1 Prologue

When you are dreaming, you are thinking like you're imagining things. That your dream can not be real. That your imagination cannot be real and every time you dream, the more your imagination works that can not be happened in reality.

There have many definitions of "Dream". Others dream means the possibility of doing something. On the other hand "Dream" others dream is like a series of thoughts during sleep or maybe God's talking to you while you were asleep. It's up to you what is your definition of a dream.

Sometimes dreaming is not just like fairy tales, or fantasy that you will rule your imaginary worlds. Which it has happy endings or some kind of superheroes that they will called you "the one" or even the "chosen one"

Sometimes, when it comes to dreaming, it can be nightmares, horrors, or any terrifying happening that you don't want to continue. Until you find out that you don't want to sleep again.

Sometimes, there is a scenery that you don't even know when, where, what, who, how it will happen. You'll just found out that you already saw their Fate that even if you know that the truth is in your hands. What will happen if you did nothing to stop or to help someone in need if you saw how their fates will turn upside down.

You don't even know what might happen if you choose to be silent, or either be brave just to help them to survive or to let them died.

if you were in his position, what will you choose? Are you brave enough? Or you don't want to have the same fate as the others? Are you ready to face the consequences? what if every help you make has a replacement? will you be able to continue even if you know you could be damned?

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