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Dual System: Ascension of A Nameless Nobody


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When I saw Delz released a new novel, I already knew what to expect. Starting off, the pacing is perfect(not to slow or not to fast, it is right in the middle), and the grammar is A1. Reading novels with choppy grammar is horrible, and really ruins the reading process( for me at least), so reading a novel with great grammar is super refreshing. The characters, systems/powers, and enemies are very engaging early on. When you finish reading this, I recom mend you readers to check out Garden of the Abyss, another one of Delz’s novels. Be warned readers, only read Gareden of the Abyss if you enjoy peak fiction;). All in all I’m ready to see the the future of AOANN!


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mc is pretty relatable so far, though this review is made when there are around 3-4 chapters so keep that in mind. There is some pretty heavy gore at the start, so if that's not your thing then yeah. If it is, have fun lol. I like that everybody is included in the system, it kind of gives me sao vibes.


Everything about this novel is pretty great. I’d have to say it’ s a top tier novel including great grammer and everything else you could want. If this does not win 1st place, something is rigged


Time of writting review: 130 chapters in. 1. Writing quality: Thus far, I havnt noticed any jarring errors. Author has a good sense of grammer, and the way he writes is very descriptive. I can truely picture whats happening in the moment when I read. 2. Story development: I feel like the story isn't moving too fast or too slow. We have time to grow attached to characters, and the state of the world. Yet the story continues forward bringing change, not growing stale. 3. Character design: Alot of the characters feel unique in their own way, whether its personality or powers. The MC is not static, he develops his personality at a good pace and grows. (unlike a certain novel I dropped where the Mc is still hyper innocent and niave 700 chapters in... yeah that got old lol). 4. Updating stability: No complaints here, so far author releases a good 1-2 chapters a day which is pretty impressive. 5: World background: I just wanna say, wow! I have read alot of novels, and can't quite recall a premise like this. I am very fond of the lore/background that has been built up, and can't wait to see the secrets that the mc unveils late in the story. (Sure there are *some* elements in the story that have been introduced in other novels, but this is a refreshing blend) Definitely a very unique system novel. I would recommend you read this, as it is criminally under rated.


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Ukraine : "Vladimir- Kun please be gentle ". Vladimir-kun : "sorry Ukraine-chan ,I can't hold back anymore" . *squirts the entire 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division into Kyev *


Everything is great so far . Plus it’s a harem, what more do I have to say. Even more the girls actually have a personality which is rare among this genre


Another masterpiece by Delz, exquisitely crafted with clear mastery of writing. The world is built with expertise and the characters are very charming.


I am very very new to system stories, but if you like RPG's and world ending scenarios entangled in amazing fights and cool skills. I would certainly suggest this to those who are fond of system stories and need something new, Jeong-Hui struggles to live and thrive in his new environment and leveling his skills while working with others in the newfound devastation.


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Good read, the pacing is concise, the action is easy to follow, and the MC is an engaging character you want to follow. If you like systems and MMORPG stories, I'm sure you'll like this one. Keep up with the chapters, author!


not many chapters out yet but it's a nice change of pace from other system stories. it also gets into the action parts really past which I like


Great story so far, only complaint is main characters perspective is written as “he” and it gets very confusing in fights and conversations to understand who is doing/saying what. As of chapter 86 into it


Just read this beauty and I have to admit it’s prett frickin good. I also checked out his othe book and man it’s the best thing in the app right now


The cover is really good. The writing quality is also directly on point. The mc seemed so relatable, man. Life's actually boring. When the God mentioned being failure, I was like what if something like this happens with me one day? It was like a umm, lesson I would say.


My boy delz dropping another absolute banger. This made me as rock hard as his last novel. Hopefully he continues to write these for the rest of his life so I never run out of material. 10/10 would read again.


I think that the book is really good. It has a nice pace and I enjoyed reading it. .................................................................................................................................


Good story very cool I like that the story is based in an MMORPG type setting, just like the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV! With an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime!!! I also like that the MC is a "kissless virgin", an obvious self insert of the author.