23 Always with You I

The heat permeated the threshold between warmth pleasure and blazing hot. The perfect distance between the void and the sun.

Not enough to suffocate, hot enough to snug the soul. 

"It is so warm in here~"

That was Reina's first thought upon waking up in this world, when her eyes opened the first thing she saw was a blazing orange sun.

[Good to know you're awake].

It was a single circle in the endless expanse of void, radiating heat like a source of life. From this circle of flames, a body resurfaced. She had dark skin up to her neck, underneath it was like the sun was encroaching on her body, and she shone just like it... perhaps even brighter. 


Reina thought it was a dream, one of those that felt very realistic. 

[You have done a great job so far].

There was only one possible voice that could feel as comfortable as the heat irradiating by the sun, it originated from that lady with the shining golden pupils and long ears. She looked like a goddess.

The Goddess of the Sun.

"Who are you?" Reina asked, but her words seemed to not carry any effect, the meaning was lost in the void.

[I created you for one purpose only and you have exceeded my expectations, you took care of Ray properly until my fateful awakening. But it is okay now, Reina. It is time for you to sleep eternally and come back to me]


Despite the pleasure of the environment, those ominous words echoed in her mind, it sounded like a death sentence that brought her anxiety like never before. 

[You are no longer needed].

It was incredible how... from the warmest heat, everything could morph into the most chilling of colds. Those words carried weight and they reflected a sentence.

Her eyes blinked once, less than a second... and the perspectives had already changed. The sun had disappeared, it was there no longer... not in front of her eyes at least. The lady was still there but she was now surrounded by void. 

The ever-increasing source of warmth lay behind her but she was unable to even turn around. 

That gigantic sun was going to consume her.

[W-What do you mean I'm no longer necessary!?]

Reina's words were broken and artificial, unable to reach the goddess who did nothing but give a condescending smile.

"Don't worry... it will be over soon"

At no moment did she feel pain, but upon regarding her legs, arms and limbs... she noticed they began to scatter like motes of light ever so slowly as the fear continued to increase.

'Am I going to disappear? Is this a dream, no, a nightmare? what if it isn't? Ray-chan!'

[Please don't! I don't want this!]


[I don't want this! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!]


[I have taken care of him... he's my son!]



It didn't matter what she said, that goddess was not listening. She didn't care. 








Reina's scream was so loud it revered across the house and hastily woke up Anna -who had been sleeping next to her- in utter panic. 

"E-Eh? Anna-chan? I'm sorry!"

"What's wrong, oba-san?"

The comical face of the girl sobbing didn't give Reina any respite, she imagined the girl must have her apprehensions after the whole incident devouring youkai and everything and now this.

'E-Eh? Wait, I remember...?' Memories began rushing in 

"N-Nothing I just had a nightmare that's all! You can go back to sleep alright?"

"Truly true?"

"Truly true I swear, nothing is wrong. Here, let's sleep a bit more then I'll make you a lovely breakfast~"

She covered the two of them with a quilt, not concealing the infinite relief rushing into her soul at the fact... that she was still alive and everything was just a nightmare.

"Where is Ray-chan?"

"He's in his room, don't worry you will see him soon".

Reina snuggled with Anna until the little girl's snoring continued unperturbed, thinking deep and loud in her mind. 

'Was it a dream? I'm not dead... or gone?'

[It wasn't].


'It is you...? It is not a dream... so you did try to erase me!'.

[I was going to erase you, but your will manifested and interrupted my power for one second].


[That was the only second I needed to convince myself... that it is worthwhile keeping you around, Reina].

'First, tell me... who are you?'.

[My name is Elysir... and giving you too much context would be bothersome so I'll summarise everything. I created this body to give birth to Ray and created your consciousness to take care of him until I awakened from a long slumber].

'So... you're someone important to Ray-chan? And is this some sort of fantastic thing like reincarnation I've seen in dramas?'.

[... yes, something like that. You and I both care about Ray and that is what matters, Reina. It is important for you to know that Ray is not aware of my existence. He knows me as Anubis, not Elysir].

'Why are you hiding it from him...?'

[Because... I'm not what he expects me to be. I'm just half of the goddess he once knew and loved. Even though I'm Elysir, I'm not the Elysir he loves, that woman is gone].

'It is complicated. But I understand that now you and I are living in this body?'

[That is correct, but now that I have chosen for you to remain, we will have roles. I'm not an expert when it comes to feelings, Reina. I'm more adept at combat, assassination and destruction].


She felt shivers for a reason as if profound memories of mass destruction were coming back, although they were nothing but blurs. 

[When it comes to massacring our foes, I'll take the lead. But when it comes to love, our feelings for Ray... I'm clueless, I hope you will take care of that and satisfy our emotional and physical needs].


A mild blush and a drop of sweat fell from her forehead, 'What exactly is this goddess trying to say?' no, Reina knew exactly what she was trying to say but would deny it nonstop. 

[So what I'm trying to say is... I want to have sex with Ray but I don't know how to...]


'Y-Y-Y-Y-You pervert! I'm his mother and he's only ten years old, what are you trying to make me do!? we will go to prison, Elysir!'

A strong goosebump revered her whole body and an itch touched her crotch in unprecedented ways, recalling that miraculous massage and the aftereffects that had her imagining all sorts of things. 

[But you get aroused every time he touches you. You are me and I am you so if I'm a pervert so are you!]

'No way, that's dump logic!'

[See? That Yasaka woman is trying to make a pass on him-]


[Hmph, leave the killing to me. I'll cut her tails one by one and feed her with them. Let's go!]

'Let's go!'


Before Reina even realised her appearance changed into that of the Egyptian goddess, but she was the one in control. With a headstart, she rose from the bed, still careful enough to not wake up Anna and headed out of the room in long strides. Ray's room was upstairs so with near-godly dexterity she parkoured her way across, going to the kitchen to look for a knife first before heading upstairs. 

What she found upstairs outside of his room was the sight of a sweaty gorgeous blonde kitsune with ten tails, fixing her kimono as she came out of the room. 

"Good morning, Reina-san~ or should I say... Anubis?"

"Where is Ray-chan?"

Seeing the knife in the woman's hand, Yasaka tilted her head a bit in confusion but never feeling any type of fear, she thought the knife was for something else.

"He's inside, sleeping. Well... I have compromises to attend so I'll be taking my leave this morning".

Yasaka's words calmed down Reina a bit, but they didn't do shit to appease Anubis. 

"You're not staying for breakfast, Yasaka-san?"

[That's right, Reina, let's cook her for breakfast!]


Unaware that her life was on the line, Yasaka bowed down curtly, trying to rush out as fast as possible for some reason.

"I don't have the time for that, perhaps another day. But you don't need to worry, Reina-san..." The kitsune walked by, intending to whisper something in Reina's ear.

"Ray-kun already had his breakfast~"

When Reina turned around, Yasaka was already gone, leaving nothing but a golden haze.

"What does she mean? Ray-chan had breakfast already, when?"

[Hurry up and check on him!] 

Reina entered the room and she found her son naked in the bed with his tongue out and dense milk spilt all around.

A dense golden aura manifested as she held the knife. The next time Yasaka popped up, some blood would have to be spilt. 



Jumping from building to building, a still-flustered Yasaka felt she was about to hyperventilate. 

'What am I? Your mommy? your girlfriend? your lover? or... your pet?~'

She looked to the skies and the sun seemed to be scorching here more than usual, a small grim made her feel mischievous yet free. 

"A heart filled to the brim with love is such a wonderful feeling -It's been years. Kunou-chan, would you believe me? I found you a daddy. I'm sure you will be very happy with him~"

With a heart filled with love and ten tails to boast, Yasaka would become the undisputed leader of all big and small Youkai factions in Japan, going as far as to unite them under her a brand which she would go to name: 'The Rule of the Nascent Sun'.

Little did all the Youkais know that name was not precisely to honour Amaterasu but instead... another foreign God of the Sun. It would take them a while to notice that the holder of the Leylines of Japan wasn't sending the faith to the divine realm of Takamagahara but instead... someone else. 

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