13 Chapter 12

"My lord! The Titan King Kronos is coming to our border!" A six winged angel rushed into Zadkiel's office and kneeled in front of him as he delivered the news.

"So he finally decided to make his motives known huh. How did you come across this information?" Zadkiel said seriously as he was getting ready to go to the Seventh Heaven.

"One of our angel scouts had managed to learn than the Titan King Kronos and his brothers are coming here with their army. I came as soon as he relayed the new my lord." The angel said bowing to him.

"Good work. Go back to the border and get ready with your brother and sisters. I shall go to father and learn what he will do." Zadkiel said to the angel.

"As you wish my lord." The angel said as he then left the office.

Zadkiel sighed as he unfurled his wings.

'So he finally decides to attack us. And in only two weeks since we learned of the behaviour of the Titans.' Zadkiel thought to himself as he then teleported away.

He then appeared in the Seventh Heaven and in front of God. Raziel was standing at his side like always with Michael and Helel to his left and right respectively. They noticed him as they looked at him.

"Father." Zadkiel greeted him.

"Yes son, I know what you are here for. I have called for the archangels to gather." God said to him.

A few moments later the other angels also teleported to the throne room. They stood ready as they looked at God.

"I have called you here to tell you that the newly crowned King of the Titans, Kronos is coming to our border with his army. As such it is apparent that it is time for Heaven to go to war." God said to the angels gathered.

This caused all the archangels to widen their eyes when they heard it. They never thought that someone would actually come to heaven for war considering that God, a Primordial God is here.

"So who will go father? Are all of us going to go?" Shemhazai asked God.

'Always the strategist.' Zadkiel thought to himself with a small smile.

"No, not every archangel will go. If we focus all of our forces in that part then there is a chance that the God's of the other pantheons will attack. As such there has to be archangels here to protect heaven." God said to them.

"But Father, couldn't you just attack them and make them pay for their transgressions?" Asbeel asked him confused.

"I would've but as per the pact I have made with Chaos and my other fellow Primordial's I cannot act against them. As such I can only give you my support." God said to her.

"I understand Father. So, who are the archangels who will fight?" Azazel asked him.

"I have already decided. Azazel, Baraqiel, Shemhazai, Remiel, Kokabiel, Penemue, Asbeel, Satanael, Sariel, Armaros, Sahariel, Tamiel and finally Zadkiel." God listed the names before he finished with Zadkiel.

Azazil and Azariel's eye widened when they heard it. Many of the other archangel's were also a bit surprised when they heard it. Though Zadkiel is quite powerful he was still younger than the other archangel's except for Azazil and Azariel, not to mention most of them thought that he would be stationed in Heaven.

"As you wish father." Zadkiel said with the other angels agreeing afterwards.

"Good, now gather your fellow angels and get ready to battle. Do not let the Titans get to heaven." God commanded to them.

"As you wish." Zadkiel and the rest of the chosen archangels said in unison.

After that God dismissed them and then gave some orders to Michael to which he tended to immediately. Helel was floating at a corner of the room as he hid a smile on his face.

'This is perfect, with most of those archangel's gone my plan will come to fruition. I will show all why I am the most perfect.' Helel thought to himself as he had a smirk on his face.

Though he failed to notice God's face as he looked at him before he cast a spell without Raziel knowing as said angel was contemplating what he had just seen.

On another hand after Zadkiel left the throne room he appeared in his office and soon after three lights appeared in his office before it revealed to be Azazil, Azariel and Gabriel as they had worried looks on their face.

"What is it?" Zadkiel asked them.

"Big brother, are you sure about this? You're about to face against Kronos and his brothers. They had managed to kill Ouranos, a child of the Primordial Chaos." Azazil said worried.

"She is right big brother. Not to mention he is said to have powers over time as well. If you go to battle against him then..." Azariel said trailing off.

Zadkiel understood their concern and smiled at it. He then floated to them and wrapped them in a hug. The two were surprised but returned it as they hugged him tighter. Gabriel smiled when she saw it.

"It's alright, I am not weak as well. I have been becoming stronger and haven't stopped training myself. I have been teaching you two so believe in me." Zadkiel said to the two as they patted his head.

The two didn't say anything as they just hugged him. Zadkiel just smiled before breaking the hug and turned his attention to Gabriel as she floated to him and gave him a soft hug which he returned. The older angel didn't say anything and then broke the hug.

"Please be careful okay. As Ouranos's son he must be quite powerful." Gabriel said to him with a worried look.

"Don't worry Gabriel, I won't drop my guard." Zadkiel assured her with a smile.

Gabriel smiled back before nodding to him.

"Good, I have to check on some things so I will be going now. Make sure to take care of things here while I'm gone." Zadkiel said to the three before he teleported away.

Azazil and Azariel gripped their hands together when he teleported away while Gabriel looked at the two worried.

Zadkiel who had teleported out of his office had now reached the second heaven. He went through the guard and walked to Lilith's cell. Said woman noticed his presence as she was surprised by it as she saw him enter the cell.

"Big brother, why are you here?" Lilith asked confused since it wasn't time for her lunch yet.

"I just wanted to see you that's all. My duties are becoming more diverse as time passes." Zadkiel said to her.

"Oh then, it's good to see you here big brother." Lilith said with a small smile.

After Zadkiel managed to get the information out of her she started to smile a lot more when he said that he didn't hate her or is angry with her and that he forgave her.

Zadkiel was also happy that she has become a bit more cheerful as he smiled at her. But he knew he didn't have time and had to go as he needed to meet up with one other person in Heaven.

"It's nice to see you as well. Now be a good girl and stay here okay. I will come back and will bring a surprise for you." Zadkiel said with a smile.

"Okay!" Lilith said a bit excited.

Zadkiel simply smiled at this and walked out of her cell and away. But before he was fully out of her view Zadkiel glanced at Lilith's stomach before he was fully out of her view.

Then Zadkiel teleported again and this time he was at the Garden of Eden. He searched for sometime and then found the one he was looking for. Adam was sitting under a tree surrounded by some of the animals as he was resting.

As Zadkiel made his way to him Adam opened his eyes and looked at him as a smile graced his face. He got up from the ground and walked to Zadkiel before the two of them were standing in front of each other.

"Welcome to the Garden big brother. What brings you here today?" Adam asked curiously.

Zadkiel just smiled before he explained the situation to Adam. Adam's face morphed from happy to worried when he finished.

"Are you going to be alright big brother?" Adam asked him.

"I'm going to be alright. I'm not as weak as the other angels think. But I want to tell you something else Adam." Zadkiel said to him.

"What is it?" Adam asked.

"I want you to always stay vigilant. Even though this is heaven you shouldn't let your guard down." Zadkiel said to him seriously.

"Are you talking about Helel and Samael?" Adam asked him.

Zadkiel just smiled when he heard his question before nodding to him. Adam was one of the two beings in heaven who were suspicious of Helel and Samael, with the other being Adam. But they never voiced their thoughts since the two were the highest archangel's.

"Yes, so he careful. I have trained you thoroughly so you should be powerful enough to protect yourself." Zadkiel said to him.

"Yes, I will big brother." Adam said to him.

"Good, then it is time for me to go and prepare." Zadkiel said to him.

"Be safe brother." Adam said to him to which Zadkiel nodded before teleporting away.

After that he and the other archangel's were getting ready for war. The news about Kronos's army was known to heaven and the preparations were being done full swing. In approximately one hour all the archangels and subordinates under them were ready in armor along with Zadkiel as they were ready to go to the border.

Zadkiel along with his fellow archangel's were standing in a teleportation circle made by God as the other archangel's and angels were present. Azazil, Azariel and Gabriel looked worriedly at Zadkiel while Helel was eyeing the black haired angel.

(A/N: The armor is like the ones used in DxD. I don't have a good idea so you can suggest heaven's armor in the comments here.)

"Good luck my children." God said to them as he activated the circle.

"Thank you Father." The angel's about to go said in unison.

The magic circle glowed before they were covered in light and then we're teleported away. The other angel's looked at the place when the angels were as God rested his hand.

'I have faith in you my son.' God thought to himself with a smile.

*At the Border*

Kronos and his army has nearly reached the border as the angels stationed there were preparing for battle. But to their surprise a magic circle appeared and from it the army of angels of Heaven along with the Archangels appeared. This caused the angels present there to gain happy faces.

The angels spread out over the border while the archangels grouped together.

"Look, since this is a battle with Kronos's army we need someone who is very good in tactics to manage the war." Azazel said to his fellow archangel's.

"So who will be the one?" Asbeel asked in response.

"I think Zadkiel will be suitable for it." Shemhazai said as he looked at said angel.

"What? Why me? Aren't you more of a strategist?" Zadkiel asked confused.

"Maybe so, but I have never dealt with this border and it is under your eyes before war started. You understand this place much better than me." Shemhazai said to him.

Zadkiel could kind of agree with him when he heard that. The thing about borders is that the two borders of the pantheons are right next to each other and the difference in energy available in those land's some peculiar reactions might exist. As the archangels given this part of the border Zadkiel knew that the energies meeting at this border causes the sky and land here to be a bit more dangerous and could also result in spatial distortions due to how antagonistic the children of Chaos is to Heaven.

He attributes it to the fact that Heaven's sky and land is mingling with the one of the Primordial Chaos. Zadkiel thought about it before he sighed to himself and looked at Shemhazai.

"Alright, I will take care of the tactics. I will navigate our side in this war." Zadkiel said to him.

"Good. Since that's done we should make our final preparations and plans." Penemue said to them.

After that the archangels came up with plans to utilise as they also used communication magic to stay in contact with eachother. After that the archangels spread out and stood at their assigned posts while Zadkiel flew upwards to the walls and stood on top of it.

He could see the Titan army also getting ready as he saw the angels getting ready as well.

"Well, here we go." Zadkiel said as he prepared himself.

*At Heaven*

'Everything is going according to plan. With the absence of Zadkiel and the other archangel's I will show everyone why I am the greatest. Even God won't stand against me. My war of Rebellion will begin soon.' Helel thought to himself with a smirk.

*At Kronos army*

"Everything is ready brother. It would seem that the angels of God have appeared to battle." The Titan Hyperion said to Kronos.

"Hmph, we shall see. Proclaim to our soldiers!The war to claim heaven has begun!" Kronos said to his brother as he complied.

Kronos sharpened his scythe and then looked at Heaven. He then caught sight of a black haired angel in Heaven which caught his attention. He focused more and managed to see Zadkiel. Zadkiel himself was also looking straight at him which surprised the Titan King.

He then watched as Zadkiel raised his right arm and then made a finger gun with his hand. He smirked as his eyes glowed a green hue before he made the gesture of the gun firing which caused Kronos to narrow his eyes. He then saw the angels mouth move as he tried to decipher what he is saying and he was able to understand.

"Your conquest shall end here." Kronos said as he narrowed his eyes at the angel while said angel smirked showing confidence.

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