Dimensional Descent

The Third Dimension is collapsing. The Fourth Dimension is descending. First it seemed that only technology would evolve, but who knew the world itself could too? It wasn’t as simple as climate change or tectonic movement. No, the fundamental laws of physics that governed everything were changing. Leonel was fairly lucky. His family was decently well off, his father loved him enough to brew vomit inducing nutrient rich smoothies every morning, and this was both the day of the National Championship and his 521st confession to his dream girl, Aina. As his father always said, nothing was more important than respect and persistence. Unfortunately, everything changed that night. At the after party of ages, the world reached a saturation point and an apocalypse descended. Abilities awakened. Sub-Dimensional Zones opened. Invalids rampaged through the Earth like a virus... Those who could evolve would have a slim chance for survival. Those who couldn’t would die. This novel will be a unique spin on the dungeon/system genre. Dungeons won't be dungeons and the system won't be a system... Take a look to find out what I mean :) -------- For Updates - @Awespec on twitter or https://discord.gg/awespec for discord https://www.instagram.com/awespec_/ https://dimensional-descent.fandom.com/wiki/Aina_Brazinger

Awespec · Fantasy
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2953 Chs


Calling a human a Fawkes was probably the next worst thing you could call them adjacent to an Envoy of Creation or Destruction. The Fawkes were hated by even many of the Gods. Their abilities were legendary and the fear they struck in many was great. There was a reason they were betrayed by even their own people in the end before they were systematically wiped out by everyone else. 

So they were supposed to believe that a Fawkes just happened to appear around the same time all of this other stuff was happening? 

Why had the Cloud Race chosen to impersonate Lyra in specific? Wasn't pretending to be a Dwarven Race member enough? Why go the extra step? 

And why did this "Fawkes" just so happen to appear in Spiritual Race territory as well? 

It felt like someone was trying to frame the Spirituals and Dwarven Race at the same time. 

And that was when Flaura's tail was caught.