lady Elysir- in her womb for nine months… until she gave birth to you].

I closed my eyes, thinking of all of our interactions for the past ten years. They felt genuine even if her whole existence seemed to be fake. 

'Is she conscious of this?'

[She is not. Her feelings and emotions were constructed in a way in which raising you to your peak condition and protecting you is her top priority. Were the system to determine you're in danger of death, a special protocol will be activated and she will protect you even at the cost of her existence].


[That is the reason why system capabilities are at 70% maintaining her existence and feeding her backup powers take a total of 30%. It is determined by me efficient to get rid of her now that all grounds have been set-]

'Don't get rid of her… leave her'.

Not yet, I don't want her away just yet.


'What detriments are there with system capacities being at 70%?'

[With your current powers, it is barely enough to maintain one transdimensional gate. This means, once you are ready to accept clients, only one per lunar cycle].

'How do I increase it?'

[By becoming stronger. Right now your godly rank is one. You're the furthest down the ladder a deity can be. Spend a definite amount of chaos points to level up].

[Rank: Infant Demigod (Lvl1) - Chaos Points until Adept Demigod (Lvl2): 3000]

Three thousand points? That can be much or few depending on how much I get with each client but considering it took ten years to make 222... aish, let's leave it to fate. 

[Additionally, you also have the opportunity to have clients in this local world, in which case you wouldn't need to open a transdimensional gate. It would be at most a spatial gate within the same plane, which is way cheaper]

'That's most convenient. So I have to find people who can what… pay me with their life?'

[It would be the most optimal if clients are other gods as their life force would translate to a greater number of chaos points compared to measly mortals].

'I get it now… enough for today'.

I'm about to get a headache due to the overflow of information, but at least now I know the terms and conditions. What's left for me to do... is to start my multiversal business. 

[Whenever you need me, remember my name is Horus, I'm at your service].

What am I going to do? I have to set up a bed and start massaging people… but I'm just ten years old will I even be taken seriously? I don't know how it would work in this junction, the business of massage is mostly a business of recommendation and reputation. You make your first batch of clients which gets you more clients until you have a good reputation.

How exactly does that work in a multiversal context?

[You can leave the advertisement side to me... just focus on the massaging side].

I'm a newbie so I'll just do what Horus says for now. Once I understand the business model, I'll make the rules, at the end of the day... he's just a temporary guide. 


Instead of thinking about it, I left my room and snuck into my mother's where I found her sleeping soundly. I don't know what sort of unprecedented reaction my massage had on her but, it sent her right into the dream world.

'Avatar of Fortune… constructed feelings… so everything was fake?'

The moment I entered the bed underneath the quilt, her reaction to hugging me was instantaneous. 


I thought she had woken up, but she was talking in her dreams again.

"D-Don't touch there... you can't... you can't do that to your mommy".

'What the hell are you dreaming, you pervert virgin'

I struggled to get out of her embrace as she tried to kiss me. There is definitely something of Elysir in her, no one is fooling me on this!



'Oh? Someone's ringing?'

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