15 Chapter 15

This took place in Horaud, a small town in the Heiligh Kingdom that existed primarily to serve the many adventurers who came to challenge the Great Orcus Labyrinth.

Far, far below, in the depths of the Abyss itself, there was a dark chamber plunged into utter darkness and silence. The only sign that this place was inhabited was the pungent stench of confinement that permeated the air. Right in the middle was a solid stone wall.

And someone was trapped inside it.

The lower half of its body was embedded in this impenetrable rock. Its outstretched arms on either side were also trapped by the same polished material, preventing it from making the slightest movement.

The head of this person, who turned out to be a girl, hung forward as if she had fallen into a deep sleep. Her hair used to be golden, but due to the dust that had accumulated in this dungeon over the years, it had taken on a dull, lifeless color. In addition, her skin was incredibly pale and white, covering a starved and malnourished body.

Suddenly, a disturbance shook the surroundings and a whitish crack opened. As if sensing the disturbance, she half-opened her eyes, revealing crimson pupils that glowed like rubies.

She slowly lifted her head, and as if this simple action proved extremely exhausting, her head almost fell back. But she weakly bit her lips, and out of her disheveled golden hair that fell over her face, she rested her gaze straight ahead.

Since she had not seen such an intense glare for centuries, her aching eyes closed reflexively. When she opened them again, the crack in the air suddenly shone with a golden light that completely enveloped her, giving her no time to think about what had happened.


"This princess will avenge you one day, brother."

An extremely cold voice rang out under the dark sky. On top of a mountain, a lone figure looked up at the stars. The redhead in the red dress looked like a porcelain doll, with eyes as red as blood and skin as white as pure milk.

"That Brahma bitch will pay for the evil she has done to you. I will skin her alive and kill her slowly so that she will feel the same pain that you felt."

The supreme beauty of the Brahma Monarch Goddess was capable of captivating the hearts of all men. Even the talented Xisu could not help but fall in love when he met her. The woman he once loved manipulated him to get what she wanted and, in the end, betrayed him.

The girl, dressed in gothic style, clenched her bare fists until blood gushed out. Under the bright stars, which served as the only witnesses, while her small body trembled slightly as if immersed in an icy spring, the Princess of the Star God Realm swore revenge.

She looked away from the sky and, floating gracefully as her red hair spread to her waist, she shot out at full speed, like something sharp cutting through space.

"I must find the Heretic God Legacy and become a True God." That was the thought that occupied the girl's mind in that very moment.

As she soared through the sky towards her intended destination, the vibrant colors of space gradually faded and transformed into a dull gray. Birds were suspended mid-flight, cultivators were frozen in the midst of their tasks, and the flames of the bonfires halted abruptly in the heart of the kitchen.

Time itself seemed to have come to a halt within the Primal Chaos Dimension.

The red-haired girl narrowed her crimson eyes to the size of needles and slowed her accelerated flight. She seemed to be the only one unaffected.

"What's wrong?" Her words were lost in the silence.

And without warning, a glowing white crack opened in front of her, and without her body being able to react, a radiant golden glow emerged and consumed her completely.


A cool breeze blew in through the window, carrying the aroma of wine that permeated the small room. A red-haired woman sat behind a table covered with papers, holding a glass of half-drunk wine. Her equally red eyes were clouded with inebriation and focused more on her wine than her work.

"Bah... another boring day." She snorted before taking a long sip from her glass. "I could be touching some delicious breasts right now...especially my cutie's..."

Before she could finish, her head wobbled. Resting her chin on her hand to keep from slumping over the table, she downed the rest of her wine in one gulp. She wore her red hair down to her shoulders and was dressed simply in short jeans and a short t-shirt that showed her stomach.

Whoever saw this drunken redhead lounging around with a wine bottle would never guess that she was the goddess Loki herself, leader of one of the most prominent and powerful Familia in Orario; Loki Familia.

Today, Loki was unusually down - all members of her familia were absent! As a familia dedicated to dungeon exploration, they were often absent for days on expeditions to the dungeon.

And yesterday, her beloved Ais Wallenstein had left on one of those long expeditions. She missed the beautiful, deadly blonde swordswoman terribly; they were so close that she often got slapped in the face for trying to hold her breasts.

With a melancholy sigh, Loki took another drink from her bottle. The great Twilight Manor seemed empty and silent without its noisy core members.

"When will those fools return...?"

At that moment, Loki felt like an ordinary girl missing her loved ones. Looking up at the crescent moon above Orario city, she suddenly realized that the silence was not due to the absence of her children.

Time itself had stopped! Colors faded to gray scales.

She barely opened her eyes every hundred years, and this time she had definitely opened them too wide. For right in front of her, a glowing crack opened.

She noticed the bottle of wine in her hand, which she had been drinking from nonstop for the last few hours. It was now completely empty.

"By the gods, three swigs of that and you'd end up summoning Ragnarok..."

Her voice trailed off. The white rift flashed with a blinding purple light and swallowed her whole. Loki could only scream before disappearing through the interdimensional vortex, just like the other two girls.


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