302 Chapter 302:- Reunion『II』

"When did you leave us without saying anything?" Alicia asked in a choked tone.

"I missed you too," Aditya replied with a laugh.



After some time, Julia and Alicia calmed down. Aditya secretly sighed in relief. It made him sad that the women whom he dearly loved were crying so much. Even after both goddesses calmed down, both of them did not stop hugging them. Julia and Alicia felt comfortable hugging him.

"Riya, there is no need to hide. You can come in as well." Julia and Alicia both looked at each other and just smiled. Both goddesses had their times with Aditya but now Riya needed some time with Aditya as well.

Julia and Alicia moved from his lap and allowed Aditya to stand up.


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