22 Chapter 21

After the attacks sent by Zadkiel and Helel caused an explosion which shook the entirety of Heaven and filled the Sixth Heaven in light the angel's took a bit of time to come back. When they came back to the Sixth Heaven they were apalled at the destruction they saw.

(A/N: It was never written how Heaven looked in the DxD wiki so I'm going to use my own imagination. Basically just buildings over clouds, but those buildings are quite beautiful and surrounded by beautiful gardens. Roads are also there which connects many places.)

The buildings were destroyed and not even rubbed were left. The clouds were also gone as only the two angels could be seen. The eyes of the angels, from both sides widened when they saw the state of Helel.

His armor has completely broken and only a few pieces were left on his body. His twelve golden wings which he had been proud of were soo damaged that many of its feathers had been destroyed and it looked singed. Helel's face also seem to have been burned by the attack as he is clutching his right arm in pain.

"Lord Helel." An angel said apalled.

"What about big brother Zadkiel?" Azazil said as she looked at Zadkiel.

What greeted their sight at the place where Zadkiel is his Twelve silver wings which were covering him. They were charred and smoking as it completely covered the angel. The angels looked at the wings anxiously.

Adam and Lilith who had also gotten back looked at the wings. Then their eyes widened along with the rest of the angel's as his wings twitched. Then they started to unfurl themselves as they revealed Zadkiel who is shielding his face with his arms.

Zadkiel himself seemed to be injured except that his armour has a few cracks on it and his wings are singed and charred but otherwise he is doing 10 times greater than Helel.

"He's alright! Big brother is alright!" Azariel shouted in happily as she hugged Azazil.

"Yes he's alright!" Azazil ecstatically said as she hugged her back.

Lilith is the same as she hugged Adam happily and jumped up and down as the man just smiled at her enthusiasm and looked at their big brother.

"Oh he's alright." Gabriel said as she sighed in relief.

"Well, he is no doubt the strongest now." Kokabiel said with a smile.

"I told you, didn't I." Michael said with a smile.

The angel's on the side of God were celebrating this while the angels on Helel's side decided to stand down after being ordered to by Yophiel. He knew that now that Helel has been defeated their chance to fight has severely been reduced.

"Well, this is going to be an interesting trial." Zadkiel said as he chained up Helel after he confiscated the swords.

Time skip

After the war Heaven was swiftly repaired by God and to the surprise of the other angels the angels who had "died" from God's side were actually alive. God had used a spell which took those angels out of the battlefield and healed them so the only angels who had been killed were the ones on Helel's side.

"I can't believe father has a spell like that." Azazel said as he is currently with the other archangel's on the side of God.

"It is a relief. And it shows how ingenious Father is." Raguel said in a pleased tone.

"But what about the trial?" Gabriel asked with a worried look.

"The trial will start in 15 minutes. Father has ordered every angel to come and witness it." Zadkiel said with his eyes closed.

"Lilith is also going to be judged along with them isn't she?" Shemhazai asked them.

"Yes, that is what father said." Asbeel said as she nodded her head.

"There is no use thinking about it. Let's just go to the trial." Zadkiel said as he opened his eyes.

His eyes held a serious gaze as the archangels looked at eachother before nodding their heads. Then they all teleported and reached Heaven's court room as all the angels were present. In the middle were Helel, Yophiel, Asmodai, Azazil, Azariel and Lilith. God is sitting on his throne with Raziel to his side as the angels were in the audience place as they waited for the trial to begin.

Zadkiel spotted Adam standing below God and the two made eye contact and nodded to each other. The archangels were sitting to the left and right side of God so the accused could clearly see them. The girls were relieved to see Zadkiel and we're still guilty about what they did. Helel meanwhile glared at him while Asmodai and Yophiel just waved at him.

'Those two don't seem to care that they have been defeated.' Zadkiel thought to himself as he sweat dropped.

After that the time of trial came as the angels got ready. Raguel was the one who stepped forward to take charge of the trial.

"Now, we have all been gathered here to bare witness to the trial for these 6 beings in front of us. I have been given the duty of presiding over this trial and the final verdict shall be given by Father himself. The time has come and so I commence this trial." Raguel said for all to hear.

The six accused were looking at the Angel as he looked at them with cold eye's which sent a shiver down the spines of the three girls. They knew that he is quite a strict angel and we're honestly a bit afraid of him. They were arranged like this from the left to the right : Asmodai, Yophiel, Helel, Azazil, Azariel, Lilith.

"Helel, Asmodai, Yophiel, Azazil, Azariel and Lilith, you six are accused for starting a rebellion against our Father and causing a war in Heaven. What do you have to say for yourself?" Raguel said with a glare.

"I have no defence. I have participated in the rebellion that was started by Helel." Yophiel said with a calm tone.

'There is no way that I can lie to Father anyway.' Yophiel thought to himself.

"I am the same, I participated in the rebellion for my own wishes. There is no use in me hiding my own actions when it is blatantly clear." Asmodai said to him.

"So you two confess to your sins against Father. Hope that he is merciful enough to at least spare your life. What about the four of you?" Raguel said before fixing a glare onto the other four.

"B-Big brother Raguel, he had lied to us and had used big brother Zadkiel's name to make us help him. We never wanted to take Heaven from Father, we just wanted to help Big brother who was fighting against Kronos's army alone." Azazil said her piece in a pleading tone.

"Father wasn't sending any reinforcements so we grew more worried. We didn't know that big brother was so strong as he had never shown us. We were tricked by them." Azariel said to him with a pleading tone.

Raguel fixed them with an intense glare but the two managed to stay strong as they looked back at him. He then stopped and turned his attention to Lilith, opting to talk with Helel last.

"And what do you have to say for yourself Lilith?" Raguel asked him.

"I-I was a complete fool. I easily fell prey to his words and didn't think things clearly as I should've and helped in his rebellion. I was just worried about big brother and wanted to help him in his war. Just like with sisters Azazil and Azariel he used big brother Zadkiel's name to get me to help him." Lilith said as she looked at him.

"So, the three of you were lied to by Helel who used Zadkiel's name to get your strength. Is that want you're saying?" Raguel asked them.

"Yes." The three girls said in unison.

Raguel glanced at Zadkiel who looked at him. They maintained eye contact for a few seconds before Raguel looked at Helel. His state is the same as when he had fought against Zadkiel.

"And what do you have to say Helel? Former most beautiful angel of Heaven." Raguel said as she sent a slight jab.

The archangels exchanged glances at those words but didn't say anything. They instead chose to look at Helel who has a pissed of look on his face.

"What do I have to say! I have nothing to say! What I did was right! Following a fool like God was the worst mistake of my life!" Helel shouted in anger.

This caused the angels to gasp in shock and Raguel's and many of the archangels faces to change into one of anger. Zadkiel, Azazel, Michael, Shemhazai and Baraqiel kept neutral faces while Gabriel has a worried one.

"What?! How dare you insult him!" Raguel roared in anger.

"I am telling the truth! He is an utmost, thinking that those two "Human" are more powerful than us angel's! Having us kneel to these two who are made from dirt when we are light incarnate! If that isn't the mark of a fool then I don't know what is! I refuse to follow someone like him! Who can't distinguish between true brilliance and trash!" Helel shouted in anger.

"You are speaking out of life! You accuse our Father, God to be a fool and say that his creations Adam and Lilith are not worthy when they are clearly capable of standing on the same level as us angel's! You forget your place Helel!" Raguel shouted as he let out a bit of his power.

But before it could escalate further God spread his power so that all of them felt it as they looked at him. God still has a calm face as he looked at them. Raguel turned and kneeled to him.

"What do you wish Father?" Raguel asked him.

"I have heard enough and have come to a decision." God said in a booming voice causing everyone to become tensed.

Zadkiel looked at the three girls, Adam and then at God and at his fellow archangels. They all were tense as they looked at God and waited for his verdict.

"Helel, Yophiel, Asmodai, Azazil, Azariel and Lilith. All of you have been judged. All of you are guilty." God proclaimed with his eyes glowing a yellow colour as his words resounded throughout the room.

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