299 Chapter 299:- Sisters [I]; Introduction

Within 30 minutes Alicia, Riya, Julia, Leo, Sophia, Watson, Spencer, and the 7 Generals, had gathered in front of the portal. This was the first time all of them were gathering in one place after 30 days. This is true, especially for the goddesses who did not see each other's faces for days. In their own ways, Aditya's wives were depressed and sad. Neither of them had the courage or the strong mentality to comfort the other. Instead, the goddesses needed someone to comfort them.

"When did the portal open?" Watson asked in an excited tone.

This entire month felt like a year to Watson and others, despite the fact that 30 days might seem like a small thing to an immortal. The excitement in Watson's and others' hearts was unbearable. Without their Emperor, the entire Istarin empire seemed empty. There was no sign of liveliness within the Dragon Palace without their king.


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