5 I Can't Possibly Fail Before My Dawn Came, Right?

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Su Mo reflexively jumped to the side.

However, how could he dodge the speed of a level 3 demon?

Just as the sharp green claw was about to land on his back, two bullets were fired in mid-air.

One from the left and one from the right, they went straight for the fox demon's eyes.

The fox demon dodged reflexively but still waved its claws in anger before dodging.

The sharp claws brought with them a strong wind that sent Su Mo flying.

He smashed into the wall on the spot.

Su Mo shook his head and used his hand to prop himself up.

Even though he had fallen quite hard just now, other than feeling dizzy, he hadn't sustained a single injury.

Of course, this didn't mean that the fox demon had been gentle.

It was because he had a defensive magic item that Zhang Zhenyu had given him.

It was to prevent him from being hurt by the demon.

From the current situation, the magic item had been quite useful.

Su Mo looked at a small alley not far away.

Zhang Zhenyu and Chu Qingwu were already fighting with the fox demon.

Zhang Zhenyu's figure was erratic, like a ghost, engaging in close combat.

The fox demon on the opposite side was also shifting forms.

Its figure would occasionally turn from real to virtual, and from virtual to real, allowing it to avoid Zhang Zhenyu's attacks every time.

If not for Chu Qingwu's support with her bullets, the fox demon might have already escaped by now.

However, Su Mo could tell that the fox demon's combat power might not be very good.

It was just relying on its illusionization technique and its extreme abilities in hiding.

It was so good that even when facing two opponents of the same level, it still didn't fall into a disadvantage.

Looking at the situation, if nothing unexpected happened and the battle dragged on any longer, the other party might escape.

After all, there would always be loopholes in defense.

Time passed, and the fox demon was about to escape from the alley.

An idea came to Su Mo's mind, and he shouted at the other party, "Old hag, the next time you dare to come out will be the time you die!"

The fox demon, who had already rushed out of the alley, was furious.

"You little brat, you're looking for death!" She suddenly pounced toward Su Mo.

Facing Chu Qingwu's three bullets, the fox demon dodged two shots with its illusionization technique and took the third shot in its left shoulder.

The speed of its solidified right claw did not decrease as it went straight for Su Mo's heart.

However, when the sharp claws that could break stones landed on Su Mo's chest, it was as if it had slammed into a solid wall.

Sparks burst out on the tips of the claw, and the clothes on Su Mo's body were torn to pieces.

He didn't even make a sound before he was sent flying on the spot.

The fox demon was stunned, its body so stiff that it could not move.

Looking at the bright silver talisman on the tip of its claw, its fox-like face was filled with disbelief.

This guy stuck the talisman on his chest?

The fox demon was shocked and angry.

However, without another secret weapon, how could it easily break free from the immobilization talisman?

Before the fox demon could beg for mercy, Zhang Zhenyu attacked from behind and broke her neck in one move.

Then, he extracted the demon's remnant soul and shattered it into a cloud of smoke.

He had done it cleanly and neatly, without any hesitation.

Su Mo rubbed his chest and grimaced as he walked up.

The fox demon's hateful attack just now almost made him think that he was going to die on the spot.

Fortunately, Zhang Zhenyu's defensive magic item was quite powerful and blocked the fox demon's fatal attack on him.

The aftermath of the attack still made him feel very uncomfortable, though.

It was as if he had been hit by a bike.

As expected of a level 3 fox demon.

The difference between a demon and an ordinary person was just too great.

Fortunately, it had ultimately died here.

Su Mo wondered how much lifespan he would gain.

With this thought, he could not help but sneakily approach the fox demon's corpse.

"Are you alright?" Chu Qingwu asked with concern, standing tall with her long legs.

"Look at my muscles, my body is great!" Su Mo immediately made two macho poses.

This completely dispelled Chu Qingwu's doubts.

Zhang Zhenyu said with a look of admiration, "This time, for us to able to successfully exterminate the heart-digging demon, you have contributed the most. At first, when she used her secret weapon to break free from the immobilization talisman, I thought that this mission was doomed to fail. I didn't expect you to put yourself in danger and put a second one on her. It wasn't a waste of my effort to have prepared two spirit talismans for you in advance."

"By the way, what is a secret weapon? To think it allowed the demon to break free from the talisman?" Speaking of this, Su Mo felt incredibly curious.

When Zhang Zhenyu had given him the talismans earlier, he simply bragged about the item as if it was a rare thing in the world.

By relying on the talismans, even ordinary people might be able to kill Transcendents.

From the actual situation, this possibility did exist.

If it wasn't for the fact that the fox demon had a secret weapon, he would have long restrained her with a talisman.

"The so-called secret weapons are actually incomplete magic items. They are either defective products in the process of magic item refining or fragments of broken magic items that still have some effect. Due to this, secret weapons would often be completely destroyed after a few uses. Compared to the value of a magic item, it's like heaven and earth."

Su Mo nodded and turned to look at the fox demon that was gradually turning into pus. He asked curiously, "Why do these demons not leave a corpse behind after they die? "

Zhang Zhenyu smiled, "What do you think a mirage demon is?"

"Eh, aren't they demons that have gained sentience?"

"After the founding of the People's Republic of China, animals are not allowed to gain sentience."

"Then where did they come from?"

"The answer is simple. They are from the outside."


Zhang Zhenyu smiled without saying anything.

Chu Qingwu's beautiful eyes glanced at him and helped to explain, "Whether it's the mirage demons or Transcendent powers, they're both from another world. We call that world the Origin World, which means the source of all this."

Su Mo's eyes widened in disbelief, "It's not the revival of spiritual energy? "

"It would be great if it was," Chu Qingwu said in an annoyed tone, "The real Transcendent world is not as peaceful as you think. You only see power, but you don't see the hidden danger behind it. Mirage demons, nightmare devils, origin beasts, demonization, spatial rifts... Once you step into the Transcendent world, you will no longer be able to escape all of this. Since you have learned the truth, you will thus have to take responsibility. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss."

In the face of the admonishment, Su Mo's eyes were bright, and he said resolutely, "But since I already know the truth, don't even think about keeping me in the dark. It might be good to be an ordinary person, but some have long been tired of this kind of life. Even if I die, I did it willingly. I'll never regret it, and I'll never blame others."

Chu Qingwu helplessly spread her hands.

Zhang Zhenyu smiled and said, "It's good to have this ambition, but you have to know the truth. Not everyone willing to become a Transcendent can become one. First of all, you must have the aptitude. Without the aptitude, even if I help you get the origin pearl, it would still be meaningless. Of course, this doesn't mean that I won't keep my promise. If you really have no fate with becoming a Transcendent, yet don't want to return to the daily life of an ordinary person, you can stay and work for us. There were also many ordinary people in the organization, I'll find a suitable position for you."

After listening to Zhang Zhenyu's explanation, Su Mo's heart could not help but jump.

No way? He had even overcome the difficult obstacle of two fox demons, he wouldn't fail right before his dawn came, right?

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