298 Chapter 298:- Returning [I]

Riya was sitting on the balcony where Aditya used to sit and draw runes. The goddess would often come and sit in this place. Last month, she had spent many hours sitting here, doing nothing. She would just sit here and stare at the sky or observe the Azure city to see if anything interesting is happening within the capital.

Riya's maid came to the balcony with a letter in her hands. "Milady, a letter from the Celestial Terrain has arrived. The letter has been personally written by Her Majesty." An elf from the Celestial Terrain delivered a letter to Riya's personal maid a few minutes ago.

"What does my mother wants to say?" Riya clearly wasn't in a good mood from her tone.

Riya's maid opened the letter and started reading out.


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