1 10,000-fold Feedback System

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"Are you willing to be my disciple?"

They were on Lingjiu Peak of the Qingyun clan.

Ye Xuan had asked a handyman disciple in front of him the question.

The handyman disciple was a young girl. Her small face was red, and her hair was tied up in a bun.

Her big eyes were filled with shock.

Ye Xuan was the youngest elder of the Qingyun clan, the favored son of the Heavens!

Meanwhile, her natural talent was extremely weak.

She could not understand why an elder of the Qingyun clan would want to take her, someone so weak that she could only qualify to be a handyman disciple, in as a personal disciple.


Did Elder Ye Xuan want to take her in as a personal disciple, or as a handyman disciple?

The young girl Lu Yanran's mind was blank, so she could not give him any reaction.

At this moment, Ye Xuan's face was pale and somewhat anxious.

He was facing a crisis of life and death.

He had just transmigrated here, but he had already been poisoned, and he only had four hours left to live.

Fortunately, when he was on the verge of despair, the system did not disappoint.

The system was called the Disciple Feedback System. If he gave his disciple something, he would receive it back severalfold as feedback.

Thus multiple varied from two- to ten-thousand-fold.

For example, if Ye Xuan helped a disciple improve his comprehension, his own comprehension would increase by two to ten thousand points.

The specific multiple varied each time. The higher the multiple, the lower the probability of it occurring.

After gaining this system and understanding its functions, Ye Xuan knew that he had found a way to escape the jaws of death.

The most important thing for him to do now was to take in a disciple.

Because this system was called the Disciple Feedback System, he could only get feedback if he gave a disciple something.

That was why Ye Xuan wanted to take in this handyman disciple, Lu Yanran.

At this moment, Lu Yanran was still in shock.

Because in this world where the strong were respected, it was almost impossible to be taken in as a disciple by the strong if one did not have a talent or a strong background.

Therefore, Lu Yanran could not believe her eyes and ears right now.

She thought she might have wished to be taken in so badly that she had started to hallucinate.

She could not help but laugh at herself. She did not expect to go so crazy she would begin hallucinating. 

She reached up with her small hand and pinched her cheek.

It hurt! Now, Lu Yanran was really confused.

It seemed that this was not an illusion.

"What, you don't want to be my disciple?"

Ye Xuan's words were clear in Lu Yanran's ears.

Ye Xuan looked at Lu Yanran, who was across from him, somewhat helplessly.

Just now, he had screened the disciples he knew in the Qingyun clan in his mind.

He then realized that he really knew too little about the Qingyun clan was really too little.

Although he knew some disciples with outstanding talent in the clan, most of them had already been accepted as disciples by other elders.

After thinking about it for a while, he could only think of one suitable candidate.

That was the handyman disciple in front of him, Lu Yanran!

Of course, the reason he chose Lu Yanran was not that the girl had exquisite and beautiful facial features, as well as a graceful and sinewy body.

It was because Lu Yanran was usually responsible for cleaning the area near Ye Xuan's residence on Lingjiu Peak.

Since he saw her often, even if Ye Xuan did not pay much attention to her, he still had a good impression of her.

Moreover, Ye Xuan occasionally noticed that Lu Yanran was very diligent with her work.

She cleaned every area she worked on thoroughly. 

Along with that, as soon as she finished her work, she would immediately go to practice and not waste any time.

Because Lu Yanran's talent was very average and her status was low, she had no chance to come into contact with the Qingyun clan's core techniques.

However, she still worked hard. This perseverance moved Ye Xuan.

It was because of this that Ye Xuan decided that no matter how talented Lu Yanran was, he would take her in as his first disciple.

"Become Elder Ye Xuan's disciple?"

Lu Yanran still looked somewhat incredulous.

She found it hard to believe that her dream of being taken in as a disciple by a great master would ever actually happen.

Ye Xuan's eyes were calm as he looked at Lu Yanran in front of him.

The latter suddenly woke up from her daze and immediately kowtowed.

"Your disciple is willing!"

She spoke loudly. When she raised her head, her forehead was red and swollen.

Lu Yanran completely ignored her red and bumpy forehead.

She was already trembling slightly from excitement.

"Alright," Ye Xuan nodded in satisfaction and said softly.

"Alright, since that's the case, from today onwards, you will be my first disciple!"

On the Tianyuan Continent, most masters had to go through a series of complicated steps before taking in a disciple. 

This was because the entire Tianyuan Continent paid great attention to masters.

However, there were also some masters who did not like the red tape and would directly appoint disciples. 

Now that Ye Xuan was on the verge of death, he naturally did not have the mood to think about such complicated procedures.

"Don't kneel. You can get up."

Ye Xuan spoke indifferently. Lu Yanran quickly thanked him and stood up.

Ye Xuan looked at Lu Yanran. She was still very young. If Ye Xuan were back in his previous life, she would probably be a girl who had just entered junior high school.

At this time, although Lu Yanran had regained some of her consciousness, she was still in a daze.

She could not understand how she had so easily become Elder Ye Xuan's disciple.

Ye Xuan had been known as the most talented and youngest elder of the Qingyun clan for the past thousand years.

What had she done to become elder Ye Xuan's first disciple?

The sudden surprise made Lu Yanran unable to wake up.

"Since you've accepted me as your master, I will give you a pill today. Later, I will go into seclusion. When I come out, I will give you other treasures."

"Thank you, Master!"

Lu Yanran said in surprise.

She knew very well that the pill that Ye Xuan was going to take out was definitely not an ordinary item.

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he took out a fragrant pill from his pocket.

In fact, before accepting Lu Yanran as his disciple, Ye Xuan had already thought about this carefully.

This was because after he obtained the system, he received a novice reward.

The first time he gave his disciple something, he would be rewarded 10,000-fold. 

With this novice reward, he had already found two ways to save himself.

One was to give his apprentice cultivation directly, so he could get 10,000 times the feedback.

Then, his problem would be solved.

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