59 The Slug II

Is this Tsunade Senju, the Slug Sannin?

This is kind of reassuring. Somehow I have only been massaging bombshells lately, it is a gust of fresh hair to massage the 'average' customer once in a while. In my previous life, ladies like these would pay a fortune to get my hands, for them it was like nourishment. I'd talk to them and get intrigued about their stories, and for a good reason, they were one of my preferred types of customers.

Elysir prepped her up and put her on her back, naked and ready for me to start.

According to Horus, she's someone who has gone through plenty of psychological and physical trauma so the majority of the tensions should be around her neck and spine, it is the area I'm going to begin with. This session quality is an X5 so I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of effect my hands will have on her considering they said Solution evolved with a mere X2, there is a chance I'll also get something from her.

I put my hands on her circulating my powers and I felt an immediate shocking connection with her. 


I gasped at the sudden sensation rushing from my and to her body and vice-versa from her body into mine as well... it hadn't even been five minutes and I already received something!

[Moon authority 20% -> 30%].

An authority?

"This is rather surprising... but I believe I have an explanation" Elysir mumbled with a slight frown. But I didn't have time to think about what I gained, with a single touch I received a map of her body in my mind. Her body, every part of it was in a horrible condition, above all her spine and neck as I predicted, my touch alone seemed to trigger her muscles in that area and they began to constrict.


"What's wrong?"

"She's worse than it looks, it is as if she had subjected her body to some sort of torture. This lady is so tense, her muscles are so constricted and even shaking. It is as if she's been through a dozen wars".

Elysir walked by me and placed a finger on her, her golden eyes shone for a second before she did something and Tsunade's body stopped shivering.

"What did you do?"

"Her body is a bit odd but it is extremely compatible with the type of energy that derives from the moon, no, that's not completely correct. A lifeless astronomical object".

"What do you mean?"

"I'll explain but first, let her come. I want Yasaka to listen to this as well" She turned around to look at the door, I followed her gaze and caught a glimpse of the giggling kitsune, she had prepared the most basic breakfast ever, Onigiri (rice balls).

"That's the fastest breakfast you have made".

"I don't want to lose any second of watching you work, Ray-sama~ so, who is this lady and what world is she from?"

"I was just waiting for you to come, the conversation we were having earlier... we can continue it now" Elysir moved away from me as I resumed my massage, the clock is ticking and I didn't want this lady to think I skanked her, every second is important.

"We don't know what world she's from yet, but her body is compatible with some sort of moon energy, moreover there are traces of that energy being used to intolerable levels on her skin, it was being used to alter her appearance so she was either disguising herself from someone or had some reason to alter her appearance, what she didn't know is that performing this technique on her body that's already undergoing a heavy amount of stress has psychological repercussions" Elysir explained, drawing a smile out of me.

"Don't look at me like that Ray, I wasn't just standing there lazing about while you massaged your customers, I was listening!"

"I haven't said anything love, carry on~"

I'm proud she has learned something from me other than sex positions. 

"As I was saying, I think she was using some sort of technique to look younger but she didn't realise the toll that technique was having on her body and mind. Chronic depression, right Ray?"

"Yes, but that's not difficult to sort out" I drew circles along her navel and she groaned in small sighs of pleasure, finally her pain was turning into pleasure. 

"D-Dan…" I heard her murmur but we ignored her, at least we're now certain that she's alive.

"It is a bit odd but I can feel the energy this Oba-san is giving off, that energy is going towards you, Ray-sama" Yasaka commented as I noticed something while pressing my fingers on her trapezius muscle, her skin was getting tender, I mean... visually tender the more I massage her. 

"Her sacrifice was that energy, for the next two years, all of that energy will be mine and she will be in a sort of vulnerable state. I won I wonder if her sacrifice was worthwhile, but looking at it, she's enjoying it".

"She's rejuvenating..." Elysir asserted.

"She is, right? I thought my eyes were playing me"

"Aren't you surprised?" My lady questioned again.

"I'm not, just looking at the results my massages have had thus far, I think this is within expectations. Her lifespan must be that of a normal human... in the case of Yasaka and Epsilon that musn't have happened because their lifespan works differently, right?"

Elysir nodded and added a bit more, "Different lifeforms have different lifespans if you think about it, what you have done thus far is even more amazing than simply rejuvenating this Tsunade. For Yasaka to have attained an evolution, that's a lifetime of luck, it is not something that would happen even ten thousand years after".

"She's right, Ray-sama. You may be underestimating yourself, but ten generations above me, there has never been a living ten-tailed fox. We're talking about nearly a hundred thousand years!"

"I see, so I'm like a miracle maker then".

"That's precisely it, I don't know much about slimes but it must have been the same in Solution Epsilon's case, although compared to a ten-tailed fox, a slime is a way lower type of lifeform... if my hypothesis is right, then this Tsunade is going to profit immensely from you, Ray".

At least ten minutes down the line, her body began shining by now the back of Tsunade was starting to make me gulp. I haven't seen her face but she stopped being the 'fresh air' type of customer back into the ravishing beauty type of customer, I have already stolen a few glances at that bubbly butt that seemed as if somebody filled it up like a balloon!

She was still unconscious, that was until she ripped out her profit from me. 

[Congratulations, Tsunade Senju has obtained an evolution: High Human].

[Tsunade Senju's body is now compatible with Sun Energy].

Elysir whistled with a smile on her face as if she knew this was going to happen.

"From the moment you gained authority over the moon, I knew this was going to happen".

"Can you explain, Elysir?" Yasaka requested while I left Tsunade's neck, the tension there was already gone so instead I focused on her arms and lower back, for obvious reasons.

While I concealed my wicked intentions, Elysir began explaining. 

"Different worlds have different ecosystems and lifeforms of all types struggle to adapt to those worlds. The energy has different forms of manifesting itself, but one of the most primal energy sources is the one Ray and I represent. It is indisputably present in all universes: A Star

The kitsune munched on her onigiri, sending me a hidden glare when she saw me put my hands on Tsunade's butt listening to the goddess.

"Take Yasaka for example... she's a Youkai but a particular type on top of that. She's a Youkai that has a great affinity with the laws of soul and the energy she uses is the energy emitted by the earth itself which allows her to use what she calls 'Senjutsu' correct?"

"That's correct~" Yasaka confirmed.

"When it comes to astronomical objects, they all emit their type of energy... but that energy is always a derivative that hails from a nearby star first. A planetoid not close enough to a star will never harbour any type of energy. It is just a pile of dead soil with no energy".

"What are you trying to say?"

"The energy which Yasaka uses to power her 'senjutsu' and the energy this lady uses may not be the same but they all hail from the same source: the sun. Nature energy is the transformation of the sun's energy when canalised by the earth, this is the source of senjutsu. In the case of this lady, the energy of the sun, when phasing through the moon, transforms into another type of energy which is this 'Chakra', they're all the same, just different manifestations that humans can grasp through faith and evolution, her body was originally adapted to use Chakra but now thanks to you she can use both chakra and senjutsu, you made her body evolve".


I fondled Tsunade's tighs while in deep thought, just one of my massages is now capable of categorically changing someone's body, it is not just about healing anymore, all thanks to Ely and this power inside me. It means I have to be more careful from now on, what sort of customers I take and what the repercussions of every massage will be. 

"You who represent the sun and hence, the stars, have an unlimited source of energy and are directly capable of controlling all of those subsidiaries. In fact, you have even more potential than I had, Ray".


"You gained access to two types of energy that I wasn't able to control; Infinity and void... right now your authority over them is very small but just gaining insight into them is already a hefty achievement on its own. The high gods that are capable of controlling those two laws dwarf even the old me in power. That Dragoness that gave that law to you, she's a pushover... when I'm talking about the real Infinity Powerhouses, I'm talking about entities capable of altering reality with a simple sneeze. They could have my high god body with a mere thought, even if I wasn't able to die, I'd still not be able to do anything to them".

"S-Such entities exist?" Me and I were both shocked, it sounded like gods were ants in front of such beings.

"Yes, they exist within the Great Plain, that endless void space harbours entities that you could never imagine. I was powerful, but I was far from being the strongest... ancient civilisations in my universe had records of existences way older than me having come on many occasions with different intentions. They would either wipe everything out or singlehandedly create civilisations so advanced that this world would look like a small sandbox to you, it was crazy~".


"And now that you have those two laws and on top of that you also have the Septem Diebus Fortunae an artefact at the same level with those beings. With my guidance you have the possibility to one day become like them, however... it won't be easy".

Elysir looked very enthusiastic as if she couldn't wait to see how far I was going to reach down that rabbit hole of power, but for me... I wasn't so thrilled. I may be a demigod now but the most fundamental part of myself hasn't changed. I don't think I ever was a very ambitious person. If anything my miraculous massages took me farther than I originally expected them to.

"I don't want to... I'm happy as long as I can find you" I declared, shocking her and Yasaka so much that she put her onigiri down.

I may have disappointed, Yasaka.

"You... are you serious? with all that potential?!" Elysir looked like she couldn't believe it. 

"What's the point of being so powerful? Even if such existences are out there and could wipe out the two of us with their mere thoughts. Do you imagine living a life with fear? thinking that one day you will just cease to exist because some random omnipotent being just happened to sneeze? couldn't be me, Ely".


"If I have to become that strong to find you, I will. If I have to become that strong to protect you, I will. But for the most part, I want to spend my life enjoying with the people that I love and massaging customers, that's me" I sighed, stealing a glance at her and Yasaka. 

Elysir was glaring at me with a complex sight while Yasaka was giggling and continued eating her onigiri. 

"Did I disappoint you, Yasaka?"

"Fufu~ Ray-sama I don't care what you do as long as you have at least twenty kittens with me".


"T-Twenty kittens!?"

Tsunade yelled all of a sudden, scaring the shit out of me. 



What is this feeling? Is it possible to feel this good? It is like Dan, Nawaki, Sensei, my parents… everyone that I hold dear embracing my body from every side, it is indescribable. 

"You like it?"

"I love it" 

My eyes opened in what I believed was a grassland with clear blue skies and a majestic sun shining on us, I wasn't by myself. All I could do was gulp in amazement when this naked well-sculpted man rose, he had been lying on my body but now I could barely see his face due to the shining sun behind him. 

That warmth prior, had come from him. He looked like a complete hunk presumably from Kumogakure, he had black skin. 

"W-Who are you?" I felt guilty, whenever I looked at him, I felt the urge to think about Dan, but he looked so handsome that the task was difficult.

Instead of answering he touched my body again, his touch was like a sacred brush, whenever he touched me I'd be clean, healed and feeling marvellous, like the most perfect medicine ninjutsu that I had ever known.

"Who I am doesn't matter... what matters is whether you like this, Tsunade".

"I told you I love it but you have to tell me where are we, why are we naked?" I gulped another mouthful emphasizing the word naked and looked down at his crotch, the sun was so bright that I just couldn't see anything but impatience was building up.

His head leaned against the side of my face, blowing a warm breeze that sent a goosebump down to every golden strand of hair. 

"You ask as if you don't know what's going to happen once I finish this massage"

Oh my kami, just who is this stud? how did I end up here? could it be that Shizune got me some exquisite male prostitute from Kumogakure? n-no it can't be it... she's too stingy to spend all that money. 

I'm sorry Dan, the more I look at him... the more I feel that this is necessary.

"W-What's going to happen?" I asked, playing dumb... his hand rubbed my inner tight, too close and yet too far from that spot where I needed spoiling as if you didn't know what the naked you were going to do with the naked me. 

Just for today... then we can forget each other and go back to our lives, I can get drunk... once again? no, how come...? I don't feel like drinking. 

"You must be thinking this is a one-time thing, Tsunade. I'm going to tell you what's going to happen, so listen well, okay~ you're going to have at least twenty kittens with me, that's what"


"T-Twenty kittens!?"

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