Dragon Ball Super X Highschool DxD : What are Kings Compared to Gods?

Fast forward years into the future, Beerus the God of Destruction ultimately retires after finding a suitable replacement that will take his place as the next god of destruction- that being Vegeta. But things don't go as planned and instead of getting his desire of a laid back life, he is sent into the world of DxD instead. And as a takeaway, the Supreme Kai, Shin gets involved. What will happen to these two Gods in the new world packed with the supernatural and mythologies exist?

Triple_Sweet · Anime & Comics
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3 Chs

Change in Update Schedule

I'll keep this short and brief. My mental health hasn't been...in the most optimal condition for a while now. Family problems and personal problems came up. We just found out my father has had an affair with another woman for quite a few years now and I apparently have two half siblings now. Also my girlfriend of 5 years did the same to me. I won't get in to too much details but that is the gist of things for those who have a curious mind.

That said, I still have a passion for writing, it's a hobby of mine, though my writing is nit exactly the best- I admit. Though as I have said, my mind has not been functioning well lately. And I'm afraid of burning myself out.

I'll change my update schedule into inconclusive, but expect an update atleast every once a month. I'll write whenever I can and have ideas and publish it when it is done. BUT as a trade off, the chapters I post will be longer from now on, like a lot longer. Usually it's 2,000 - 2,500 words but with the new changes It will most likely be around 4,500 - 6,000 words.

With that said thank you and see you in the next update.