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DxD: Multiversal Therapist


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[Excellent value for money, would come again. My bones felt rejuvenated and strengthened. Ainz Ooal Gown shall never know defeat!] - Lord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. 10/10. [Never had I felt anything so pleasurable. I'm writing this feedback at the request of my beloved Ray, but if you dare come to take any of his massages, especially if you're a woman, blonde with big boobs, annoying bitch... I, Esdeath, will gut you alive and freeze you, mark my words!] - High-ranked Frozen General of the Empire. 10/10. [Excellent service, miraculous hands... my only complaint is the eccentric people I've had to bear within the queue. Some of the people coming for Ray-sama's service are really messed up in the head. Other than that, absolutely would come again, Ray-sama!~] - Spirit of Time, Nightmare. 10/10 [As long as I don't have to share space with that bitch Esdeath, everything is perfect. Ray's hands make me feel like I'm back in my childhood with flawless innocence. Aside from that, every time I take one of his massages and sem-*cough* I go to the casino and I win! I'm on a streak! Ray, stop wasting time and make me exclusive!] - Konohagakure's Slug Sannin. 10/10. [I'm a hero just for fun still waiting for my hair miracle treatment, good food giveaways in the queue, nine stars] - Self-proclaimed Hero, Baldy. 9/10. [A man giving massages?! I was expecting a beautiful busty girl on the other side of the curtain! and what's with all these pretty ladies in the queue, it should be me! Absolute disappointment, I, your majesty Kazuma, will never come back to this shit-hole!] - Below Average Adventurer, Guinness Record of most useless death in the Universe. 1/10. [Don't pay attention to the useless guy above me, he's just jealous. Ray-chan I love you and your hands, more your hands than you but I love you!] - Below Average Goddess of Water, Guinness Record of most useless Goddess in the Universe. 11/10. *** Homeworld: High School DxD. Tags: Adventure, Romance, Harem, Demons, Strong-to-Stronger, System, Multiverse, School-Life, Slice-of-life, R18. Disclaimers: * This novel has +18 content so discretion is advised. * Some characters portrayed in this story don't belong to me. Advanced chapters on Patreon coming soon.