Do not mess with a transmigrated and angsty otaku! Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Do not mess with a transmigrated and angsty otaku!


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Elizabeth Hill/Liz was an Otaku. She was sitting on her bed playing an otome game on her phone which was called “This Sweet Blood Of Mine” she was trying to obtain the happy ending of the last male love interest which was very hard since he was a twisted yandare as were the other male leads… After six hours of nearly going broke by getting points and gems to help beat the game she finally did it! She was utterly exhausted so she closed her eyes for a quick second but when she opened them again she was…in the otome! She transmigrated as an extra who had no lines but was only there to be one of the background characters in the high school setting. Her mission before was to quickly get out of this world and under no circumstances attract the attention of the male lead but that became very hard when the MC befriends her.. The MC is a sweet and perfect and cute angel which makes Liz wanna protect her at all costs! So her mission changes. Now she must protect the bunny MC from the psychotic beasts known as the yandare male leads! What do you think will happen next? Will she be safe in this dangerous world? What is the true purpose of our existence…wait ignore that last question…. This book was inspired by SkyHighLimits go check their book out it’s called “If I’m a male then I can avoid the yandares, right?” It’s an amazing book! Credits: Cover from Pinterest by username “Bella” - with a heart emoticon. : There will be mild cursing and mature content so..just in case you don’t like that you can leave