Divine Path System Book

novel - Fantasy

Divine Path System


Ongoing · 6.9M Views

  • 1670 Chs

  • 4.4

    154 ratings
  • NO.200+



A recurring dream from a fateful night haunts Varian. With a past he couldn't forgive himself for and a future he abandoned, his life in the present is in tatters. But when you're alive, there's hope. The hope comes one day in an unexpected form. The painful past, the meaningless dream and the unexpected way forward force him to make a choice. Stay broken and remain in the sorrow of the past he couldn't change. Or. Pick himself back together and try for one last time, to find the truth about his own dream and its connection to his unforgivable past, all in the hopes of forgiveness of himself, by himself. https://discord.gg/kBKaTtsrpb