311 Chapter 311:- Fallen Dragon Island [II]; Council of Elders

"100,000 royal gold coins for just half broken dragon bone? Are you kidding me? This is overpriced. Lower your price. I will buy this half-broken Dragon bone from you right now and right here."

"This isn't some normal Dragon bone. This is the Bone of a Peak 4th-order Dragon. Even if his bone is half broken, this bone can still be used to make a 2-star or 3-star weapon. I am already making a loss by selling this bone for only 100,000 Royal gold coins."

Whenever cultivator reaches a new order, their flesh, their bones, their organs, In short, every single part of their bodies become stronger. The bone of a 4th-order cultivator is so tough that it can be used to make a 2-star or 3-star weapon or armor; depending on the rank of the blacksmith.

The body parts of 1st-order Dragon are the cheapest. While the body parts of a 5th-order Dragon are super expensive. Even the skin of a Peak 5th-order Dragon is worth around 1,000,000 royal gold coins which are 10,000,0000 gold coins.


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