11 Training

Beixuan opened his eyes, revealing a pair of pitch-black eyes. He still couldn't think of anything. He sighed before looking towards the source of the forging noises.

He looked towards the skies before looking towards Tang San again. He thought,

'Damn, his body's strong! The hammer should weigh around 7 catties yet even after forging for that long, his clothes are only soaked with sweat! If it were me, I would have already given up!' thought Beixuan as he looked towards Tang San.

He didn't know that it was actually because of the Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength. Tang San was very cautious, even to his brother, not revealing anything related to his former life. He would always practice somewhere hidden.

Since he really wasn't doing anything, Beixuan thought it was a good idea to do training. It was already approaching evening. He looked towards Tang San before speaking,

"Tang San, tell dad that I'll be doing my daily Guqin practices this evening! Oh, and don't forget to leave me food too!"

Tang San who was forging nodded and said,

"Sure. Just try to come back early, big brother."

Tang Beixuan nodded before leaving the house and heading towards the river he was at earlier in the morning. He sat down cross-legged in a gigantic boulder near the river and took out his Guqin spirit.

Soon, a beautiful Guqin appeared in his hands. The body of the Guqin was painted black with red clouds decorated it. It was different from the appearance he showed to his father earlier.

The Guqin that will appear when he doesn't use Spirit Energy is this. Meanwhile, if he uses Spirit Energy, the appearance of the Guqin will be replaced by black Spirit Energy. To maintain that form, Spirit Energy will also be expended so it is much wiser to use this form if you don't need to use Spirit Energy.

His fingers from both hands started to pluck the strings. His nails were done perfectly, around 3 - 4 mm from the fingertip. He was quite strict in this department since longer than usual nails can impede performance while too short nails will deaden the sound as soon as it touches the strings.

Soon, a melodic tone started coming out of the Guqin. His fingers danced on the strings as his inner self achieved tranquility. He closed his eyes.

A kid wearing pure white clothing sitting on a boulder playing a celestial tone under the resplendent moonlight. Give a few years for the kid's body and hair to grow and he would definitely look like a celestial from the Heavens.

Unconsciously, Beixuan started to use his [In Harmony With Nature] ability. Soon, many ordinary animals came beneath the boulder as they listened to the music.

There was no Spirit Beasts in the perimeter around the village. Otherwise, the humans and animals of this place would have ceased to exist a long time ago. That was also the reason why Beixuan decided to come and train here every day without fear.

An hour later, the music coming from the Guqin came to a halt. Beixuan opened his eyes and dissipated his Demonic Guqin Spirit. He was surprised to see animals surrounding him and thought,

'Is this the effect of my ability [In Harmony With Nature]?'

Seeing the music came to a halt with Beixuan rising from his seat, the animals started to climb the boulder and hug his body. Beixuan was surprised for a moment before hugging them back.

After some hugging, Beixuan left the scene and headed towards his home since the night was already dark, and he also promised Tang San that he would come early.

Beixuan came near the house, only to hear some forging sounds again. He opened the door, only to see Tang San holding the hammer and refining metals with Tang Hao observing him

Tang Hao looked towards his direction and said plainly,

"Oh, Xiao Bei, you're already back. How's your training?"

"My training went well, dad. Also, are you training Tang San in the art of forging?" asked Tang Beixuan as he alternatively gazed towards Tang San and Tang Hao. It was rare for his dad to do something different rather than drinking.

Tang Hao nodded. Tang Beixuan's eyes lit up seeing his father's action. He quickly went near Tang Hao and held his right hand before asking,

"Dad, can you teach me the art of the sword?"

Over the years, he only trained with his understanding of the art of the sword. The system never taught him anything about the sword and didn't even give him one.

He once tried to get money and buy a sword by playing on the streets with his Guqin. However, with the financial problem of the village, no one really bothered donating to him. Grandpa Jack did take him and Tang San out to Nuoding City for shopping every once in a while. However, with their clothes and looks, they were frowned upon so Tang Beixuan had no choice but to just look around and follow Grandpa Jack. Due to this, he had to improvise with a branch of a tree.

"Sure. I can teach you some skills I learned when I was training with your father." Tang Hao replied in a deadpan tone. Since he was already teaching Tang San the art of forging, why not teach his other son the art of the sword too?

Hearing the word, 'your father', Tang San and Tang Beixuan didn't seem surprised since they already knew that information because of him talking in his sleep after he passed out from drinking. Tang Hao also knew that he already slipped up.

The eyes of Tang Beixuan glittered as he looked towards Tang San and said, "Little Brother! Can you forge a sword for me?!"

However, Tang Hao removed the hand on his right hand before opening his mouth and saying, "No need for that. I have a sword that was left by your father before he died. You can train with it."

A white sword appeared in the right hand of Tang Hao. Seeing this, Beixuan was surprised and thought,

'Isn't this the Ego Sword that the system mentioned to me on my first day in this world?'

"Here, take it. Tomorrow noon, I'll train you. This sword is operated using Spirit Power. Use your Spirit Power to make it light or heavier." Tang Hao handed the sword to Beixuan who took it eagerly.

'Light!' Beixuan took a few steps away from Tang Hao and Tang San before he started swinging it. Seeing Beixuan's stance, Tang Hao shook his head and went to his room and slept.

Tang Hao trained Tang San and Tang Beixuan every day. And just like that, three months passed without anything special happening.

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