Dreaming Destiny

[HIGHLY NOTICE] Hi everyone good day, Author here. I would like to apologize for the past few months for not updating this Novel. As for now I'm going to take a brief Hiatus from continuing this Novel for some school and personal reasons. I hope you all can understand, anyway always keep safe and goodluck! -glenzyeahhh I'LL BE BACK SOON! [Brief Scene] "What about our future?", I asked while we're walking. "Sorry but I think you'll continue your future without me", my eyes started turning red while he's saying it. "You know that I'm not that type of girl that cry over peoples' death unless it's a special person", I jokingly said while keeping my tears from falling. "I can't change the past and I can't continue to the future but please do me a favor until the very last end", he said while holding my hand. We sat down on a bench, memories with him started popping in my mind at that moment while I'm crying. "If it's for you, I'll be glad to do it" [Synopsis] She's going to prove that life doesn't change people due to the fact that people are the ones who changes life. She thinks that fate agrees with the everyday things that happens to her until a problem comes into her life and at the same time a dream that starts appearing in her midnight sleep that might help or maybe mess up her life. Who would have thought a dream could add up and some people might be carrying concomitant problems that would come into her life, and it's up to destiny on how she conquers the challenges and so on. contact me on Instagram: @glarieee_

glenzyeahhh · Fantasy
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Some will say that dreams do come true by working hard on it but this girls' dream "TJ's dream" is different from other dreams that we conquer.

I'll only handle TJ's part and the rest, but some are all up to the readers, go pick your best leading man/love team/ partner for TJ, 'cause until now I'm not sure who's the male lead of the story so let's just find out when this story came to an end.

For the whole story I'm going to use more of TJ's POV but I'm going to include some of the other characters POV so that you can better understand the events of the story, unlike other stories where only one person's POV is included.

Pardon me if you'll be confused of the story scenes, page breaker, characters' saying and also english grammars etc.

It's my first time writing a story and I'm going to write it the way my heart and mind tells me.

Incase that you might encounter incorrect punctuations, misspelled words, wrong grammars, typographical errors or words that might irritates you or insults your religion etc. , kindly forgive me for making a mistake and I'll try to improve my works for every chance that's been given to me.

I'm going to make this intro short, Prologue is waiting for you , I'll upload the Chapter instantly.

Sit back and relax,

I'll take care of your enjoyment❤️



Athena's POV:

I've been running for almost an hour but there's still some group of men chasing me while they're shooting their guns at me.

I don't know what to do, damn this moron's. I don't even know how did I ended up in this situation.

But I guess it's my fault for not using my brain before entering this kind of problem, gosh remind me later to hit myself for being so iresponsible.

a few minutes ago~~~~

"Athena wake up", that's the only word that keeps entering my ears and also in my head.

I opened my eyes and the first person I saw is Rex, so yeah he's the only person I saw in this room.

"Rex", I said while getting up from where I'm lying.

"Are you okay?", he asked seriously.

"Yeah I'm fine, what happened?", I asked, Rex hold my hands and his eyes started turning red sign that he's about to cry.

"A-Athena", he started crying while saying my name.

"Rex what happened?!", I asked for the second time.

"P-Phine i-is", and he started sobbing while saying those words without even finishing it.

"What happened to her? Phine is what?!", I grabbed his both shoulders on both sides and started forcing him to sit up straight ,"Phine is what Rex?!!", I asked with command.

"Phine's dead Athena", a man said while entering the door, it was Cryptos.

"Phine's what!!!", I shouted.

"I said Phine's dead Athena, she's dead", Cryptos said while repeating the word 'dead' over and over.

"Is this some kind of a joke to you Cryptos?! Using people's death is not nice, so stop it", they both look seriously sad while I'm talking about what's going on.

"He's right Athena, Phine's dead", said Rex while wiping his tears ," When you were about to go on a mission some group of people ambushed your ride".

"Good thing we've arrived at the exact time while you were being ambushed", Cryptos said.

"But sadly Phine didn't make it, she saved you from our enemies and she said that we should get you to a far place and keep you safe", said Rex, after hearing their stories I didn't notice that there's so many tears falling from my eyes.

"Why didn't you helped her?!", I shouted and started crying ,"Why did you leave her alone!!",

Cryptos started hugging me while I'm crying on his chest.

"We couldn't do anything Athena, she said it's for your own good", Cryptos said while I'm still on his chest crying.

I don't know what to feel right now, I want to be sad for Phine's death but the anger's still rising from my heart and mind. I want to get my revenge and kill those people who took my sister's life.

"Where's the last location of Phine?", I asked and started wiping my tears off my face and released my grip at Cryptos tight hug.

"What?", Rex asked shockly.

"Are you deaf Rex?! I said where's Phine's last location? Where did they ambushed me at the first place?", I asked loudly and got up from where I was sitting.

"Don't do anything stupid Athena", said Cryptos.

"Getting revenge is not what you so called stupid Cryptos", I said and started packing some stuff and getting myself ready, what's the use of me being a member of this organization if I'm not going to do anything.

"You're just letting your emotions take control of you Athena, this is not the best time for revenge", and he started stopping me from getting the guns from the armory near the room we're in.

"My life, my rules, so don't stop me from doing anything. If you're against my revenge get out of my way and let me do my thing", I grabbed the stuff's and place the Beretta Brigadier 40 between my clothes for some special ambush and slammed the door after I left the room.

They can't stop me from taking revenge for Phine's death, someone killed my sister and I'm not letting it fly away like that. I've decided to go to our Hiding spot, to the "Casa Escondida".

After arriving to Casa Escondida I immediately entered Sala De Vigilancia where we all kept and check all the video footage and to check the last location to where we were ambushed. To the best of luck I've got what I've wanted I found the tracking code of the vehicle they used when they ambushed us and I know who the hell was the one behind those ambushing.

I followed the tracking code in my device and how lucky I am because it's not that far at all but why am I lucky but Phine's not. In this situation I hide under the cars that's been parked at their front, I saw some armed men at the entrance and I know I can't take the risk to enter it so I went to the back of their Hiding spot, but for my second attempt I saw 2 armed men so I guess I'm going to take this risk.

I approached the one who's near me quietly, I grab his neck, slit it with a knife and hide. The other armed man notice that his accomplice was missing and he started searching until he saw me, I immediately grab his hand with a gun pointing at me twist it downward, kicked his face and at the same time kicked his stomach, well I guess I'm in.

I went to the back door but it's lock, I saw some roof windows so I climbed up there and entered it, what's the used of fighting those two moron's. The roof windows leads me to their Armory I think, aside from weapons I saw some types of drugs near by and hide my stuffs under those equipments, I only bring the Pistol with me and the Beretta Brigadier I was reserving for someone. I left the Armory and I ended up on a room that has files and documentations.

"I guess someone smart enough entered their office without them knowing", I said, I was preferring to myself by the way.

"I also guess that your not that smart enough to plan this things out, Athena", a woman entered the room where I was in and she was pointing a gun at me.

I didn't hesitate so I kicked the gun as high as possible, and take out the gun I reserved. I pointed the gun at her, any minute now I'm aiming to shoot at the target then someone entered the room. I grabbed the woman and take her as my hostage until I got out from that room. I pushed the woman to her accomplice and I started pulling the trigger and ran as fast as I can, while running they didn't gave up and started chasing me, I started shooting those who's blocking my way on escaping their territory and the other side also pulled some triggers.

I did got out but I've been running for almost half an hour but there's still some group of men chasing me while they're shooting their guns at me.

I don't know what to do, damn this moron's. I don't even know how did I ended up in this situation, ohh yeah I'm the reason.

But I guess it's my fault for not using my brain before entering this kind of problem, gosh remind me later to hit myself for being so iresponsible, maybe Cryptos was right, I'm just letting my emotions take over me.

"Ouch!!! Hey what the he~~", while running away from my enemies I didn't finished what I was going to say when someone grabbed my hand and hid me inside his Car.

"Be quiet, they're still there", he said, yeah it's a 'he' coz he's a boy but his image is blurry due to the fact that the inside car was dark.

"Cryptos!?", I said shockly, yeah it's Cryptos, when some lights entered the car window I managed to know him.

"I said be quiet", he stopped me from talking by putting his index finger in my lips to shut me up, after some minutes the group of armed men passed by and didn't find me hiding in here.

"Do you think I'll just let you die?", Cryptos said with those "I'm so Disappointed" look in his eyes.

"Okay fine, it's my fault, I'm sorry okay. I'm just carried away earlier with my emotions", I said, he's the guy who you can relay on when you're in trouble but he's a bit stubborn when he's not in the mood.

"Just don't do it again, don't attack without a plan", he said and I just nodded.


Authors Knowledge:


"Casa Escondida" is a Spanish word for Hidden House for hiding spot.

and "Sala De Vigilancia" is also a Spanish word for Surveillance Room.

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