1525 One Month.

Leonel knew that it wasn't his ice control that had gotten Mistress Oliidark's attention. It might have caused her to perk up a bit, but it wasn't until he displayed his Spear Force that she decided against killing him and took him in.

For all Leonel knew, if he hadn't learned this way of the spear, he would have been killed on the spot, never to see the next day.

It was quite a sobering thought.

A part of Leonel still believed that he would have found a way to escape. But as a person who claimed to be so rational, these thoughts of his were wholly irrational. He didn't even realize that he had had such inner thoughts until Aina pointed them out to him, but now it felt so obvious.

It was no wonder his dad laughed at him when he talked about being a King.

A King, of course, needed confidence. But didn't that confidence need to be built on something?


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