6 Awakening of the Sun


"Hmn, Ray-chan why do you stop?"

"This is important, one second, keep watching the movie, relax..."

"Mou I don't care about the movie anymore! Finish the massage first!"

I continued running my hands on her back while looking at the screen that just presented itself in front of me. It is my tenth birthday today in this new life, I've been enjoying myself and also… I've been waiting for this.

[Analizing Soul… host detected]

[Analizing Relic… relic detected]

[Analizing Authorities… authorities detected]

[Analizing Administrator… fault detected: Administrator not found ]


[Activating security protocol: Automated Administrator...]

"Uhm~ so good!~"

"Mom, hush!"

"Ray-chan you don't respect your mother anymore… mom is sad".

"Sorry, I didn't intend to…"

"You will have to reward me with an extra twenty minutes 'Kay?~"

"You're helpless".

"Your hands are just so good!~"

I smiled helplessly and extended the timer… another twenty minutes. Took the lotion and dropped it on her back, she shivered at the sudden chill while I kept my attention firm in the notifications. Elysir... just how long did it take you to make this? Actually... I didn't even know you knew how to code?

[Protocol activated...]

[Analizing Administrator... Administrator Horus detected]

[ Horus requests permit over system privileges...]

[Permit Granted]

[Activating privileges...]

[Removing security locks...]

[System Activated]



I felt a wave spread from inside my body outwards like something had been liberated. My mother didn't react in any way but I began hearing shots and screams coming from the outside, could it be that something occurred!?

It was a few hours away from dusk.

"What is going on?!"

"Oh? There should be a Lunar Eclipse today… didn't I tell you?"

'Today of all days?'.

"I want to see it".

"After you finish the massage, Ray-chan, focus on mommy".

"It will be finished by then!"

I sighed... sometimes I just can't with her.

"Really? How sad. You will have to wait for the next one, if you take your hands away from my back right now, I'll get angry okay?~ Could it be that you want me to turn around?".

"Stay like that!"

"Thought so~"

You just can't deny some people their drugs. Today of all days there is a lunar eclipse. The day of my birthday, the day I awakened the system?

[Nice to meet you, Ray]

"Huh, hello?"

"Hmn, what is it?"

[You may speak to me through your mind]

"Nothing Mom".

'Who are you?'

[I'm the deification of the Septem Diebus Fortunae, your personal assistant in your endeavours until you gain full administrative control over the system].

'That would be?'

[Once this demigod body of yours reaches eighteen years of age. You may call me Horus and I'll be your guide. First of all, may I show you your stats?]

'Sure I guess'.

[Name: Ray Lux]

[Race: Demigod (Multiversal Sun God)]

[Rank: Infant Demigod (Lvl1)]

[Planetoid Cycles: 10]


* Sun: 90%

* Fire: 100%

* Light: 70%

* Moon: 20%

* Life: 70%

* Death: 30%

* Fate: 20%

* Space: 30%

[Client List: Empty]

[Bookings: Empty]

[Quests: Empty]

[Chaos Points: 10]

[System Capabilities: 70%]

[Active Abilities:]

* Avatar of Fortune.

'Okay okay… a lot of information. First of all: What are planetoid cycles?'

[It is the number of times your host planetoid has given a complete revolution around the sun].

'Couldn't you just have put age?'

[The term 'age' is ambiguous as there is no such a thing as time in the void-]

'I know you and Elysir are superior beings and all but please just put time in there'.

[As you wish].

'What are all those authorities?'

[Those are your domains of control as a demigod. They show your natural talent, strengths and weaknesses]

'Could you give me an example?'

[You have a 90% authority over the fire element a minor authority belonging to your sun authority. This means you're almost invulnerable against fire authorities].

'Does it mean fire can't burn me?'

[That is correct].

'Do I have a weakness against water?'

[That is not the case. But you do have a weakness against darkness although this weakness is greatly diminished by your darkness authority which was inherited by the Septem Diebus Fortunae].

'What is… client list?'

[It is the list of clients who you have massaged]


[It would be advised to be in a quiet place to hear the long explanation]

I looked down and saw my mom was snoring and sleeping. She's supposed to work tomorrow geez.

I tried to pick her up, it would have been impossible at first. But this time much to my surprise, her body felt so much lighter.

'This is…?'

[A part of your capabilities as a demigod has awakened. Superhuman strength is naturally one of them]


I picked her up and put her on the bed, properly covered with a quilt and gave her forehead a light kiss.

"I love you mom".

"Mom loves you too sweetie huehuehue~ give me a kiss~"

'W-What sort of dream is she having…?'

I didn't want to know... so I closed the door and headed into my room, switching off all the lights.

A flame manifested from my chest once I was in the privacy of my room. This flame was pitch black but emitted a golden hue and blaze.

"Now explain to me… what's the plan?"

[New Quest: Slow Beginnings]

[Requirements: Get an enclosed location, a massaging bed and get to work].

[Rewards: 100 chaos points].

"Okay… many things to digest from here. First off… why massages?"

[Lady Elysir designed and developed this system during her ten years of dormant state within your soul, I believe she used as a model some experiences she went through during your time together].

"Well she liked playing RPGs… it must be from them".

[Her plan was simple… the dimension she hails from is a completely unknown coordinate of the greater plane. The greater plane is the one that connects all universes in an endless expanse of void, only multiversal beings can survive and thread in it. It is impossible to reach from point A to B without specific coordinates and control over the laws of space].

'How did Elysir manage to return to her home then?'

[Lady Elysir didn't have specific coordinates of her world: Atlasia. She threaded in the greater plane without a single clue, hoping for the best]

'Is she insane!?' That's something I didn't want to hear. You're telling me that she could be out there lost!?

[That would be the case for a common deity, but Lady Elysir and you have an authority that very few gods possess. She's also the goddess of fortune with an attribute of fate]


[Basically… she has incredibly good luck *thumbs up*].

'Is that supposed to reassure me!?'

[It is… I dare say Lady Elysir may just need to spend a couple of thousands of years in the wilderness before she reaches her destination].

I think I'm going to pass out, 'My Elyisir is about to spend a couple of thousands of years in the wilderness of the void…'

[That is why I told you before, age is a very ambiguous concept for humans and gods as time is inexistent in the void. Especially for an entity threading through the greater plain, the purest of emptiness. Two thousand years for her may be just two seconds for you]

I… I don't know if that's good or bad.

[Continuing with the topic, Lady Elysir created a very intricate system that can help you not only reach her within the Greater Plain but also, help you to become stronger… that is the Multiversal Massagist Module]


[You may have realised that the reason Lady Elysir was that injured...]

'She was fighting someone? or she was involved in some war'.

[That's correct, if you were as weak as you are now, you wouldn't be of any help to her. Once your shop is activated… you shall be advertised through the greater plain, using the laws of space and the power of the Septem Diebus. Transdimensional gates shall be opened and clients will be allowed in for you to attend. Lady Elysir was very clear that when it comes to massages, you are unmatched in this multiverse. Use that skill to reach supremacy]

'How exactly does this work?'.

[Naturally… clients will have to pay. Just opening a transdimensional gate is already a huge cost. This power is represented in chaos points. Whatever they pay, be it their life force, artefacts or treasures, it shall be transformed into chaos points that will be accredited to you. Alternatively, you can also keep whatever they pay, however, the transdimensional gate fee is absolute]

'This is actually… interesting'.

[I'm glad you're awed at the magnificence of Lady Elysir's invention. With chaos points, you can become stronger by purchasing powers belonging to the universes you have had access to. My Lady's hope was simple… there are countless universes out there, but she hoped that you would eventually open a gate to her location. I would be able to sense her signal… and you two would be able to meet again]

'What are even the odds?'

[One… divided the amount of universes existing across the greater plain]

'That would equal to…?'

[There are more universes across the greater plain than small particles accumulated in this planetoid]

'So it is statistically impossible…!?' I'm not an expert in numbers but even I know I'm just not able to count the amount of zeroes in there!

[It is impossible for a deity without the authority of fate. But that is not your case].


[Ray… become a true god and increase the percentage of your authority of fate, that way, your odds of opening a gate that leads to Lady Elysir will increase exponentially. I may also add that, unlike you, her affinity with the laws of Fate is 100%. So long as her desire is for you two to meet, this shared desire will influence the both of you]

'So basically… right now we have a 120% authority of fate combined towards the desire to meet one another?'

[That is correct].

Perhaps it is possible… if I reach 100% as well, then we'd have 200% which is a lot more than the original 20% I thought I had.

'How do I increase my authority of fate?'

[By swallowing the soul of a deity who holds this authority, their strength will determine the increase].

That doesn't sound very appealing... but that's what I have to do to meet you again. I can do it… Ely, it is possible!

I jumped and danced in my room.

She has done so much for me, I can't wait to have her in my arms.

It may take me years... but age is relative. I don't care if it is two thousand years for me... as long as it is two seconds for her. 

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