283 Chapter 283:- Full Dragon Transformation [II]

"Honestly, your smell is so bad. I feel like I am about to throw up." Aditya didn't bother to hide his disgust or the look of contempt in his eyes. Aditya was looking at the monster as if he was staring at a pig that had eaten shit.

The monster had heard enough. Even though it can't speak, it clearly understands the words that Aditya was telling him. The monster roared before aiming to punch Aditya. At a very fast pace, the monster's right hand shot out.

Aditya managed to dodge the punch in time.

Magma Manipulation!

As Aditya flew above, the thick layer of snow beneath the 400 meters giant monster began to melt very fast. In a few seconds, the monster found its feet sinking. Beneath the thick layer of ice, there was a 2000 meters big giant lake of magma trying to completely burn the monster.


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