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*This work has been reuploaded and edited please check new* In a universe shaped by an enigmatic entity known as the Oracle, a singular species emerges: the Dyyx. Born to fulfill the grand cosmic process called 'The Cycle Of Evolution', the Dyyxs wield the destiny of planets. The Cycle Of Evolution, a universal phenomenon, marks a planet's ascent to a new era through evolution. Orchestrated by the Oracle, the process mandates the arrival of two Dyyxs, reincarnated without memory, on the chosen planet. Guided by an unknown force, they tread distinct paths: one as the protagonist, the other as the antagonist. Their clash is destined, with good triumphing over evil, and the protagonist steering the world towards its destined future. But for X-204, a Dyyx awakening with fragmented memories, fate takes an unexpected twist. He, alongside counterpart Y-204, is thrust into pods of uncertainty, bound for Earth. Amidst the journey, a glitch resurrects X-204's memories, unshackling the truth of his creation, the relentless cycle, and the Oracle's manipulation. As revelations flood his consciousness, X-204 confronts a pivotal decision—to break free from the Oracle's puppet strings and carve a destiny uniquely his own. *** I really hope this novel gets a lot of follow up this time, as I would really like to continue with it. and I also hope you the readers enjoy it as well. the story might start off at quite a considerable slow pace but please bear. stories with enough screen time to small things always turn out to be the best. patience is a virtue that pays off and I can promise this will eventually pay off. and yes there's a villain tag, that's because the storyline actually revolves around two mcs one the protagonist and the other the antagonist although we start off with the protagonist.


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