300 Chapter 300:- Princess Lara

"My name is Lara Murphy. I am the 8th Princess of the Great Starry Sky Empire that existed a long time ago. I have been sleeping in this world till my husband woke me up from my long slumber." Hearing this pale skin young girl calling Aditya her husband, Alicia felt complicated. She didn't know what to say.

Watson, Amber, Nathan, Spencer, and Sophia were shocked. Aditya had disappeared for more than 30 days and now he had found another wife. Just what happened? All of them had the same questions in their mind.

Riya sighed in relief after Aditya was healed completely. The goddess was about to express her happiness of seeing her beloved one after so many days when she heard the words that came out of Princess Lara's face.

Hearing these words, the look on Riya's face changed instantly. Lara's maid Rose and others suddenly became alert sensing Riya's killing intent leaking out of her body.


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