305 Chapter 305:- Story of the Murals [I]

"Good morning, everyone." Everyone sitting at the dining table turned their heads to look at Aditya. Seeing Aditya, everyone inwardly felt relieved and happy.

An Empire cannot exist without its Emperor.

Without light, there would be endless darkness.

Without a protector, there would be endless chaos.

Without the Dragon Monarch, there would be no value for the Dragonians.

Without a King, there would be no shine in the Dragon Palace.

And Without Aditya, there would be no Istarin Empire.

As Aditya approached the dining table, everyone stood up and greeted their King. Even the maids who were serving dishes stopped and bowed to Aditya.

"Good morning. Aditya" - Riya

"Good morning." - Alicia

"Good morning, your Majesty. I hope you have rested well." - Watson

"My King, it's really nice to have you back." - Spencer

"Good morning, big brother." - Leo

"Good morning, Big Brother. I really missed you." - Clara.

"Good morning, Your Majesty." - Scott


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