180 Chapter 180:- The Emperor's reaction

It was a normal day in the Ethereal Empire. With a million guards being placed in Rose high hills city, the people felt safer. Things were beginning to calm down. More than 3 hours have passed since the expedition team left Rose high hills city.

Capital of Ethereal Empire,

While the Emperor was having a meeting with the royal officials, the Prime minister suddenly came running to the throne hall without any warning. "Your Majesty, all the elite soldiers except for Coby whom you had sent to the expedition team have died. All of their life crystals have broken down."

"Wha...What...did you say?" Ronnie narrowed his eyes while taking a deep breath. He carefully looked at his prime minister and put his full focus on his prime minister fearing that if he did not focus enough, he would hear the wrong things. At this moment Ronnie looked very dangerous. His eyes had turned cold. The way he looked at the prime minister made others feel as if the Emperor is going to slaughter them.


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