392 Chapter 392:- Beltharos the Devouring Shade

"Aditya.....Aditya" Alicia panicked seeing Aditya in such a horrible state.

Aditya groaned in pain and then replied. "I am not planning on dying this soon. At least not until, I give you a Dragon baby."

"This isn't the time to joke." Normally Alicia would have blushed to hear such words. But this wasn't time for such nonsense.

"Open your mouth." She took out a glass tube that was filled with a green liquid. The green liquid was Peak 5-star healing potion. Julia had given Alicia a few of them for emergency situations. Never thought she would find herself needing to use one of them.


As the potion reached down his throat, all of his injuries rapidly began to heal. Alicia then took a moment to look around.

Everything within 25 meters radius was completely destroyed. She could sense many people were on the verge of death. One of them happens to be the prime Minister of the Hephaestus Kingdom.


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