52 Chapter 51

"Are you ready brother?" Michael asked Zadkiel as he is in his room.

"Yes I am." Zadkiel said as he is dressed in the ceremonial white and silver garbs.

He also has a small silver crown on his head as well. He turned to look at his brother as Michael looked him over and nodded to him with a smile on his face.

"You look good." Michael said with a smile.

"Thank you. I guess it's time?" Zadkiel asked as he looked at him.

"Yes brother. You need to get to the altar now." Michael said to him as the younger one nodded to him.

Zadkiel then used his wings to float and then left the room as he flew towards the altar. The beings from both pantheons watched as he flew towards the altar. Both angels, Titans and the other beings were also there as they were seated and looking at the altar.

He corrected his clothes as he waited. He saw the other archangels in the side of Heaven while Titans and their other races like the Cyclops and Hekatoncheires were also there. Gaia is also standing beside the Altar on the left side.

"A lot of people are here. Good." GOD's voice was heard around the place as Chaos's descendants were confused by it.

"Ah, at last, father is here." Raphael said catching the attention of Gaia and the rest of the Pantheon.

Kronos narrowed his eyes as he wondered how the God of Heaven would be. He is a being on the same rank as his grandfather Chaos and wondered how he will be.

Then suddenly the vision of everyone in the place was filled with white as bright light appeared and blinded everyone, even those like Gaia was affected as she had to close her eyes.

The angels weren't affected much since they were used to the light as they just smiled. While the others blinked their eyes to get the blank spots out of their eyes. The light was so bright that it even overwhelmed their eyes.

The only ones apart from angels who weren't that affected were Adam, Eve, Hyperion, Helios as the humans were used to the light and the latter two have power over light to an extent, though the Titan of the sun was more affected than the Titan of Heavenly Light.

After they got the blank out of their vision they looked towards the altar and saw GOD standing on the right side of the altar in the same height as Zadkiel with a smile on his face.

'By Chaos, I just came here.' Nyx thought to herself as she rubbed her eyes.

For a being like her who is of the night she was quite affected by it. She had been caught of guard, the last thing she expected when coming here was for her vision to be flooded by light.

After she had recovered she also looked at the place where God had appeared as her eyes widened as she looked at him. There was something especially wrong with the fact that God was standing there and she is sure that her sister and the Titans and others could also feel it.

'He... doesn't have a presence.' Nyx thought to herself as she looked at her sister Gaia.

Gaia looked at her sister and nodded as she nodded back. Then the Primordial of the night went to stand beside her sister in all her glory as the other members of their pantheon and Heaven looked at her in surprise and some in awe. She smiled as she liked the attention that they have her as it showed how important she is.

But she was troubled as she looked at GOD himself as he is smiling as he talked to his son Zadkiel. But she knew it was getting closer to the time for the ceremony as all of the audience have now reached the place as they were sitting at their seats.

"I will preside over this ceremony. You do not have any problems with that, do you?" GOD said as he looked at Gaia.

"No. Please, go ahead." Gaia said in a respectful tone.

She didn't have any wish to anger a being on the level of her creator, and she is sure that even Nyx would be that idiotic. If GOD's own Angel is this strong, they don't want to know how strong the Angels creator is.

"Good to hear. Now, if I can have all your attention." GOD said as he addressed the audience.

All of the audience looked at him as he smiled at how cooperative they are being. He smiled before he walked and stood in the middle of the altar.

"We are all here to witness the marriage of Zadkiel. And since all of the people are here, I would like to ask all of the brides to appear before your soon to be husband." GOD said as his voice boomed across the place.

On que, the brides from the Green pantheon came out from the left side of the Altar. Hecate, Selena and Nike appeared from the side in their dress while they were being led by Prometheus as they caught the attention of many due to the beauty of the as they walked towards the altar with grace and confidence. Prometheus walked a few metres forward before he moved to the crowd.

They reached the altar and stood on the left side as they looked at GOD who gave them a nod. The three women bowed back in turn as they then became smaller and became the same size as Zadkiel. They had also seen Gaia and Nyx on the way as they had given them a small bow as well as they walked.

"Now the rest of the brides, please come as well." GOD said as he looked at the right.

The audience looked as from the right side Penemue appeared as she was then followed by Lilith, Livyatan, Iblis and Gabriel as they all walked behind her.

Once again the audience were drawn to them, though most of the gaze of the Titans were drawn towards Gabriel as she is the most beautiful of them all and even the three Titanesses have to agree that she is more beautiful than them.

The archangel walked gracefully as the other three women followed her. Amongst them Lilith got the most attention from the Titans as she was quite different from the other Angels and they could feel the same about Livyatan and Iblis.

"Huh, nice dress and jewelry." Beelzebub said as he analysed their clothing.

"It really enhances their beauty. Though I guess it's a given since it's made in Heaven." Asmodeus said with a nod.

"What do you think Lucifer is doing right now?" Beelzebub whispered to his brother.

"Most likely thinking of another plan." Asmodeus said nonchalantly as he watched.

"Yeah, most likely." Beelzebub said as he agreed with it.

They watched the four girls reached the Altar and then stood with the other three girls as they greeted each other politely.

"And now for the final bride." GOD said as the others became intrigued.

They wondered from where this one will come and the answer came as another women walked towards the Altar from the space in front of it. The beings looked at her and many of their eyes widened at the power they felt from her.

Gaia and Nyx had also felt the power as their eyes widened as they looked at the new bride in shock.

'Tiamat?!' Both of them thought to themselves in shock as they looked at the goddess.

Said goddess walked towards the altar smiling all the way as the power could see her unique features as she walked in a nice pace as she soon reached the altar. She smiled at Zadkiel before she went and stood beside the rest of the brides.

Gaia and Nyx exchanged glances as they looked at each other before they looked at Tiamat and then at Zadkiel.

"Now that all of the brides are here, I would also like to use this opportunity to invite two more distinguished beings to this marriage." GOD said causing confusion amongst the audience.

But that confusion soon gave way to fear when two tears in reality appeared. Out of the ocean blue one, Abzu appeared from our of it. Our of the Golden one, Olorun came out as they looked at the gathered people and their powers were rolling off of them as they all could feel it and they couldn't help but gulp.

The eyes of Gaia and Nyx widened in shock when they saw them. They didn't expect such powerful beings to be here, and one of them was supposed to be dead as well.

The brides were also shocked to see them and Kronos was also the same as he didn't expect to see them here at the wedding.

'Abzu and... Olorun? I didn't expect them to be attending as well.' Zadkiel thought to himself in surprise.

For the rest of the inhabitants Heaven and Mount Othrys, they couldn't help but look at the so called deceased God in shock as said God is currently in front of them and attending the marriage.

Many were also surprised to see Olorun as he has also appeared there as he gazed at all the gathered audience. His gaze then fell on GOD as he nodded as he nodded back.

Abzu deceased in size and then the two beings went to sit with Heaven as they created seats for themselves.

'Well, this is going to be a grand wedding.' Zadkiel thought to himself as he looked at the people present.

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