99 Chapter 99:- Apocalyptic event [IV], Royal Goblin

"Fufu! little brother why don't you play with us instead?"

"Instead of playing with these lowly goblins just play with us. Hehe! I am sure you will love it."

Aditya stopped as he noticed the 1st-order and 2nd-order goblins were avoiding him. He turned around to find a group of females standing 100 meters away from him. Seeing their ugly faces and the glowing lust in their eyes, Aditya instantly frowned.

'All of them are Peak 3rd-order royal goblins.' Unlike normal goblins, Royal goblins were born a little taller and had bigger bodies. Royal goblins had bodies that almost made them look like humans but their faces were very ugly. Their skin was dark green compared to normal goblins. Compared to goblins, they were wearing pretty expensive-looking clothes.


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