DxD - Deal with the Devil

Author: KaizerQ8
Anime & Comics
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What is DxD - Deal with the Devil

Read ‘DxD - Deal with the Devil’ Online for Free, written by the author KaizerQ8, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A character is thrown into a new world with a number of cheats. Pretty cliché right? The person in question doesn't thin...


A character is thrown into a new world with a number of cheats. Pretty cliché right? The person in question doesn't think so. This is the story of a man who made a 'Deal with the Devil'. _______________________________________________________ Author: Crossedge

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In the ancient and mist-laden woods of Sagar, a hidden colony thrived in isolation, veiled by powerful magical barriers and known only in legends. Among the enigmatic deer-folk, known for their arcane prowess and harmony with nature, lived a young girl named Malenia. Her world, an idyllic haven, seemed invincible to the perils beyond its boundaries.   Malenia, a child of the forest, knew nothing but the serenity of her home. She had two younger brothers, whose laughter was the soundtrack to their peaceful days, and loving parents who guided and protected them. The dense woods were their sanctuary, a place where magic and nature intertwined seamlessly.   But serenity is often fleeting.   One fateful day, a deafening roar shattered the tranquility. The skies darkened as a monstrous red dragon, its scales glowing like molten lava, tore through the magical barrier that shielded Sagar. Panic spread like wildfire among the deer-folk as the dragon's fiery breath incinerated everything in its path.   In the chaos, Malenia stood paralyzed with fear, clutching her brothers, who clung to her like lifelines. Her mind, a maelstrom of confusion and terror, struggled to comprehend the catastrophe unfolding around her. The once-peaceful woods were now a hellscape of flames and death.   A thunderous explosion snapped her back to reality. She turned towards the source of the explosion, her heart sinking as she saw her home, the place of warmth and love, now engulfed in flames. The explosion had come from their house. Her parents were inside.   Desperation gripped Malenia. She wanted to run to them to save them from the inferno, but her brothers' terrified eyes held her back. She had to protect them. She had to survive.   Through the smoke and fire, she caught sight of something that fueled her horror and rage—a silver-armored knight riding atop the red dragon. In that moment, she realized the dragon was not a mindless beast it was a weapon wielded by this malevolent rider.   With a vow of vengeance burning in her heart, Malenia swore to herself that she would one day kill the knight who had brought such devastation to her home. Clutching her brothers tightly, she fled into the dark, twisted woods, the echoes of her promise reverberating in her mind.   The path ahead was uncertain, fraught with danger and sorrow, but Malenia knew one thing she would survive, and she would make the knight pay for the destruction of Sagar.  

DawDaw00 · Fantasy
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Please before reviewing. Know that i got the approval of the author to repost his work on webnovel. The Author of this book Cossedge


Personal favorite fic of mine by Crossedge. Author has gotten permission so it's 5 Stars for me lol.


crossedge is an amazing author, his first work is a bit rough around the edges, not that its bad tho but the works following it are just absolutely amazing. 5 stars from me


The best DxD fanfic I have ever read. Please don't discontinue it. The scene where Damien gave speech (Grindelwald reference) was also awesome.


where are those negative reviews when you need em sigh sometimes there just isnt a way to find a reliable source of information even if you looked in the right place


It is an extremely powerful character whose goal is to be more powerful bland personality without charisma X Zz


Reveal spoiler


Frankly It's a Crossedge fanfic so I don't even need to consider much to give it a 5 star rating


Dc : Lucifer Morningstar the devil 😈 This story is perfect anyone who likes Lucifer.....................,................................................................[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Best dxd fanfic I have seen so far[img=update]


A really good story with a lot of changes on cannon and the characters themselves, and even though you add new characters and sometimes doing that makes the story become messy and being unable to follow it the author knows how to do it and still being enjoyable. I follow this story in Patreon and let me tell, is one of the best stories of dxd, if you are like me and like to read a diferent yet similar story. And while it may be a little low on R18/lemons moments its still in its early stages so it will only improve. Please update soon and stay safe


Unadulterated Masterpiece. —————————————


Greater Work Good pace of the plot ☺️ Great discription and derivatives relating event and Superb Plot Greater Work Good pace of the plot ☺️ Great discription and derivatives relating event and Superb Plot


I like this book a lot, however I would like to see more romance to make the character more emotional, to give more depth. Love this. Recommend for Dxd lovers.


well i guess this fanfic is qbout to dropped because its been few days since he post a chapter


Man, this is incredible fan fiction. I've read over 3000 novels, be it cn novels or webnovel, but this is the most detailed and best dxd fanfiction I've ever seen.


Reveal spoiler


the story is a masterpiece if not the update speed I would give it a full 5


Reveal spoiler




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